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Discussion in 'Berserker' started by ARCHIVED-Kunaak, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Kunaak Guest

    I assume by "fighter feedback" that doesnt just mean "GU63 Prestiges".
    if I am wrong, feel free to delete the thread.
    Berserkers have a few issues, and I've tried to illustrate it simply within these pics.
    Lowest HP, No HP Buffs, Capped AE leads to skills and gear we cant use, Worst death save in game, similar skills among all fighter classes are far worse for the warrior by comparison.


  2. ARCHIVED-Triste-Lune Guest

    You forgot to mention the fact that : Juggernaught is obslote and 1 single piece of gear bring more crit chance nowaday and even with 5aa the crit bonus is lowed than a simple quested item. Berserker damage reduction / prevent and reactive taunt proc only work of physical or melee weapon. Adrenaline is not on anyone hotbar after the nerf to hate proc and damage reduction turned to a useless heal. That most of the AA are meaningless (lol debiliation line) That our buff are terrible and aren’t desirable in group setup That our hit rate are terrible due to a lack of strikethrou and accuracy. That our hate generation is low due to relying on autoattack wich with low hitrate (also not crit on adrenaline hate) That our CA are the worst of all fighter and have the lowed damage and some are taking longer to cast than call to guildhall.
  3. ARCHIVED-InsaneChaosMarine Guest

    Our class is great!

    At powerleveling new monks and bruisers to main tank! :>
  4. ARCHIVED-Kunaak Guest

    it really doesnt matter....
    once a topic ends up here, it pretty much means dont bother, never gonna happen, dont care.
    doesnt matter how badly something needs to be fixed. once its here, its useless to even try.
    apparantly, "Fighter Feedback" has nothing to do with "what can we improve with GU63?" - it means "do you like the prestiges".
  5. ARCHIVED-Tekadeo Guest

    Maybe they are currently working on a fix for our currently awful predicament; after all it only took them 4 years to make brawlers not-worthless. But patience is not a virtue when a class is BROKEN and is incapable of fulfilling their main role (Tank) without two crutches (a dirge and a coercer).
    Unfortunately for them, this REALLY needed to happen with GU63. There will be two new games that I will 100% forsake Everquest II for that will release before we get another content update after GU63. And I imagine legions of players will join. Maybe they just sense the end is near, finally, after all these years, and resistance is futile.
  6. ARCHIVED-LygerT Guest

    wierd, coulda swore i brought all this up about 2 years ago. still not fixed or have shown that any of them are even on sony's radar. wasn't long after that i stopped playing the class.

    course Breuner will be in shortly claiming the skills are all overpowered and that SK needs more improvements than this class.
  7. ARCHIVED-Triste-Lune Guest

    just feel free to report the mod that moved this highly important and revelant thread to some obscure portion of the forums where no dev ever care to go.
  8. ARCHIVED-Shotneedle Guest

    Probably because if they buffed berserkers as most people wanted them, berserkers would be as OP as necros will be next GU.

    VoM will save you fine in DoV content unless you plan on dying to a multi attack. Open Wounds/Whirlwind does need to be fixed via 10% ae auto = 1% cb endline, which everyone should continue complaining about. Zerkers don't get an lolavoid like brawlers/sks, so what? Only issue I have with Unyielding Will is reuse.

    Gut Roar being changed from physical damage to all damage is the only change that needs to happen to make berserkers an amazing tank class (they're still better than crusaders right now, tbh).
  9. ARCHIVED-Tekadeo Guest

    Buffrat@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    They would have to double our current power for this to happen. Maybe triple. And make every encounter have 4+ mobs. That only hit with physical damage. And give us a dirge and coercer merc that automatically follows us everywhere we go.
    I don't think holding aggro is OP.................

