Best set up for OT/MA with GU36

Discussion in 'Berserker' started by ARCHIVED-Vaddar, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. ARCHIVED-Vaddar Guest

    as stated above with the new changes what will be a good set up for OT is sta still best and how will changes to agi line help out is it worth it to get the 40%aoe
  2. ARCHIVED-Slayer505 Guest

    I'm staying with Stamina (yeah, it still owns hands down), but I may switch to Agility for my other line (currently Sta/Str/Int). The mini-hurricane (Dragoon Cyclone) and mini-tsunami (Dragoon Reflexes) just seem way too useful, maybe even worth giving up 22% melee crit. I usually OT while our Guard MTs and I have a tendancy to pull aggro on AE trash fights and sometimes I'll see my healers aren't paying attention and I end up dying or coming close. With dragoon reflexes I could just hit jugg+destruction+open wounds and if I pull aggro hit dragoon reflexes and let the MT try and get aggro back. It would also be very useful when I am MT and I start to spike. On a ten minute recast IMO it was fairly useless, but a 3 minute timer makes it pretty sweet. One thing I've noticed is we don't really have any get out of jail free cards like guards do with tower of stone. Dragoon reflexes could be basically like our "tower of stone" type ability.
  3. ARCHIVED-Vaddar Guest

    [size="small"][face="Times New Roman"]Been checking on test and was thinking 41str44882sta and 4482agi how do u guys think it will work[/face][/size]
  4. ARCHIVED-Formsim Guest

    I'm probably going to be trying the god forsaken 2 hander route sense i'm not mting much anymore. Love the sta line but but the haste and aoe auto attacks of agi/int have my senses tingling i'm gonna try 448 str, 468 agi, 484 int. Also curious what you guys think.
  5. ARCHIVED-RaunII Guest

    [p]if you notice my post, 2 hander will only net you good gains if you have a really crappy one hander and a really good two hander..if you have a good one hander dump the haste(INT line) and get your AGI line buffs. only reason I have the int line is cause I don't get stuck in a good raid group very often. If you get put in with even an inquisitor in your group, the INT line+buffs puts you WAY into the diminishing returns...for example, the other night I got put in with a inquisitor,bruiser,and monk...when i threw up open wounds while the inquis popped up fantacism or whatever there spell is, i went over 200 haste...pointless if you raid with even a half decent raid setup.[/p][p]So, if you have even a half decent one hander: STR 5-4-8, STA 4-4-8, and AGI 4-4-8[/p][p]If you wanna try a two hander and have a halfway decent raid group: STR 5-4-8, AGI 4-4-8, WIS 4-4-8...DPS mod is much harder to get than haste.[/p][p]If you dont get put in with lots of people with haste, then spec my current loadout with a two hander: STR 4-4-8,WIS 4-4-8,INT 4-5-8[/p][p]That is just for if you want DPS and could care less if you have to tank.[/p][p] [/p][p]Now, on to the origional question. Ditch the will get alot more out of the STR lines melee crit chance, its already been hashed out by the math guru's on this forum...crit chance>haste...[/p]
  6. ARCHIVED-Obadiah Guest

    Karsgaar@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    [p]Makes an excellent point, and finally offers some justification for me to take the Agi line, which was I think the first line I went down during the KoS days, but I haven't been down it in a long time. I like it though, particularly with the spear limitation gone.[/p][p]I was OT just last night and died once from pulling aggro on a big trash group. Oddly I had neither OW or Destruction up at the time. Not even Juggernaut. I think the MT just wanted to watch me die. Pulled aggro a couple of other times but only 1-2 mobs those occasions and I wasn't really getting dinged. Point is, it's not all that uncommon for me to pull aggro occasionally, particularly on large groups where our DPS really shines. Dragoon's Reflexes = good.[/p][p]Anyhoo, my Berserker is always the OT in our set-up. In the last 6 months there was only one occasion where our regular MT was absent and I was MT. I worry about the Reflexes from a MT perspective because you're standing there picking your **** for 12 seconds, which occasionally results some berries, but not a lot of hate. But since I'm OT ... seems perfect. I can ride that hate wave a little harder and try to stay closer to the top of the list without so much fear for my life. [/p][p]I'll just have to have someone remind me to turn the Cyclone buff off for Gnorbl. :shock: [/p]
  7. ARCHIVED-knightofround Guest

