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Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Beagest, Jun 25, 2008.

  1. ARCHIVED-Beagest Guest

    in your opinion whats the top 5 best raid dps classes =)
  2. ARCHIVED-Earar Guest

    warlock (group)

  3. ARCHIVED-Henge42 Guest

    1, Assassin.
    2, Assassin.
    3, Assassin.
    4, Assassin.
    5, Assassin.

    The rest follow in their dust.

    And no I don't have one, just my observation.
  4. ARCHIVED-AngusMcLachlan Guest

    depends on the player and the equipment. I know i've seen top teir t8 raid guild troubs double or more the parse of the hardest hittiing bottom teir t8 raiders.
    I've got a coercer on friends who easily pushes 4k and 5k dps while most people i group with can not top 2k. Class dosen't matter and player dosen't seem to either, it's all about your equipment and how well they are setup.

    Now, if you are asking that in the case of where all the classes had the absolute best equipment they could get, and are then taking some of the best players of those classes as well and comparing.... Assassin all the way personally..... Rangers would be if they didn't die often /grin..... ranjah down. oh, wait, this is eq2...
  5. ARCHIVED-Noaani Guest

    Earar wrote:
    Assuming perfect group setup, appropriate gear and equal player skill, it is currently the following.
    Guardian (MT only)
    With combat mechanics the way they are now, no one will beat a DPS scout on a parse in a raid, after that, the next few spots are really up for grabs depending on he mob you are against.
    Safe to say though, as the game is now, top DPS is going to melee without exception.
  6. ARCHIVED-evilgamer Guest

    Errolflynn@Befallen wrote:
    Assassins are overpowered. Of course when a developer plays one, what do you expect.
  7. ARCHIVED-BigDaddy28 Guest

    evilgamer wrote:
  8. ARCHIVED-livejazz Guest

    Noaani wrote:
    How do you judge "equal player skill", when you're comparing a Swashy to a Wizzie? Or, for that matter, how do you judge their "appropriate gear", relative to each other?
    I can't help thinking that threads like this are entirely too full of theory craft.
  9. ARCHIVED-Kibannu Guest

    Flaye@Mistmoore wrote:
    Actually, it's quite simple to compare different classes being 'equal player skill' because a great player can play any class to it's fullest. An average player on the other hand may do good with one class ( ones that are easy ) and not as good on another class.
  10. ARCHIVED-Asif Guest

    Noaani wrote:
    I am going to have to agree with Noaani,s list i think for dps , its all about group setup tho for some of them
  11. ARCHIVED-simpwrx02 Guest

    Brig good personal dps numbers and then adds 20-30k to the raidwide parse.

  12. ARCHIVED-Burnout Guest

    Noaani wrote
    seems you only know really sucky warlocks...
  13. ARCHIVED-Junaru Guest

    This is subject to a lot of things but if I had to do a zone wide I would say.

    Brigand/Swashie (Both are so close)
    Necro (with good healers)
  14. ARCHIVED-Zin`Carla Guest

    evilgamer wrote:
    Always amazed when i see ignorance like this vomitted on the forums. Ooooohhh, a dev plays an assassin so OF COURSE the class is overpowered... and with that in mind are you inferring that the other 23 classes just suck because not one other single dev plays this game at all? Because your over assumptive statement is basically saying that. Since a dev plays an assassin, the class is overpowered. The rest of that train of thought states no other devs play because none of the the other classes are "overpowered". Those darn meanie poo-heads at SOE not letting their employees play the game. Because if they did, we know that all the other classes would be overpowered and if that were so, then the whole game would be overpowered and we'd all be equal. Wouldn't that just be hunky-dory if every single class in the game were exactly equal in every way, shape and form!!! Gosh, Utopia FTW! We're all equal! We're all happy! We are all... THE SAME... /wah
    L2P FTW
    to answer the thread's question -- in general assassins will be tops for most situations. However, playing a class strictly based on ego is a poor reason to play that class. It's tantamount to believing your post count makes your smarter. FAIL
  15. ARCHIVED-therodge Guest

