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    I have performed some formatting and updating to the guide, as well as consolidated some sections. It is still needing of proofing for accuracy and some minor formatting, also the TSO AA section is still incomplete, should be finished Soon(tm). Please read and respond with your corrections, suggestions, changes, and additions. Thank You!
    [Table of Contents]
    Quick Links | Quick Links

    Section 1 | Basic General Information
    1.1 | Stats
    1.2 | Mitigation, Avoidance, & Resists
    1.3 | Skills
    Section 2 | Advanced General Information
    2.1 | Diminishing Returns
    2.2 | Recast & Recovery
    2.3 | Weapon Delay
    2.4 | Critical Damage

    Section 3 | Character Build Options
    3.1 | Character Development
    3.2 | Combat Arts
    3.3 | AA
    3.3.1 | Warrior Tree
    3.3.2 | Berserker Tree
    3.3.3 | Shadows Tree
    3.4 | Deity Choices

    Section 4 | Equipment Options
    4.1 | Equipment
    4.2 | Adornments
    4.3 | Notes & Tips
    4.4 | Some items…
    Section 5 | Q&A
    [Quick Links]
    Previous GuidesBerserker Guide - Pre RoK
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    Zerker Worldwide Chat Channel: Antonia Bayle.swberserker
    Diminishing Returns Reference:

    A guide to Critical Damage:
    AdornmentsInteractive Adornment Site Listings
    Warrior Achievement FAQ and Analysis (a little outdated, but still quite useful)
    Deity - Category: Gods

    EQ2 Wiki - Berserker

    Best TSO Equipment AvailableLink to list

    List of Ward/Stoneskin Proc Items

    Epic WeaponBerserker Epic Weapon Timeline
    Dragon's Temper (Fabled)
    Dragon's Temper

    Class HatHoo'Loh's Frenzied Helm
    Quest: Blood of the Brood

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    [Section 1]
    [Basic General Information]
    [1.1 Stats][Primary Stats]Berserkers should focus on the following primary stats:
    • Strength
    • Stamina
    • Agility
    [Stats and what they contribute towards]Strength - STR - Melee Damage, Max Power
    Stamina - STA- Total health
    Agility - AGI- Base Avoidance
    Intilligence - INT- Spell Damage (procs)Wisdom - WIS- Spell Resists
    [1.2 Mitigation, Avoidance & Resists][Mitigation]The total amount of damage that will be deducted from the total physical damage dealt to you.
    Comprised of:
    • Base Mitigation: Armor, Jewelry, Adornments, Buffs, etc.
    • + Vs. Slashing
    • + Vs. Crushing
    • + Vs. Piercing
    [Avoidance]The total chance to avoid, deflect, dodge, or otherwise not be hit by a melee attack.
    Comprised of:
    • Block
    • Defense
    • Parry
    • Base avoidance: Agility
    [Resists]Cold, Heat, Divine, Mental, Magic, Disease, and Poison
    The resist value is the chance to outright resist a spell, as well as the amount of damage that will be absorbed when damaged by a spell type of the given resist.
    These are key to have a good balance of, and most players have "resist" gear they keep in their bags for certain situations. Some good resist gear can be had from collection quests as well as treasured drops in EoF content. The best gear is going to have a great balance of both stats & resists. But you still may find your self swapping out an earring or ring for something with higher resists for the type of damage being done by the given encounter.
    [1.3 Skills][Primary Skills]
    • Slashing = How well you hit with a slashing weapon
    • Piercing = How well you hit with a piercing weapon
    • Crushing = How well you hit with a crushing weapon
    • Aggression = Decreases taunt resistance.
    • Defense = Adds to your base mitigation and avoidance.
    • Block = Chance to Block an incoming attack
    • Parry = Chance to turn a blow aside (to evade)
    • Riposte = A quick deft thrust made after parrying the lunge of an opponent.
    TIP: Hover your mouse over these in game and they will show you a good description for each
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    [Section 2]
    [Advanced General Information]
    [2.1 Diminishing Returns][Diminishing Returns]
    Having diminishing returns applied to skills and stats means that when you reach certain level of any skill or stat, (mitigation, slashing, defense, etc...) you will start to get minimal benefits from raising its value.
    Soft Cap: referred to as the Break Even Point, is not an actual cap, but the value at which you start seeing noticeably less returns from adding more points to a given stat, for example going from 5000 mitigation to 6000 at this point will provide less benefit than going from 2000 to 3000. For stats At level 70 it was around 650-700, and at level 80 I'd imagine it would be around 800 but nothing concrete here.
    Hard Cap: The definite value at which you will no longer see a benefit from adding more points to a stat.
    Stat cap maximum: [ 15 * level + 20 ] = 1220 at level 80.
    Mitigation Hard Cap: [ Level * 150 ] = 12000 at level 80 or 75%. The break-even point was set at 3675 for level 70 players, at level 80 this works out to around 4800
    Avoidance Skills (def, parry, etc.) Hard Cap: [ 6.5 * Level ]
    Attack Skill Hard Cap: [ 6.5 * Level ]
    Haste and DPS mod caps: Set at 200 points. These curves break even at 63, where 63 points = 63% haste. 105 is 94%. Max is 200 = 125%. You definitely don't have to worry about this until you're raiding at level 70-80, and after you have been upgraded into some of the new RoK\TSO gear, or with a well balanced group that can offer the buffs to bring you up to these values.

