BEST class to Multibox DUO with WARLOCK?

Discussion in 'Warlock' started by ARCHIVED-AlltheDPS, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. ARCHIVED-AlltheDPS Guest

    What is the best class to duo with a Warlock that will be conducive to multiboxing?

    Please remember that I will be controlling both classes by broadcasting the same hotkeys to two versions (two accounts) of the client.

    I thought at first about just running a second Warlock. It would be the simplest and I would have insane AoE.

    Then I considered a healer, probably I would want the best single target healer that would be the simplest to play - so i could spam 2-3 hotkeys and keep my main Warlock up - in this scenario the Warlock would almost be like a tank (which when talented correctly Warlocks can be pretty tough with Nullmail, all the AA buffs to Magi's shielding etc).

    Or instead is there a different healer class that would have the best buffs for my warlock and debuffs for my enemies?

    Would there be any reason to run a wizard, coercer, or necromancer etc.?

    It CANNOT be a melee class due to follow macro issues and positioning complications.

    I thought maybe a necro so that the pet could tank and then we could nuke?

    Or maybe or coercer who could charm mobs to tank for us?

    It must be a ranged class, ranged class with pets, or healer.

    I want to maximize synergy and sheer badassness.

    If some of you with deep knowledge and experience would chime in - maybe even with some discussion of mechanics and strengths vs. weaknesses that would be great.

    I do NOT need technical help - I already have everything working on a technical level just fine.

    TIA my friends. [IMG]
  2. ARCHIVED-DwarvesRUs Guest

    Most fun duo I was ever in while on my coercer was with a friend playing his warlock.
    Lead with roots -- my 5% one and both his 15% ones. Then debuffs, then begin unloading, and if a root drops recast..... we did several instances in KOS and EOF like this. Doubt you could do RoK or TSO due to named immunities, but it was a complete blast.
    If dual boxing, it might be a bit more interesting, since coercer's stuns and dazes and such require pretty precise timing in order to prevent damage. Might be something to think about, though.
  3. ARCHIVED-EndevorX Guest

    Well you certainly do have a few options.
    My number one pick would be a Necro with Tainted Heals AA spec. The Necro is the only class that can provide a tank, heals for the tank, great dps, and utility to revive yourself when it all hits the fan. I've never duo'd the Necro and Warlock but I do consider splitting the two off my account so that I could. But I can help with the healer subject...
    If you choose to go healer I would suggest a Fury. Those always worked best in my experience with duo boxing. I don't know how your setup is but I always liked the convience of just switching over to my Fury and hitting a group heal that I don't have to target anyone for it to work. Furies can put out some nice DPS also, not quite like my necro but it's good for a healer. If sh*t hits the fan in this situation, 9 times out of 10 I can survive on my Warlock with Manashield and revive my Fury with a feather.
    This is all what works for me. Writing everything about the necro actually just pushed me over the edge and I will be splitting him off the account with my Warlock so that I can box them =P My warlock can already solo ^^^ named as can my necro, the two of them together will just be insane.
  4. ARCHIVED-Gloriana01 Guest

    I two box with a mystic and I love it - wards + warlock = kind of cheating.
  5. ARCHIVED-Vodroc Guest

    SK's get like 6 aoe's and can take the hits. You can tune the aoe's to match each other, then tune a pre-start hotkey to pre-ward/that warlock damage shield too and be double damage shielding.
  6. ARCHIVED-TygerMeow Guest

    I asked the same question and was told to go Warden for a group root, which is obviously a nice compliment to the group DPS of the warlock. However, as soon as I got the spell, I found that it's on a 5 minute timer and seems to more geared toward de-taunting than actual CC. I didn't fully research the spell line and AA abilities, but 5 minutes is not nearly enough to keep up with the carnage my warlock can produce. Even solo, if I can find a field of linked single downs, he can kill at least one group a minute and the goal was to improve that. 5 minutes is way too long to wait.
    I left the Warden at 40 and rolled a Templar on my second account. I've played a Templar before and I'm very happy with their ease of play due to reactive heals. It's been much easier to two-box, although I haven't spent any time with my warlock yet.
    Mystic wards are also really good right now, especially when you get a little higher. I might have to give that a shot and see how they do together.
  7. ARCHIVED-AziBam Guest

    TygerMeow wrote:
    I think you may have mixed up the warden detaunt with their group root. Yes, the detaunt does also root targets in it's range but that's not their group root. Wardens get their first normal group root at lvl 47 (I believe) called Undergrowth. I think you'd be fine with either druid or shaman. Cleric wouldn't be MY first choice due to the nature of their special heals being reactive..not so good when you are squishy but I'll readily admit to being less familiar with either of the clerics since I haven't actually levelled one past like level 15 or so. :) (And that was a god-awful long time ago for that matter.)
  8. ARCHIVED-1Vis Guest

    Ive never 2-boxed 2 classes that takes down stuff faster than warlock+mystic.

    Preward -> Mystic pulls with nox debuff if hard mob -> Warlock kills whatever needs to be killed

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