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Discussion in 'Berserker' started by ARCHIVED-Smythy, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. ARCHIVED-Smythy Guest

    I want to roll a zerker because they are simply awesome. I am stuck on which race to choose though. Show me what your toon looks like and help me choose a race.
  2. ARCHIVED-kenman Guest

    I can assure you that no matter what race you pick you're going to end up looking like a mis-matched idiot in the end. But anyway, frogloks ftw! [IMG]
  3. ARCHIVED-Eigenheit Guest

    LOL Amen to that!
  4. ARCHIVED-Atragon Guest

    [p]Iksars are the coolest! Not as clumsy as an Ogre and not as frail as a human. Just the right size to command on the battlefield. My guy is level 45.[/p][p][IMG][/p][p]No helm with his Viroc Bloodletter![/p][p][IMG][/p][p] [/p][p]Or you could always just run around in bear form if your armor is TOO mismatched. :)[/p][p][IMG][/p][p] [/p]
  5. ARCHIVED-atjtennis Guest

    [p]Yup you will pretty much look like a 6 year old took a crayon and colored your armor it's really sad[/p][p] [/p][p][IMG][/p]
  6. ARCHIVED-Slayer505 Guest

    Barbarians rule! We don't all look like we were colored in by a creative 5 year old! [IMG] Yeah I picked the Claymore for my quest reward. I figured I wouldn't be using the Qeynos Guard if I got it since I'm buckler spec, so I may as well get the coolest looking sword in the game. After all, what's the point if we can't look cool? [IMG]
  7. ARCHIVED-Smythy Guest

    These pics are really cool. I like the look of the Iskar and the Barbarian. Does anyone have a pic of a Ratonga or maybe one of the smaller races? That would be cool to see.
  8. ARCHIVED-MailFist Guest

    I win (see my sig).
  9. ARCHIVED-Bu££a2k Guest

    [p]Nope...Ogres ftw! (Yes I know it looks like I had an accident in a piant factory...)[/p][p][IMG][/p]
  10. ARCHIVED-Smythy Guest

    Ha, you guys are right, Berserkers do look like mis-matched idiots. and Barr i like how your hair matches your armor. But does anyone have a ratonga or maybe even a gnome zerker?
  11. ARCHIVED-Schmalex23 Guest

    Zerkers dont look any different then any other plate tank minus the helmet and there are only a few helmets in the gme that look like that. Also once you stop wearing mastercrafted you will almost never match. I changed myself to a ratonga and took some pics with various weapons/shields etc for you. Enjoy

    hammer from mayong and claymore shield

    2 hander sword from labs

    2 handed spear from wuoshi

    My normal setup, 1 hander from princes and buckler from FTH
  12. ARCHIVED-Smythy Guest

    Skel@Butcherblock wrote:
    [p]Alright dude thank you so much, I've figured that im gonna make a ratonga zerker named Divur Shinhacker [/p]
  13. ARCHIVED-danjuhmouze Guest

    Kenman@Najena wrote:
    There ain't no party like a Froglok party!
  14. ARCHIVED-DJ Stumble Guest

    [p]Zerkers Rule![/p][p]ROAR KILL!!![/p]
  15. ARCHIVED-nePh Guest

    ROAR!! ill upload a pic when i get home tonight. nice pics guys :)
  16. ARCHIVED-Zeemeermin Guest


    "Goods days to yous Mr.Skinflayers, does you knows where I mights finds some chee.."
    "Filthy rat! Move out of Zagokk way or Zagokk crush!"


    "Dids you just calls me a rats? RATS?! RrrrRRRATS?!!?! GRUARRRGHRRRRs!!!!!!!!"


    "Uh ohs...Ands I hads just cleansed my helmets toos...oh dears"

  17. ARCHIVED-LygerT Guest

    [p][IMG][/p][p]Kerran all the way![/p]
  18. ARCHIVED-LygerT Guest

    [p]apparently i fail at trying to post a pic here and also at editing it without forum errors. ;)[/p]
  19. ARCHIVED-RaliEQ Guest

    If you want a small race, Fae all the way! Once you get to Lvl10 and get the Glide racial ability, you won't regret it, I promise :) [IMG][IMG]
  20. ARCHIVED-Legiax Guest

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