    • Generally speaking, 40% of the hard cap is roughly the break even point on most of the diminishing returns graphs for resists, stats, and skills.
    • The mitigation cap is supposed to be 12,000 but the game reports improvements even beyond 12,000
    • The 'Absorbs' is reported by mousing over the mitigation value in the Persona screen. It is reported vs a 'white' opponent. When your opponent is orange - say 85 - the game may use a curve based on *85 instead of *80 and values beyond caps can become significant or lower on the curve.
    Values that diminish related to a Zerker
    Possibly more, but these are the key ones.
    • Stats (i.e. WIS, STR, STA etc)
    • DPS mod
    • Haste mod
    • Mitigation(including spell resistance)
    • Parry/Def/and overall Avoidance
    Note: Values like increased/decreased hate gain, symmetry etc don't have diminishing returns.

    [2.2 Recast & Recovery][Recast]The time it takes for a CA/Spell timer to refresh i.e. if a spell has a recast of 30 seconds, that means you can cast that spell every 30 seconds.

    [Recovery]The time in which you cannot cast between casting CA/Spells. Often quite short, 0.5 secs, if you cast a CA/Spell you cannot cast another (different) CA/Spell until the recovery timer has passed. This is in place to compensate for latency factors.
    • Recast timers can be reduced through various ways... gear, aa, etc.
    • The max reduction is 50% of the original cast time.
    [2.3 Weapon Delay][Weapon Delay]Too take full advantage of the +Crits and the timing of CA's between swings, you need a longer Delay and a Wide damage range (Crit = 100-130% max damage). A long delay weapon has both of those qualities. Under Haste effects the realistic delay of it is around 2.0 allowing for 2 fast CA's or 1 AE CA followed by a immediate Auto Attack swing, no time lost. The Actual CA downtime between spamming CA's is 1sec, .5Cast + .5Recovery = 1sec. Auto Attack queues until next immediate opening (like instantly between CA's), IF u have a .7Delay w/Haste and cast a 2s AE CA, u will loose 2 Auto Attacks. Auto Attack --> 2s AE Casting > Queued Auto @.7s > Missed Auto @1.4s > Missed Auto @2.1s > AE Finishes Casting + .5s Recovery = 2.5s > #1 Queued Auto Attack instantly happens. A weapon too fast will hamper your DPS due to loosing auto attack swings during useing CAs. and the damage range is small so +Crits will suffer.
    Longer delay = better chance for any procs that say "on a successful attack" or "on a successful melee attack". The way procs are set up, it is normalized to a 3 seconds delay. So a longer delay ends up having a higher proc % chance.
    Long delay and big damage range are very important. Long delay indeed reduces amount of ripostes mob can do, and also you will benefit more from using combat arts, if you have fast delay you will miss some auto attacks when you use CA's, with slow weapon when you cast CA, you won't miss auto attacks if you don't spam arts. Big damage range comes to play when crits arrive. 50-200 is better than 80-160 damage.
    Long delay one-handers are ideal for the endgame, because with 200% haste a 2.5 delay weapon drops down to exactly 1.0 delay. This is the optimal delay for any weapon to have, because our CAs have 0.5s casting time and 0.5s recovery time. If you can haste your weapon down to 1.0 delay or slightly lower, you can spam your CAs and not lose any dps from the weapon. If your hasted delay is too low or too high, you risk losing dps if you spam your CAs.

    Another reason why long delay one-handers are good is because they have high max damage values. Because the way that crits work, you will get more *additional* damage from crits from a really long delay weapon versus a short delay weapon, even if they both have the same damage rating.
    [2.4 Critical Damage]Critical Damage and You. A guide to exactly how much damage Crits add
    Tips by Nitz:
    • Crit Adjusted DR = (crit% * 1.09 (max - min) + max + min) / delay.
    • Base crit% at 8 ranks of STR3 = 23%.
    • To see your crit% enter /dynamicdata stats.Melee_Crit_Chance (caps matter). You can hotkey this.
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    [Section 3]
    [Character Build Options]
    [3.1 Character Development][Basic Character Development]
    • When possible, choose the upgrades to Health (2.5% upgrades).
    • Stat upgrades - (STA, STR, AGI, etc…) typically you will choose the STA upgrade, but you can also choose STR or AGI, if you find yourself lacking in these areas.
    • When presented with resist upgrades, upgrade your lowest resist (take off all your gear and see which resist has the lowest value and choose that one)
    [Grandmaster Choices by Level]
    Note: Typically you will want to select Damage Arts for Grandmaster upgrades while leveling, your general DPS and Expert\Master level taunts should be more then adequate to hold aggro without having to invest into Grandmaster Taunt or Buffs as you level. * = Optimal Choices
    Level 14
    : Enrage
    10: Raging Blow *
    13: Body Check *
    14: Mutilate *