    well lets be fair assasins are overpowered due to a situation, and not do to the assasins themselves (and of course their epic which is another story compleatly) fact is assasins are overpwered mainly do to the fact that in major raid guilds trash doesent last for more then 30 seconds which is what assasins do rediculous freaking burst dps, in order for things to even out trash would have to take a good 2 minutes and assasins wouldent see quite so overpowered.
    regardless he accused assassins of being overpowered not simply becuase a dev plays an assasin but becuase aerilik (sp) the dev in charge of class balance plays an assasin. which once again under normal human curroption may hold true.
    regardless i think aerilik is a fairly nice guy and wouldent be that quick to accuse him of curroption though i would accuse him of being slightly ignorant about certain class problems and balance in genral. but again being fair, no dev and i mean no dev not a single one in any shape or form posesses the absolute knowlage of every class in the game, no single person does its not possable. fact is their are so many changes that happen to this game many we are not even aware of becuase they may be changes in the server, or base coding fixing a small coding error etc etc, not every tiny change is directly relayed through every single dev, a change in base code on say a spell that isnt hitting for the right amount it says may accedently mess up some other spell for another class and seriously hurt that class. under same token if aerilik changes say paladin dps and paladins have found a way to manipulate this spell and put out higher numbers then expected people flip out and *****. does aerilik play a paladin? no so is it directly his fault that players who do nothing all day but play a paladin found a way to use things better then he origonally thought? i dont think it is. its a really tough balancing act. if devs knew exsacally how players would use and how diffrent departments (such as aerilik and whomever do itemization im sure dont pass EVERYTHING through eachother) did everything. classes would be balanced but lets be honest, its not that easy they are humans and can be held accountable true but held accountable as a whole and not just a single person.
  16. ARCHIVED-Ranja Guest

    Luinne@Kithicor wrote:
    Said the assassin with arguably the best mythical and epic.

    It is not just a dev. It is THE dev in charge of Class Balance and design. Have you looked at the DE racial abilities recently. They are sick. I have rolled 4 classes since the new racials have come out and you know what - I had to choose DE all three times because they are simply the best fit for any DPS class given their abilities. Hands down they have the best racial abilities - not even close. Who plays one? Oh , Aerlick.

    You are ignorant if you dont think the assassin is the FOTM for RoK. You are even more ignorant if you think the reason why you own the parse has nothing to do with being an assassin.
  17. ARCHIVED-Sabutai Guest

    therodge wrote:
    not listening to the playerbase though is his problem. He may not know what it takes to balance the other 23 classes but blatantly stating that everything is fine and no changes are forthwith coming is egotistical. A vast majority of players would not at all be as mad as they are right now if SOE knew how to handle public relations, but they don't so they have a problem.

    Also to point out, assassins are not overpowered because they can blow stuff up that lasts under 30 secs. Have you seen single target parses for fights over 2 mins? Assassin still wins by over 1k, but hey no problems here please look the other way.

    Even setting up a way for the most vocal people in each class to have actual, meaningful input would solve a lot of problems, but nobody is willing to do that.
  18. ARCHIVED-nirate Guest

    Sabutai wrote:
    Wow, took me all of 2 seconds to find the class discusion boards.
  19. ARCHIVED-simpwrx02 Guest

    nirate wrote:
    Wow awesome maybe the Devs can find all of them and post in them once in a while, last time Aeralik posted in the wizard forums was 2006 yup 2YEARS AGO!!! I do appreciate your smartash answer but get a clue first and use the thingee in your head before you post.
    The players all know where the class discussion boards are, but appearently the Devs dont as they rarely post there. And Sab's comment had nothign to do with having class boards, he was refering to having a vocal knowledgable player from each class have a direct vocal communication route with the Devs so that person could communicate the issues concerning thier prespective class in a meaningful manner instead of the Dev roasts that the boards become.
  20. ARCHIVED-greenmantle Guest

    Luinne@Kithicor wrote:
    Rofl there are also Devs that play dirges sort of blows the argument out of the water ;)

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