Best places to harvest?

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    Hi Everyone,
    I just returned to the game after a few years break (I left just before RoK came out), and am having trouble finding places to harvest. I played only evil races before, but decided to betray to become a Templar on my most recent character. I don't know the Good areas at all, and have missed out on all of the t1 harvesting because of it. I've tried the Peat Bog but there are very few nodes there, the nodes in Antonica are t2 and I don't have enough skill yet, and now I just went to TD (the very first island with level 1-2 mobs) and can't find any nodes at all!

    I'm getting a little frustrated, because I just want to harvest enough to get my artisan skill up (I want to make her an armorcrafter, since my old main is already a 44 Sage) and it seems like I can't find anything. Are there any spots for people on the Good side of things that is rich in nodes? All I keep thinking about is how, right when you leave the starting point in Darklight Wood on the evil side, there are nodes right there ready to go, and it doesn't seem the case for the Good side.

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    Ah, wonderful, thanks for the info! I'll check out Oakmyst today when I play. Thanks for the link as well, it has a ton of useful information for me in there! It seems pretty hard to weed out the old information sites have (a lot of stuff from 2007). Much appreciated!

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