    Level 24
    : Berserk Rage III
    22: Enrage II
    23: Bloodlust II
    24: Raging Blow II *

    Level 34
    : Weapon Counter *
    31: Mock IV
    32: Reckless Aide II *
    33: Destructive Rage II *

    Level 44
    : Berserker Onslaught II *
    43: Aggressive Defense IV
    44: Frenzy *
    44: Weapon Counter II

    Level 54
    : Berserk Rage V
    49: Blood Rage III
    50: Enrage IV
    54: Demolish II *

    Level 64
    : Destructive Rage IV
    62: Berserk Rage VI
    63: Bloodbath V *
    64: Enrage V

    Level 75
    : Frenzy III *
    72: Mock VII *
    74: Berserk Rage VII
    75: Bloodbath VI *

    Grandmaster choices at level 75: Frenzy III, Mock VII, Berserk Rage VII, Bloodbath VI
    A good choice is Mock VII, however do not discount Frenzy III or Bloodbath VI, these make for great upgrades to your arsenal of damage dealing mayhem.
    • The Grandmaster version of Mock VII is not that much of an upgrade vs. the Master, but is still a very viable upgrade going from Mock VI (t7) to Mock VII (t8 ) or over its Expert counterpart.
    • Berserk Rage VII (t8 ) gives only 1 haste/dps more than the Master and only 4 more vs. Berserk Rage VI (t7) - simply not worth it due to hard caps on DPS and haste.
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    [3.2 Combat Arts]
    [Eq2Players Berserker CA list]*still not updated by SoE :/
    [Initial Combat Arts]The below is a listing of our combat arts and the initial level that you will receive them. Combat Arts are typically upgraded every 14 levels until you reach T8 (save a few exceptions), then they move to a 10 level progression starting at level 71.
    • * = Fun Spell
    • + = DoF Ancient Teaching
    • # = Special Combat Art from adventure packs
    Level Combat Art------------------------------------------
    1 Rupture, Mock
    2 Berserk Rage
    3 Aggressive Defense
    4 Abandoned Fury, Unflinching Will
    5 Fighting Chance, Knee Break
    6 Intercept
    7 Bloodbath
    8 Enrage
    9 Bloodlust
    10 Raging Blow
    11 Maul
    12 Chaos
    13 Wall of Rage
    13 Body Check
    14 Mutilate
    17 Head Crush
    18 Reckless Aide
    19 Destructive Rage
    20 Fury of Fire *
    20 Goading Gesture #
    21 Blood Rage
    24 War Cry
    25 Rescue
    26 Controlled Rage
    28 Berserker Onslaught
    30 Weapon Counter
    32 Stunning Roar
    35 Unyielding Will #, Corpsecrush #
    40 Form of the Furious Bear *
    40 Demolish
    44 Frenzy
    50 Berserker's Fury *
    50 Rampage
    52 Insolence +
    55 Vision of Madness +
    58 Open Wounds +
    65 Juggernaut
    80 Adrenaline

