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Discussion in 'Berserker' started by ARCHIVED-RaliEQ, Apr 21, 2007.

  1. ARCHIVED-RaliEQ Guest

    Heyas all, Following on from the thread posted before about the best adornment for a weapon, would some of you more experienced berserkers mind listing what you think are the best adornments for armour? Say, a best set of adornments for a DPS berserker, and a set for and MT/OT. For example, are the +Sta adornments better than the straight +hitpoint ones or vice versa? Are +power adornments of any use to us? Are there "must-haves" for any slot? Any response greatly appreciated, and if this has been asked and answered before, my apologies, I couldn't find anything on it, but haven't had enough coffee yet this morning :)
  2. ARCHIVED-Schmalex23 Guest

    There arent very many choices for adorns... but here is that i feel is the best for each slot from MT point of view: [IMG]
  3. ARCHIVED-uux Guest

    Raw health is usually better than +sta. The amount of health that sta increases varies and depends on how much sta you already have. As you get more, it increases your health pool less. The raw health bonus never diminishes like that. I don't think there are any "must have" adornments. You actually don't have many choices for some slots. General (for any role): Head: +100 power Chest: +6 str +6 sta +6 agi +6wis +6 int Waist: Increase attack speed of caster by 2.0 Ranged: Increase Damage Per Second of caster by 10.0 Rings: +70 health Ears: +14 int Neck: Increase Damage Per Second of caster by 10.0 DPS: Buckler (if you're spec'd that way): +1.0% melee crit chance +str on any slot you can get it OT/MT: Wrists: 2.0% chance to parry incoming attacks Buckler: +1% chance to block, or damage shield Shoulders: +100 health, or damage shield Forearms: +7 parry, or +67 mitigation Gloves: +14 agi Pants: +14 sta Boots: +14 sta
  4. ARCHIVED-Jackula Guest

    Depending on which gear I have equipped, self buffed and with food I'm between 9k and 9200 hit points. I get very frickin' few hps from a +14 STA adornment, so I put +14 AGI on my boots instead because that's the stat I struggle with the most. If I could I'd like to get my self-buffed avoidance to over 60%. Until I do, +14 AGI on my boots is of more benefit IMO. I agree with the other adornments suggestions though. (nice picture Skel)
  5. ARCHIVED-Schmalex23 Guest

    Supose while we are somewhat on the topic, if you are above the sta cap(about 520 depending on race) then you get 3 hp per sta and if you are below then you get 5hp... So ingeneral a sta adorn will give you anywhere from 42-70 hp. Also i have found this site a real help for adorns
  6. ARCHIVED-Chayna Guest

    Good info!!! Now if I could afford the expensive ones and had some good equipment I was lazy when I wrote this
  7. ARCHIVED-RaliEQ Guest

    Thanks for the responses all. Now to save some plat so I can afford the more pricey ones! Not to mention actually getting some decent items in some of my slots to put them on :)
  8. ARCHIVED-Slayer505 Guest

    Really you're better off farming items yourself and then either hiring a transmuter to transmute them or if you're like me I have several guildies that can do it. Then just go find a crafter of the appropriate type to make the adornment for you. Buying them straight off the broker is usually a rip-off.
  9. ARCHIVED-ducey Guest

    Skel@Butcherblock wrote:
    [p] [/p][p] [/p][p]Pretty much what i'm aiming to finish on bar the weapon adornment, thinking of keeping 2% riposte / parry since it stacks with our Sta line AA if i'm correct?[/p][p]might take safefall on cloak also for fun, FT3 isnt much. to be honest all the cloak ones arent much, would have prefered pure hp / power option for that slot.[/p][p]auw well.[/p]
  10. ARCHIVED-Schmalex23 Guest

    yeah they stack and i agree FT3 isnt much, but safefall was usless to me since i have a faewing cloak in my bags for when i jump off things.
  11. ARCHIVED-ducey Guest

    safefall would only be good on cloak for general running about imo, personally i'd forget to swap my cloak out for one with it.
    am i right that cloaks only really have FT3 Regen 3 and safefall which benefit us?
  12. ARCHIVED-Schmalex23 Guest

    and hp regen 3 which is pointless
  13. ARCHIVED-ducey Guest

    [p]wouldnt have killed sony to think up some decent ones, even if it was unorigional like pure stats, or procs. [/p][p]a ward proc would have been nice for tanks, even if only 2-300[/p][p]one with say a proc increasing crit chance (short duration kind of like juggernaught, but with out the neative effects) by say 5-10%[/p][p]so much possibility. so little effort by SOE [/p]
  14. ARCHIVED-whytakemine Guest

    Why INT on the ear slots? Granted the resist ones aren't very good, but I was thinking +100 to two resists would be better than +28 INT. My zerker is only 56ish, but I can't think of any of our CA's that depend on INT for damage, and other people's buffs rely on their INT correct?
  15. ARCHIVED-ducey Guest

    I think int effects our proc chances. so weapon proc adornments such as the power drain from mob, gain to caster would proc more often.
  16. ARCHIVED-kal-l Guest

    [p]Int doesn't make procs more frequent. What is does is increase proc damage when they do go off.:)[/p]
  17. ARCHIVED-Bremer Guest

    Seems like the windows don't update properly. If you inspect an item, change int value and mouse over it the number doesn't change, but if you inspect it again it does.
  18. ARCHIVED-ducey Guest

    [p]Bleh random double post[/p]
  19. ARCHIVED-ducey Guest

    ah my bad *blushes*, knew it effected something with procs, but never remembered. is there a stat which effects proc rate?
  20. ARCHIVED-uux Guest

    None of the five basic stats will increase your proc rate (str, sta, agi, wis, int). AFAIK, the only thing you can do yourself to increase the proc rate is to add as much haste as possible.

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