    A couple months ago I parsed a STA/INT build with a one hander against a AGI/INT build with a two hander. My one hander at the time was pretty crappy, a 58dr weapon. My twohander was the 102 DR 2H off of Vyemm. Both builds did the exact same dps after 20 ashengaze basilisks in Bonemire. On the surface, dragoon cyclone looks like it would be a great ability to have. Unfortunately, I've found that in most raids, if there is a multi-mob encounter that needs to be taken down, the mobs will usually drop before the duration of open wounds expires. And when you have open wounds up, dragoon cyclone does nothing at all. Another problem is dragoon cyclone is limited to 4 targets whereas our PBAEs scale up to 8; so in the event that you need to snag aggro on an encounter greater than 4, you're going to be wasting your time casting PBAEs rather than autoattacking with the cyclone. This ability is far more attractive to guardians who have less PBAEs, no open wounds, and can synergize with Reinforcement. That being said, dragoon reflexes is a lovely tool for an offtank who's pulling overeager hate transfer aggro. INT final+AGI final is a wicked tool for building up aggro on named battles, but after extensive testing I don't think its worth losing out on the extended DPS of the buckler line. I agree that STA 4/4/8/8 will still be the core that most berserkers used. Perhaps the 4-1 INT may now be switched with 4-1 STR, and the 4-4-8 STR might be switched to AGI, but its still up in the air. Personally with these changes I'm looking at STA 4/4/8/8/2, 4/4/8 STR, 4/1 INT still, unless the dual weilding changes are truly dramatic in nature. In which case I *might*see myself going 4/7/8 STR, 4/8/8/8/2 INT, but I don't really know.
  8. ARCHIVED-Formsim Guest

    Ruen@Blackburrow wrote:
    A lot of good points there. I personally don't get many raid groups with many haste buffs being most of the class's needed for it are currently unavailable within our guild on Venekor(pvp exile) and was my main reason for trying it. The dps mod is a valid point that has me thinking about the wis line tho. And as much as i would love to get dragon reflex (specially with the recast droped to 3 mins instead of 10) , i think the points spent further down that line could be better used elsewhere. Right now i'm set on 448 str, 448 agi, and the 17 points left i'm torn between wis/int/sta(for when i do get a nice one hander).
  9. ARCHIVED-Slayer505 Guest

    Ubriaco@Everfrost wrote:
    You say you'll be standing there doing nothing, when you pop reflexes, but all you would really need to do is hit juggernaut, destrution and/or open wounds before you hit reflexes then just build massive aggro with auto-attack only while it's up (it's a stifle, not a stun).
  10. ARCHIVED-FightGame Guest

    [p] [/p][p]Don't think you'd ever want to do 4-1 in the strength line. Maybe the Int line for 23 haste, but definetly not the str line. The strength line second ability just gives you a small hit and a chance to crit on your next, single attack (note that it doesn't mean a full 10 seconds of chances at crits - read the description)[/p]
  11. ARCHIVED-Obadiah Guest

    Karsgaar@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    Well there seems to be some conflicting data about that. I abandoned the Agi line before getting to the end . . . but I've read on these forums that you don't auto-attack during the 12s recovery period after throwing it. So not having tested myself I'm assuming the worst. :?

    I was thinking of paying for the switch a day or so before the GU, then taking the free respec to get out of it if that's the case or I hate it for some other reason.