    [Special Combat Art's]
    Note: The values on these abilities increase as you level
    [Combat Arts Not Upgraded]These Combat Arts do not receive an upgrade after the level stated, at this time it is a very good idea to get these abilities to master level as soon as possible.
    • 25 – Rescue
    • 34 – Intercept III
    • 35 - Unyielding Will
    • 55 - Vision of Madness
    • 58 - Open Wounds
    • 60 – Reckless Aide IV
    • 65 - Juggernaut
    [Combat Art Tips]
    • Between levels 1-70 CA’s receive a new version every 14 levels, save a few exceptions (see above)
    • Between levels 71 - 80 all of your combat arts are upgraded, with the exception of a select few (see above). Before this you have been accustomed to a 14 level progression system, where combat arts receive an upgrade every 14 levels. Going forward it will be every 10 levels.
    • Upgrading from T7 to T8: As far as what to upgrade and when... this will depend a lot on play-style, but... if you were previously mastered out, upgrade your lower T6\T5 abilities (Aggressive Defense V, Frenzy II, Rupture V, Insolence, Mock VI, Weapon Counter III) you will see the most benefit from these.
    • Masters are pricey and some may only be a minor upgrade over the previous tiers master version, but it is still an upgrade nonetheless. You will want to upgrade those skills if you see a good benefit from the upgrade vs. your previous T7 CA and its quality. Compare your arts before you buy!!!
    • If you are just coming up or not mastered in T7, upgrade to the T8 combat arts as soon as you can. If you're 80 already, and fully mastered from the previous tiers, then consider Adrenaline first (if you want the extended duration) or our offensive stance Abandoned Fury V for the +melee skills, followed by the T6 CA's.
    • Note: Adrenaline upgrades do not increase the damage absorbed, the higher quality versions will increase the duration for a max of 34 seconds at Master quality.
    • Expert quality combat arts are made by Alchemists with the rare Loam for the given tier.
    • Research Assistants are available to upgrade a combat art from journeyman to adept or from expert to master.
    • Warning: One thing to watch out for if you have the EoF fabled set, is that the bonuses only work on the T7 versions of those abilities. The 30s reduced recast timer on Demolish III only works on Demolish III, not Demolish IV. The extra triggers of Rampage II from the EoF BP only works with Rampage II, not Rampage III.
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    [3.3 AA][3.3.1 Warrior (KoS) Tree]Most Berserkers will start building their AA spec by placing points into the Stamina pool from the Warrior tree. You will see the most “bang for your buck” from a STA based build. Just starting out, you will likely want to build up to 4-4-8 in STA, which is 4 points into Gladiators Stamina, 4 points into Reversal (Reversal does require a shield to be equipped) and 8 points into Gladiators Finesse (this is where our melee double-attack comes from and no longer requires a shield to be effective)
    [Warrior Achievement FAQ and Analysis]-a little outdated, but still quite useful
    [Some Spec Options]
    Note: These are just examples to give an idea of how some specs can be arranged. They can be varied in many ways from player to player based on personal preferences, gear, and spell quality, among other factors.
    Description STR AGI STA WIS INT=====================================================Leveling 448 448 448-----------------------------------------------Solo xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx-----------------------------------------------Tank 4481 44882 44882Tank 4485 4488 46482Tank 4488 4485 46842-----------------------------------------------DPS w/o myth448 458 448 488DPS w/ myth 448 448 445 48822-----------------------------------------------Group PVP 448 44862 41 44862Solo PVP 448 4488 4882 41-----------------------------------------------
    • The “Leveling” spec is intended to give a good solid base to build upon, using the tried and true stamina line.
    • The "Solo" spec is obviously designed with the soloist in mind.
    • The “Tank” specs are designed to offer a good balance between DPS to maintain aggro and Survivability to take the hits.
    • The “DPS” specs are intended to maximize your DPS output by sacrificing defensive abilities.
    • The “PVP” specs are designed with extra abilities, such as Belly Smash, to aid in PVP.
    • The STA line skill, Buckler Reversal, is now called Reversal. It requires any type shield to be equipped.
    • All STA line skills have dropped their shield requirement, with the exception of Reversal
    • AA abilities scale with your level
    [3.3.2 Berserker (EoF) Tree]
    In the EoF tree the single enhancements alone are underwhelming. Basically most every upgrade in the EoF tree is subpar and you really can't go wrong here, however most tend to shy away from the Perseverance line, the health regen mechanic isn't all that impressive and the points can be spent better elsewhere, as well as the endline ability being next to useless and in most situations one cannot justify the points to spend in this line aside from a couple of specific abilities.
    [Suggested Upgrades]
    [Cyclones Line]
    A good choice to increase your AoE damage. The abilities in this line apply to your AoE abilities, which define the zerker class. The enhanced range to AoE's from the endline Cyclones ability increases your AoE range and the increase to taunt resistibility is a nice bonus for those orange con mobs.

    • Open Wounds enhancement - Just about as close to being a necessity as one can get, one of the class defining abilities. The upgrade here will reduce the reuse timer.
    • Rampage enhancement - same as Open wounds.
    • Bloodbath enhancement – Increase base damage.
    • Barrage enhancement – Increase base damage.
    • Stunning Cry enhancement – Increase base damage.

    [Debilitation Line]
    The abilities available in this line revolve around debuffs. Personally I like this line, as it makes a lot of our single target CA’s worth actually using. The endline ability Gut Roar is a very valuable tool when it comes to tanking high end encounters.
    • Raging Blow Enhancement – Increases damage and hate increase amount by 4% per rank, with 5 points invested this becomes viable single target taunt.
    • Body Check Enhancement – increase KD duration by .3s per rank. “If it’s on the ground, how can it hit you back?”
    • Mutilate Enhancement – Increases attack speed reduction by 2% per rank, slow is good
    • Demolish Enhancement – Increases stifle duration by .3s per rank, casters that can’t cast… it’s a beautiful thing…
    [Bulking Line]
    The best ability available here is the endline “Clicky” Berserk, getting enough points in this line to get to it is all personal preference. Most abilities in this line have two types of enhancements, duration and trigger%, aside from weapon counter, which reduces reuse speed. They are all subpar and it seems best to simply spread them out in order to unlock “Clicky” Berserk. One could argue to max Juggernaut or max the defensive ability enhancements for longer durations.
    • "Clicky" Berserk - With the addition of Adrenaline, and between Unyielding Will's death effect (Death's Door->Exploding Heart) and Juggernaut, it has given more reason to choose this ability, it is situational but can be useful at times, if you don't mind spending the extra points here. However due to hard caps the Berserk ability itself (Buff or Clicky version) does not provide the benefits to haste/dps as it once used to. As we are able to get +dps/haste much easier then we used to be able. Very Useful for Adrenaline pulls.
    [Perseverance Line]
    The endline ability in this line is next to useless for a group\raid berserker, a solo zerk might, and I stress, might, find some value in it. However, there are a few abilities in this line that may be worth spending a few points in…
    • Screaming Fury enhancement– Increases the DPS mod of Destructive Rage. Depending on your current DPS mods this may or may not be useful. (see Diminishing Returns)
    • Unyielding Will enhancement – A passive ability that allows you to escape Unielding Will’s death effect, Death's Door->Exploding Heart, without being berserk (see "Clicky" Berserk)
    • Vision of Madness enhancement – Reduces reuse timer on VoM by 100s per rank
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    INCOMPLETE[3.3.3 Shadows (TSO) Tree]
    • For the General branch of the TSO tree, the common trend here seems to be to place points into Hearty Constitution for the 2.5% max health increase to start.
    • From there, place points into Enhanced Mind for the 2.5% increase to your power pool
    • You could drop Enahnced Mind in favor of another, run speed being the next viable option, but far from needed.
    • Some of the more common abilities chosen here would be:
      • Enhance Rescue to reduce the reuse timer of Rescue by up to 50%
      • Offensive Prowess will enhance the offensive skill bonuses of Abandoned Fury (off stance) by up to 20%
      • Battle Hardening for up to 248 points of physical damage reduction.
      • Sneering Assault, the endline ability here, is almost a necessity and is a very wise choice to spend the point for.
    • Some other options here:
      • Swinging Strike for up to a 15% increase to base damage and 10% increase crit chance to Rupture.
      • Consumate Defender will enhance the defensive skill bonuses of Unflinching Will(def stance) by up to 20%.
    • A couple of abilities and obviously the endline ability stand out in the Warrior branch:
      • Absorbing Blows with 5 points will grant a 10% chance to resist stun effects.
      • Rallying Cry will add a +CA\Spell damage component of up to 105 points to our Rallying Cry buff line.
      • Cry of the Warrior is a target lock taunt with a duration of 8s, needless to say, spend the point for it.