    But yes, but it would still be nice to get more of our buffs to work with all damage.
  10. ARCHIVED-Kunaak Guest

    the problem with berserkers, half the time lies with the berserkers themselfs.
    they always want more DPS.
    DPS is not the issue with the berserker. they have no HP buffs, very little survivale tools, AA thats useless for them, yet half the time, you have berserkers that run in offensive stance and duel wielding 99% of the time in raid situations, complaining they cant live..... that kinda feedback doesnt surprise me how it gets ignored.
    what I personally wanna see, is a HP buff somewhere, so a berserker isnt the absolute lowest HP class in a raid, and some real defensive tools, so you can put a berserker in the hardest raid content, and know they have a good death save, a reliable stoneskin or something thats more then "requires berserk to be active" or can only be used once every 3 minutes, with 1 trigger.
    the issue with berserker having WAAAAAY too much AE auto, and no benifit from it, is just a massive annoyance that comes with with the class. it absolutly should be fixed. I honest dont care how, just as long as it was.
    but I'd still like to see things that truely address the berserkers survivability, and not just another "dps thing". DPS is not the reason why 9-10 raids wont take a berserker. its that they basically have the worst tool set when it comes to stoneskins, death saves, avoidence buffs, HP buffs.
    I've tried to show that by examining other skills side by side, and keep the feedback clear and simple.
    but honestly, it just seems hopeless. berserkers are probably a dead class for another 6 months, till they might finally give some work to the class with the next gu in the summer. but then again, some berserker that duel wields, claims to never own a shield, and says "I took my defensive stance off my hotbar 2 expansions ago" will probably just ruin that - and ask for more DPS.
  11. ARCHIVED-SOE-MOD-02 Guest

    This thread was moved as it did not belong in the GU 63 feedback area. If you have any more concerns about moderation, please contact the forum admin as suggested in the forum guidelines. Thank you!
  12. ARCHIVED-Kunaak Guest

    if you call a area "fighter feedback" and feedback isnt welcome, and you only want "prestige" info, then that should be alot more clear.
  13. ARCHIVED-SOE-MOD-02 Guest

    Kunaak wrote:
    If it did not have the header titled as Game Update #63 Classes, then I would agree. But the forum title is there.
  14. ARCHIVED-Kunaak Guest

    isnt EVERY class in GU63?
    isnt a GU the time one should hope they (the devs) would be likely to take a look at issues with a class and want ideas on how to fix them?
  15. ARCHIVED-Tekadeo Guest

    Kunaak wrote:
    This, pretty much. Especially when most classes are getting changes to currently weak skills/buffs, I would argue this thread is 100% relevant to the GU63 thread.
    I don't even main the Zerker any more, for obvious reasons, but over the last two years it is the very first class I check for changes during testing. Just because MAYBE, just maybe, we will become relevant again and I will go back.
  16. ARCHIVED-BadLuck Guest

    SOE-MOD-02 wrote:
    Why dont you go get your boss, a CS Red Name, and a Dev and bring all three of them here to explain why we cannot provide feedback for our class for GU 63. This is silly and you mr. mod #2 are a modzi, if you cant figure out what that means you really shouldnt be a mod anyway.
  17. ARCHIVED-Tekadeo Guest

    Hahaha yeah the above post shouldve been modded away but since this section is dead and no one cares, it'll just sit there. Funny stuff.
  18. ARCHIVED-BadLuck Guest

    Tekadeo wrote:
    Was exactly my point with said post
  19. ARCHIVED-Zeuhl27 Guest

    All I want is to be able to hold aggro, get a HP buff, and maybe a good stoneskin for spike damage. I dualwield in offensive so I can hold aggro when I don't have the requisite chanter/bard. I also keep a shield and a switch to defensive stance macro'd on my hot bar for when I need the survivablilty.
    Sadly, even though my "main" has been my zerker since 2006, I raid on a brigand...
  20. ARCHIVED-LygerT Guest

    Zeuhl27 wrote:
    you've been gone and just listed the majority of issues with this class for the remainder of the last several years.
    spike damage and the fact that this class MUST be offensive in order to actually hold aggro. it has been engrained into most zerkers that they must not use a shield, dual wield and be in offensive stance because that is how this class works. you gain almost nothing from switching to defensive stance and the one tool we had to mitigate spikes was nerfed to oblivion.
    people say that what we ask for would make us overpowered. guess what? tanks switch roles in being overpowered.. brawlers are overpowered at the moment, crusaders were overpowered not long ago, guards have always had a place, zerks have been "okay" for a while but i personally have NEVER witnessed this class as overpowered.
    unfortunately it's just a waiting game, but also unfortunately there are some devs that take spite in our efforts with this class(my personal opinion) and take it personally that this class will never be above the rest except marginally in one area and only barely for short periods.

    i personally will never bring up anything to a developer when i personally find a skill given to us being overpowered, i did once and that was a mistake.

    even if they do fix this class i will not play it again. rather sad considering i only had one real character for 5 years, a berserker.

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