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Discussion in 'Berserker' started by ARCHIVED-Ahlana, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. ARCHIVED-Ahlana Guest

    I am sure it has been asked before but the Terms Berserker and Race bring up a bunch of invalid hits on the find button.
    So going to be making a Berserker and though I prefer DE just in general (mostly look wise lol). The other half wants to start on the Q side and then betray over so that she may have a "pretty" race. That said I am looking for a good Zerker race to play over there, so far I was suggested Dwarf and High Elf. Any opinions or insights?
  2. ARCHIVED-einar438 Guest

    I'm not sure I understand the question. Berserker (and Guardian) are considered "neutral" sub-classes, and therefore you can be any race you want.
    The only reason you'd need or want to betray while playing a Warrior class is if you wanted a "Good" race that lives in an "Evil" city or vice-versa, for style or rp reasons. In any case, over all, the choice would be a matter of aesthetics since the stats tend to normalize over time. If you want toughness, there is Human, Barbarian, or Dwarf, I guess.
  3. ARCHIVED-Zhonata Guest

    Half Elves are good
  4. ARCHIVED-JerronBlacksilver Guest

    Ogre (Shoulder Slam, Oggokian Aggression) and Barbarian (Barbaric Rage, Defender of Everfrost, Tundra Slam) make great tanks in general. Plus...zerkers should be HUGE! (Makes it easier for the healers - and the mobs - to target!)

    If you want to see specific racial traits, check out the articles on EQ2i.
  5. ARCHIVED-Ahlana Guest

    Ikarri@Lucan DLere wrote:
    Or you play on a PVP server and do not want a good aligned toon, but your other half wants a good aligned race (she wanted a wood elf). But the plan is at level 10 to Betray to our side, FP.
    Thanks everyone for the input. Lots of races listed lol, it will be a tough decision. Mostly because I hate the good aligned races :p
  6. ARCHIVED-evilgamer Guest

    Ogres are by far the best tank race imo.
    Just look at their traits and stats.
    They even get a racial ability to make them appear larger for easier targeting.
    Create an ogre, make him max size, and then use this ability. You will become enourmous and easily visible.
    Nothing more annoying then a tiny tank nobody can see imo lol.
  7. ARCHIVED-Xalmat Guest

    Ogre, hands down.

    Besides, city alignment is meaningless except for deity choice and for PvP purposes. Evil Berserkers get access to Rallos Zek deity, which provides the best cloak for the class.

    However if you want an alternative, evil-aligned Fae is a good choice (start in Kelethin, then betray to Freeport or Neriak). Not quite as good as an Ogre, but being a small race makes it easier to maneuver into small places. The featherfall could be an issue on some fights though.
  8. ARCHIVED-evilgamer Guest

    Xalmat wrote:
    Being small is horrible for a tank though, you are much harder for the rest of your group to target & see.
    specially with how large mobs are.
    Ultimately it doesnt make that big of a difference.
    I would make an ogre, make him as small as possible, then just use that 20% enlarge buff when tanking in dungeons.
  9. ARCHIVED-Ahlana Guest

    Well if I were to do an Evil Character I would do Dark Elf regardless of what is better as I prefer the race. But in the PVP environment it will be safer to exile over as a pair so I am stuck with good/neutral races as my choices. I was thinking Barbarian looks like the best choice trait wise and such for a zerker, dwarf is close but man they are fugly.
    So right now I am being indesicive on picking a DE betraying over solo to help her then coming back, or picking a barbarian which looks like it would fit the zerker class better than a tiny DE.
  10. ARCHIVED-LygerT Guest

    fae would be a horrible race for any tank.
  11. ARCHIVED-Xalmat Guest

    Lyger@Mistmoore wrote:
    Only for the featherfall. I've had good success with a Fae berserker myself, and I know at least a couple Fae guardians. If size is an issue, there are ways around that with illusions and such.
  12. ARCHIVED-Mewse Guest

    Barbarians get a racial ability to summon their own booze. IMHO that can't be beat!
  13. ARCHIVED-Xalmat Guest

    Yeah, but so do Dwarves. And everyone knows that Dwarven beer tastes better than Barbarian beer.
  14. ARCHIVED-Mewse Guest

    At least barbarian beer is cold - and doesn't have those nasty dwarf beard hairs in it.

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