    • The berserker branch is the meat and potatoes, there are several excellent enhancements here:
      • Gibe reduces the reuse timer of Insolence by 30s and increase hate by 15% if maxed out
      • Hastened Reuse decreases group and raid members reuse timers by 5% if maxed out.
      • Adrenaline Rush adds a taunt component to Adrenaline whenever a melee hit is successful while active.
      • Unstopable Will enhances juggernaut by adding an additional 5% melee crit mod.
      • Wall of Force one of two endline abilities, absorbs 2 physical attacks that hit harder than 30% of your max health.
      • Jeering Onslaught the other endline ability here is a very valuable tool, an AoE damage taunt. Nice!

    [Some suggested specs for the TSO tree]
    • General
      • 0-0-0-5-0-5-0-0
    • Fighter
      • 0-5-0-0-0-5--1
    • Warrior
      • 0-5-0-0-5-0--1
    • Berserker
      • 5-5-5-5-4-0--1-1
    • General
      • 0-0-0-5-0-5-0-0
    • Fighter
      • 0-0-0-0-0-0--0
    • Warrior
      • 0-0-0-0-0-0--0
    • Berserker
      • 5-5-5-5-4-0--1-1
    • General
      • 0-0-0-5-0-5-0-0
    • Fighter
      • 0-0-0-0-0-0--0
    • Warrior
      • 0-0-0-0-0-0--0
    • Berserker
      • 5-5-5-5-4-0--1-1
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    [3.4 Deity Choices] - Category: Gods
    [Good Deities]
    • Mithaniel Marr offers:
      • Pet buff is STR/WIS
      • Valor of Marr (Blessing): Increased parry and damage proc
      • Valorus Service (Miracle): ward (5000), intercept and group heal.
      • Marrs barrier(Miracle): All attacks absorbed 10 times
      • The Cloak of Valor is a good cloak for tanking.
    • Tunare offers:
      • Pet buffs AGI/WIS
      • Earthmother's Aegis (Blessing): Reactive Heal vs. Spells, plus a Mitigation buff
      • Tunare's Lifeshield (Miracle): Mirrors spells and wards vs. physical damage
      • Other various healing abilities to add to your tank set
      • The Ivory Shroud of Tunare is useless for a zerk.
    [Evil Deities]
    • Rallos Zek offers:
      • Pet buffs STR
      • Battlerage (Blessing): +10% Melee Crit, +15 DPS
      • Tactical Formation (Blessing): Hate gain +10%, AE group hate gain -5%, -defense of caster. AE group +defense
      • Rallos' Devastartion (Miracle): Massive AOE divine nuke
      • The War Mantle of Rallos Zek is great for zerks.
    [Neutral Deities]
    • The Tribunal offers:
        • Pet gives WIS
      • Blessings
        • Unquestioned Oath - Increases all stats by 78
        • Virtue of the Six - Improves reuse of all combat arts by 10% & casting time by 12.5%
        • Inquiry - Increases Hate gain by 39%, When you are damage has a 10% chance to cast Inquiry (increase threat to targets in AoE by 295)
        • Law and Order - Increases in combat health regen by 499, increases mitigation by 913
        • Scales of Justice - 20% of all damage received is converted into health
      • Miracles
        • Perjury - (1 min duration) - 30% of all damage received is done to power instead of health
        • Vigilante Justice - (30 sec duration) - Increase DPS by 40, on every successful melee attack inflicts 208 divine dmg
        • Word of the Magistrate - (30 sec duration) - Increase hate gain by 100%, Increase all resists by 3200, when you are damaged with melee, inflicts 208 divine dmg
        • Hammer of Justice - (Up to 1 min duration) - Summons limited hammer pet
        • Final Judgement - Inflicts magic dmg on target equal to 50% of caster's total health, cannot exceed 50% of target's max health, applies immunity to this for 30 sec, must be hated by your target
        • Cloak has chance to Stun target.
    • Solusek-Ro offers:
      • Pet buffs INT
      • Incinerate (Miracle): Single target massive heat damage on target if it is under 50% HP
      • Blessing of Solusek (Blessing): Increases heat mitigation, and if you take heat damage, heals you
      • Spear of the Sun (Miracle): Summons a pet that reduces the casting time, recast time, and power cost of heat-based spells.
      • The Cloak of the Burning Prince is useless for a zerk. (+65 spell dmg)
    • Brell Serilis offers:
      • Pet buffs STA/WIS
      • Stature of Serilis (Blessing): buff against physical, heat and cold (1050) - shrinks caster 50%
      • Protection of Brell (Miracle): A physical mitigation Buff/Group Heal for 30%
      • Forgehammer (Miracle): Single target stun w/ divine damage
      • Rift from Below (Miracle): An AE damage/AE DOT/ Knockback Miracle.
      • The Cloak of the Underfoot may be useful in some situations\styles.
    [Diety Tips]
    • The newest neutral diety, The Tribunal, appears to be the best "tanking" deity for warrior tanks, however the pet buffs WIS.
    • If you're an OT, Rallos Devastation is an awesome, very quick casting AE that is almost guaranteed to get you snap agro.
    • Best cloak all around is Zek.
    • Best defensive tanking deity is Tunare (see lifeshield and aegis)
    • Best agro grabber would be debatable, but Sol-Ro for single target, and Zek for AoE.
    • Mithanial Marr is the most popular choice for good aligned tanks, and the Marr cloak isn't bad for a MT.
    • Tunare has a miracle that blocks 10 hits with a cast time of 0.5 seconds, and also reflects back 50% of the damage.
    • You can stop worshipping a deity and still retain the cloak.
    • It really all depends on what you do with your character, whether you group tank, DPS, raid MT/OT, etc. Different gods are going to offer different abilities to suit your play style.
  9. ARCHIVED-kmc410h Guest

