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  1. BaldNinja Member

    Hey all.
    I was wondering why i was getting smacked. i am 112, boosted from 87. my health is only 10mil. im seeing comparable toons with 100+ mil.. what gives?
    i am currently using the warlord gear that game with my 110 boost pack
  2. Bludd Well-Known Member

    aa enhanced vigor in prestige. put 8 points there
  3. BaldNinja Member

    that did help. about another 40mil* , up to 55mil. thanks

    *edited for numerical suffix error
  4. Bludd Well-Known Member

    now you need better gear and infuse that stuff
  5. BaldNinja Member

    thats my issue lol i never run group raids...
  6. Bludd Well-Known Member

    yeah but you can get good stuff now from a variety of sources. BoL achievements give you nice stuff also run as many missions as you can to get glittering marks and buy crates from the merchant behind the unlocked armor merchant in Seru
    it can give you 170 resolve stuff
    also run the new diaku corral solo when you are more decently geared
    you can also run all the solos with a friend or a merc healer for instance.
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  7. BaldNinja Member

    ok. i re-AA'ed, was up to 67mil. did some more of the summer shin zu quests, and wasnt paying attention, but im in a dungeon right now and i am up to 277mil. , and my potency is 127k% . amazing.
  8. BaldNinja Member

    nope. 61 mil now. must have been a buff
  9. Kuulei Well-Known Member

    Not sure what kind of gear comes with the booster pack. There is free gear to purchase in the blinding where you port in. I would check to see if that gear is better, at least higher stamina / health on it?
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  10. BaldNinja Member

    Well, once I got into the Blinding, I went from lol 112 to 120 in a day. So now there's the whole issue of getting my gear caught up. I need to get into crafting more and make better gear.
  11. BaldNinja Member

    Wow. 4k resolve. That's amazing lol

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