Best choice for Adept III for 10-19?

Discussion in 'Dirge' started by ARCHIVED-Bihlbo, Dec 11, 2004.

  1. ARCHIVED-Bihlbo Guest

    I just got a coral, and as a shadowknight-in-training, all of my options for a potential adept3 upgrade seem like they aren't worth it, because I'll be getting skills that supercede everything I have now. But, my bard friend is bound for the dirge path, so I thought I'd look into getting him the adept3 upgrade.

    So, of the bard skills gained from 10-19, which are going to be the most useful for the longest time, for someone who's going to soon be a dirge?
  2. ARCHIVED-Bihlbo Guest

    Sorry about the second post. I'll just ignore it and let it die. This is the one that should stay. (Mods, kill the other please? Again, sorry.)
  3. ARCHIVED-hizashi Guest

    For me I would chose Walk Lightly, lvl 17 ability, does not get upgraded til lvl 31.

    But I love walking around dungeons with impunity - sneaking past mobs 6-7 levels higher with Adept I, Adept 3 probably would do 8-9 levels higher. If your bud isn't the exploring type, then dont worry about this one. For me it would definitely be the winner.

    The second choice for me would be lvl 19 taffos brilliant blade, flanking attack, upgrade at 33.

    Third choice, lvl 15 walt's singing blade, quick attack that also deals power dmg over time, upgrades at 29.

    That's my order preference, the skills 10-15 upgrade at 24-27, so I just think a skill that lasts a bit higher would be more useful. The other skills 15-19 do not seem to have the coolness factor to be worth an adept 3 upgrade in my book, as they will be replaced and arent that critical for my gameplay.
  4. ARCHIVED-Wascen Guest

    Just a hunch, I bet your Bardic friend would love Taffos Brilliant Blade. Duoing with a tank, he's going to have LOTS of opportunities to get in those flanking attacks. He's really shine with this one as his Adept III.

    PS: I'm looking forward to trying it!
  5. ARCHIVED-Avocet Guest

    I'd go for Walk Lightly as well. If it weren't for the fact that I already had Master1 walk lightly I would have chosen it.
  6. ARCHIVED-Donte Guest

    With walk lightly adept III would that increase movement speed as well? I just lucked onto a coral AND and silver last night. One is going to my Templar, but other my (soon dirge lvl 19 currently)
  7. ARCHIVED-Gaddwin Guest

    I upgraded Taffo's to adept 3 and it is sweet, however i do find that i get extra agro in multi mob encounters, not from the mob i am hitting but his friends. I usually group with the same people and our tank saves shout as an emergency taunt, however when i hit taffos the main mob stays attacking the tank and everything else turns and hits me :)

    Just have to use a little more caution with it now and my tank uses shout early.

    Well worth the upgrade though and the damage with that and my Pristine Steel Leafblade and pristine steel kris looks [expletive ninja'd by Faarbot] good.

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