    [Section 4][Equipment Options][4.1 Equipment]
    I have omitted a large chunk of the equipment section due to the ever changing nature of the game. You will find a link below to a very comprehensive list of the best gear currently available for our class.
    [Leveling 1-72]
    What equipment should I use?
    • Leveling from 1-72 – Primarily you will be using Mastercrafted Armor and Weapons.
    • Armor - you will want the “Vanguard” set for the given tier.
    • Weapons – You will want a long delay 1 Hander or two of them if you choose to dual wield.
    • Shield - The Mastercrafted tower shield for your tier will be more then adequate.
    [Progression from level 72]
    • As you progress from level 72 onward you will be filling out your gear with quested\faction items through RoK content.
    • At level 77 a new suit of Master Crafted armor becomes available, Di-Zok Faction Armor, you will also be able to begin wearing the Ravaged Onslaught suit, obtained from RoK content.
    • At level 80 you should be working on void shards missions to start building your T1 TSO suit.
    • The TSO T2 suit will be your next step.
    • From there raiding progression will take over.
    [Best TSO Equipment Available]Link to list
    [List of Ward/Stoneskin Proc Items]
    [Epic Weapon]Berserker Epic Weapon Timeline
    Dragon's Temper (Fabled)
    Dragon's Temper

    [Class Hat]Hoo'Loh's Frenzied Helm
    Quest: Blood of the Brood

    [Class Armor]
    Level – Name – Locale - Type
    20 - Feral Strength - Armor Questline - treasured berserker set
    37 - Warborn Blood Iron - DFC mastercrafted - warrior set
    67 - Doomrage – Legendary and Fabled pieces drops from named in Labs
    67 - Annihilation - KoS - berserker Relic Armor
    69 - Ebon Strongbear's Steelskin - EoF - legendary warrior set
    70 - Vehement - EoF - fabled berserker set
    77 - Di'zok Emblazoned – RoK - Mastercrafted Di-Zok Faction Armor
    77 - Ravaged Onslaught – RoK - legendary plate fighter set
    78 - Wrathbringer - RoK - fabled warrior set
    80 - Furious Execution - RoK - fabled berserker set
    80 - Heroic Might – TSO - T1 legendary warrior shard armor set
    80 - Champion of the Void - TSO - T2 legendary warrior shard armor set
    80 - Champion of the Elements - TSO - T3 fabled warrior shard armor set
    80 - Shadowrage - TSO - fabled berserker set

