Best Dirge Duo?

Discussion in 'Dirge' started by ARCHIVED-Severin, Apr 10, 2008.

  1. ARCHIVED-Severin Guest

    I'm trying to get my friend into EQ2, and he has his heart set on the Dirge. I don't blame 'em, they seem great :) I'm just wondering what class I should play with him to make an effective duo.

    So far I've been looking at Illusionist, Coercer, Bruiser, Berserker, Troubie, or Inquisitor. Which one of these would be best? Are there any others that might be better? I'm actually most interested in Troub, because I like the aspect of dual bards :p However, I've heard Troubs are better as caster support, so I'm not sure how well they'd group.
  2. ARCHIVED-Teilan Guest

    Im a fan of a paladin Duo Partner. Especially in higher levels when the dirge gets thier heal. The Pally can tank, do damage, heal/ward themselves and get nice bene's fromt he dirge buffs.
  3. ARCHIVED-Teilan Guest

    double post *darn lag*
  4. ARCHIVED-Severin Guest

    Alright, right now I've been leaning heavily towards Defiler, but I'd still like other opinions if anyone else has some. I was just thinking, wards would make Dirge a decent tank for a duo, and with the disease debuffs, the Defiler's DPS gets pretty good (for a healer) along with great heals
  5. ARCHIVED-Whysprr_Wyrd Guest

    Defiler's one of the standard choices; there's good synergy there. Necromancer is another standard duo choice.
  6. ARCHIVED-Taranys Guest

    Shadowknight, either Brawler, either Rogue, Inquisitor, Mystic are all good choices, Dirges provides more DPS and Survivability to melee classes.

    Basically any of the good solo melee classes become even stronger when paired with a dirge. Personally I would suggest Shadowknight or Inquisitor to pair with a dirge for leveling as a duo.
  7. ARCHIVED-Tamo Guest

    I, personally, like challenge... so I would opt for troub
  8. ARCHIVED-muraseme Guest

    I two-box a ranger with my dirge. Both are level 80. Its a devastating combination.
  9. ARCHIVED-Thaych Guest

    Dirge & Necro (solo specc'd)
    2 seperate healers, CoB, Hate xfer, melee bonuses, power regen, defensive and offensive skills+, Int buff for Dirge, etc...
    High Yellow^^^ are cake
  10. ARCHIVED-Dagator Guest

    You know, dirges go well with almost everything, lol. A shadow knight would probably be the easiest to duo with, or maybe a monk/bruiser though. The necro/dirge would take some practice, but after you got used to the characters strengths and weaknesses, it would be a very efficient combo...
  11. ARCHIVED-mlr701 Guest

    I've always had great fun with dirge/mystic for some reason. That reason may be insanity, but just my 2 cents.
  12. ARCHIVED-Eveningsong Guest

    I've done really well playing a dirge with a templar partner. We've just hit our late 60's and have been rocking Kylong Plains :) We do tend to stick to singles, although we can survive an add or two. Stuns ftw :)
  13. ARCHIVED-Melodee Guest

    Dirges duo with just about any class well, but my personal preferences are:
    1) With a Pally. Between his heals and the dirge heal, it's easy enough to take down some pretty tough mobs.
    2) With a Templar. It would be easier if we actually got a taunt like the rogues, but even if the Templar does pull aggro, they are pretty tough
    3) With a Troubador. They augment our spells and we augment their DPS. pretty spiffy. And between our heal and their charm, not bad
  14. ARCHIVED-Aquilistor Guest

    I strongly suggest either a necro or a conjuror. Pet classes provide a complete package of tank, healer and dps. They are masters of none of those tasks, but can perform each very well.

    My conjuror MT'd a 4 man run through OoB in EoF, including the final boss with his adds. A necro typically does slightly less well against difficult bosses (conj's Plane Shift is truely godlike) and multi-mob pulls, but better against single targets which are typical for questing. With the dirge debuffing both with be immensely more effective. Its a trade off. Having played a conj I can recommend them wholeheartedly. Necros are an unknown to me, but should work well too.
  15. ARCHIVED-Dagny Guest

    I would go with either a Necro, Defiler, or SK. I'd probably lean toward the Defiler.
  16. ARCHIVED-Kyrsten Guest

    Dirge and Defiler do work well, as has been mentioned here already. Another combo you might consider is Dirge and Fury.
  17. ARCHIVED-Melodee Guest

    Face it, Dirges go with anything................. because we ROCK
  18. ARCHIVED-xsikal Guest

    I duo with a melee-specced Mystic. It seems to work pretty well. :)
  19. ARCHIVED-bassmasta54 Guest

    I duo with a RL friend who plays a Defiler. Best duo I've ever done. With me at 46 and him at 48, we can take out 48 ^^^ and 49 ^^^ without trouble.
  20. ARCHIVED-JerronBlacksilver Guest

    Melodee wrote:
    Seconded. Hell, I've even duo'd with another Dirge!

    If I had my 'druthers, I'd say SK...we both have lots of disease based attacks, and great disease mit debuffs...and our melee debuffs plus the SK's lifetaps would make for a very durable duo tank.

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