    EDIT: Or I get a buckler and/or 1Her that don't suck bawlz. :p
  12. ARCHIVED-Slayer505 Guest

    You're stifled, not stunned. You still auto-attack, you just can't use any CAs, taunts etc.
  13. ARCHIVED-knightofround Guest

    FightGame, Have you tested this recently? I know that when I had the CA a mere month ago, the crit chance lasted the duration of the spell. The buff doesn't disappear after one hit. Karsgaar, When you pop reflexes, you are effectively stifled+dazed because the spell has a 12 second recovery time. However, if you get the INT final the recovery time is cut down to 10 seconds, giving you a few seconds of 100% parry at full combat capacity.
  14. ARCHIVED-Slayer505 Guest

    Yeah.. just looked at dragoon reflexes again and right you are. With that in mind I won't be speccing for Reflexes. I'm thinking I may try 4-4-8 Str, 4-4-8 Agi, 4-4-8-1 Sta. I'd be giving up some avoidance and the Stamina end line (which, I noticed is buffed a bit on test from 15% power added to health to 20%), but I think the DPS with that spec would be pretty crazy on AE fights. However, given the improved accel strike, I may end up sticking with my current spec of 4-4-8 Str, 4-4-8-8-1 Sta, 4-3 Int.
  15. ARCHIVED-Kage848 Guest

    Man for you Zerkers who are thinking of going Str448 Agi448 and Sta448......LMAO god bless you, better bring some repair kits to the a 32 slot box full lol.. I dont know about your raid tank but mine would have ZERO chance at holding agro with that setup lol. Hes already telling the healers not to heal me cause im pulling too much agro...=0) And when you do pull agro, and you will all the time, you are ganna die without healers being ready for it....One other thing, i might have amends on me this raid....Man could you imagine the carnage with that setup and amends on you.....Oh lord..../drool!!!!
  16. ARCHIVED-Slayer505 Guest

    Your raid tank sounds like a noob. When I off tank I always have at least a shaman and cleric and they know I'll pull aggro alot on AE fights and they know to heal me. I may die if both healers are asleep at the switch, but it's rare. It's just taking some of the pressure off all the other healers to keep the MT healed since he'll be taking less of a beating and if the mobs are beating on me they aren't beating on squishy types. Sounds like your MT has a case of tank ego. Tell him to L2P already.
  17. ARCHIVED-Alaward Guest

    Executioner's Wrath works like this: At rank 4 upon a successful hit you have a 73% chance to critical on your NEXT attack only. You have 10 seconds to perform this attack. This ability is best used w/ Destruction. When you use destruction before combat, your first attack should be exe wrath. The next ability that triggers is Rampaging Blow(destruction) and then your auto attack. What really makes this work is that now each trigger of destruction now has the 73% crit chance (rank 4) because all the triggers from the one CA are considered one attack. I haven't decided on how im going to change my spec after the revamp. Currently I am Str 4/4/8 Sta 4/4/8 Int 4/4/8, but i am set up for dps build only. If they take away the prereq on the belly smash ability i will move the Int points over to Wis because the mit debuff would be just as good as dispatch IMO if not for that skanky knocked down prereq. Also as previous posters have said, haste is much easier to come by than DPS mod.
  18. ARCHIVED-knightofround Guest

    Amuga , Pretty sure you're wrong about that unless you've tested it recently...I know that two months ago, the crit chance stayed for the full 10 seconds. The description was misleading.
  19. ARCHIVED-Alaward Guest

    Aggro a green or something that wont kill you. turn auto attack off. use executioner's wrath. A buff appears in your buffs window. It lasts for 10 seconds. When you turn auto attack back on, the buff will instantly disappear when you attack. Tested this on my raid tonight.
  20. ARCHIVED-Zo Guest

    Karsgaar@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    This is how you OT - stay second on the hate list with healers always ready on the trigger to heal you. MT is a complete noob if his ego isn't letting the off-tank tank - and your raid DPS is probably too low as a result.

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