    [4.2 Adornments][Interactive Adornment Site]
    [Adornment Listings]
    [Adornment Tips]
    Raw health is usually better than +sta. The amount of health that STA increases varies and depends on how much STA you already have (see Diminishing Returns). As you get more, it increases your health pool less. The raw health bonus never diminishes like that.
    [Suggested Adornments]
    • Head: Savvy Imprint \ Blessed Imprint (for item heal procs and blood regen)
    • Cloak: Metaphysical LiningChest \ Prismatic Appliqué
    • Shoulder: Rugged Straps
    • Forearm: Reinforced Splint or Glancing Splint
    • Gloves: Agile Stitching
    • Legs: Gritty Brace
    • Feet: Gritty Spurs \ Agile Spurs (depending on your current sta)
    • Slashing Weapons: Balanced Ayr Stone
    • Crushing and Piercing Weapons: Phantom Handle
    • Shields: Tactical Strut \ Reinforced Strut \ Spiked Strut
    • Bows: Judicious Composite Gear
    • Throwing Pouches: Judicious Easyloader
    • Neck: Judicious Clasp
    • Ear: Intellectual Backing
    • Finger: Rugged Polish
    • Wrist: Balanced Fastening
    • Waist: Combative Buckle
    *T-8 Prefix: Smoldering
    *T-7 Prefix: Scintillating
    *T-6 Prefix: Lambent
    *T-5 Prefix: Luminous
    eg. Lambent Savvy Imprint, Scintillating Agile Stitching, etc…

    [4.3 Notes and Tips on Equipment]
    • With all the +crit gear in RoK and beyond, weapon DR is even less the be-all-end-all determinant of weapon dps. Remember (crit% X 1.09 (max - min) + max + min) / delay = crit% adjusted DR.
    • + Attack Speed always stacks, but you can only benefit from one equipped item with Haste. So a 26 haste cloak and a 28 haste weapon = 28 haste. Then add all your Attack Speed mods to that.
    • +CA Damage is capped at 50% of max CA damage
    • Do not discount MC armors. Since the armor revamp, the Mastercrafted armor is on par with most legendary drops. At level 72 it is recommended to obtain a set unless you are fabled out from t7, or have pieces that are comparable or better. From there you can upgrade to the level 77 Mastercrafted (Di’Zok armor) or start building up your legendary\class\shard gear.
    • Search for Equipment at
    • Haste Items -
    [4.4 Some items to help you along the way]
    • Quest: T3 Charm - quest line in BB (Sarnak Sympathizer). Starts with Sarnak at dock
    • Quest: The Handcrafted Music Box for a +5 to all stats, +25 hp/power charm slot music box. Must do The Master's Museum quest first.
    • Quest: At level 60 start your Claymore quest series. You will get good rewards if you stick with it, both for leveling to 70 and for level 70.
    • Crafted: Get two level 62 mastercrafted imbued acrylia rings - one STR, the other AGI for dps and haste procs.
    • Quest: Grizzfazzle's Errands for the tower shield
    • Quest: Blood of the Brood for your Hoo'Loh class helm
    • Den of the Devourer: Dark/Light Chitin rings
    • Halls of Fate: V'jaza't Spaulders; Breastplate of the Doomflight; Death Trance earring; Dark Majestic Sabatons from Sothis in HoF. They are the highest MIT Legendary plate shoes you can get for any KoS single group instance.
    • Palace of the Awakened: Awakened Scalelord plate from the dragons, and the Ironplate Shielding buckler from Ironfang (Berserkers/Guardians only)
    • The Acadechism: Crushbone Wartooth earring
    • Broker: Velium weapons from the broker are a good dps upgrade for you if cheap enough
    • Nek3: Szatch's Vambraces (forearm armor)
    • Obelisk of Blight: Signet of Light from Darkness (Paladin/Shadowknight ring only), EoF legendary set class boots
    • Kaladim: EoF legendary set class gloves
    • Crypt of Valdoon: Legplates of the Bloodhowler, Cuirass of the Trueblood, EoF legendary set class forearms
    • Mistmoore Catacombs: EoF legendary set class shoulders from the butler.
    • Mistmoore Castle: EoF legendary set class leggings from the sage.
    • Unrest: Modinthalis (one handed sword), Festering Flesh Buckler, Bulwark of the Veteran (tower shield), Jagged Band of the Cursed (ring), Battleworn Canteen (+18 STR charm), EoF legendary set class helm and chest
    • EoF collections have very solid jewelery rewards for level 70.
    • Quest: Mark of the Awakened for the fabled neck reward
    • MoA trial drop: Gauntlets of Glorious Speed (23% haste)
    • Quest: Deathtoll access for the Amulet of the Foresworn (23% haste neck/wrist item)
    • Quest: Marr or Rallos Zek deity quest for a dps cloak
    • Quest: Cloak of Flames HQ for a haste cloak
  10. ARCHIVED-kmc410h Guest

    [Section 5]
    [Q&A][Questions and Answers]
    Q: First question is +DPS items. When it has +5 DPS how much is that really worth? I hear 900 DPS for typical fight a lot of times so who cares about 5 more? I assume it is modifying your weapon creating more damage than that?
    A: DPS mod(like +5 DPS on an item) and DPS are two totally different things. DPS mod affects how hard your auto attacks hit. DPS mod works on a bell curve, meaning that the less of it you have the more effective each point of it is. This bell curve is generally referred to as diminishing returns. Most people try to shoot for around 100-150 DPS mod including temp buffs and procs. After that point you don't see much of a benefit. Its generally a good thing to work for since a buckler spec'd zerker should have about 55-65% of his total damage coming from auto attack. DPS is damage per second when talking about parsing. So if bob did 600 damage in 3 seconds he did 200 DPS. Its used as a baseline for how well you play your class (damage wise) as every class has a ballpark DPS they should be putting out.
    Q: When should one take a speed item? If I get a +5 speed item but lose 1% parry or Mit is that a good trade-off?A: A tanks primary job, to the contrary of what most people think, is not to stay alive... it's to keep the mob beating on you. This doesn't mean you should run around in cloth expecting to be a good tank. You really have to find a balance in survivability and DPS. In short healers heal, good tanks keep agro. If you have to spend all your power o hold it because you focused on survivability and the healer is sitting at almost max, then you know you need to start shifting to more DPS.
    Q: When do you choose + Crit and + DA over +Def and +Parry? If I get +1 to Crit or DA is that worth it to lose a +5 Def modifier?A: See above
    Q: Also I have been choosing +Def or +Crit and +DA over the power/healing procs. Is there a time when you should choose the latter?
    A: The idea is to make the game play fluid. If you find yourself constantly running out of power then maybe you need to look into power proc items. If you find your healer constantly out of power then maybe you need to look into heal procs or defensive stats. When you find a balance in your duo while still killing challenging content you know you have the right idea for gear.
    Tip: Generally with legendary+ gear, mitigation and avoidance start to diminish and you should really focus more on DPS. After all more damage done faster = less damage taken.
  11. ARCHIVED-LygerT Guest

    you don't need the 8 in agility 3 for the DPS spec if you have your mythical, of course.
    may also want to edit out the black text, doesn't work well on a dark background. :)
  12. ARCHIVED-LordSaul Guest

  13. ARCHIVED-kmc410h Guest

  14. ARCHIVED-nannahee Guest

    My warrior AA spec in SoF is based on the fact that it is very easy to cap crit chance at 125%, so you do not really need the endline of str.
    So I have:
    Str 4 4 0 0
    Agi 1
    Sta 4 10 0 0 8 2
    Wis 4 10 8 1 8
    Int 10 10 2 1 8
    Tested now for both groups and raids. Reason why I pick the wis line is because the skills are no longer capped. So I figure that added dmg is generating more hate than taunts. Anyhow it works fine for me. So good that I actually made a permanent change from the traditional TSO setup.
  15. ARCHIVED-yadlajoi Guest

    this is a pretty bad AA set up here. Wisdom line is pretty much horrible due to capping dps mod easely and being way high on diminshing return for mitigation. With just a little bit of reuse you can easely have chaos and wall of rage up at all time if needed. The stance mastery is useless cause heroic/solo are all offensive stance. Raid being offensive stance dual wield dusting the shield for maluus imbued or united twins. Only Rhoen Theer 3 runes req you to be in def stance and at that point with +CPS you are way over the cap in melee skill. The only use of SF wis line i could see is to increase accuracy in offensive stance but with a dirge or any debuffer it shouldnt be an issue in group/raid. Your points would be much better spend in maxing taunt from str line and getting shield mod for when you need to use it. What are you EoF and TSO spec cause you have an awfull amount of point spent on the pretty much useless to berserker (not to guardian) KoS tree. Just an fyi, I totally agree with all the people making fun of that spec on flames. You just get more argument here. Now if you still want to be stubborn and underperfom it s your decision to make. BTW nice necroposting.
  16. ARCHIVED-nannahee Guest

    What is the cap in melee skills then? I thought they removed it? I have adornments giving me something like +84 to melee skills and that is a significant difference to not having those adornments. So I am assuming the cap is either off or substantially higher?
    Why would I need to max taunt? I never lose aggro anyways.
    I have tested both the str line and the shield line. I have found the str line pretty much useless as you are hardly under 50% for an increased ammount of time in order for it to make any kind of difference.
    The shield mod - what is a shield? Something you used in TSO? Joke aside. I can see the use of shield mod, but the endline of stamina is not giving any noticeable difference either.
    What I noticed though is my dps goes much higher with the wis line. I am sure it is not because of the AA's in dps so much as adding + to skills from the endline and removing the penalties does make a noticeable difference in my experience in SoF. In TSO I had a traditional setup with str line.
    Whether you agree with the people on EQ2 flames or not is really irrelevant to me. I don't care. I am happy as long as the people I play with are happy - and they are.
    Besides I don't think that I underperfom. Rather I underperformed with the str line or sta line - compared to now. I even had people telling me to change back to what I used before (i.e. the wis line, without knowing that was what I was using) when I was testing different setups.
    Seems like I am not alone with this oppinion either (look for reply just above mine):
  17. ARCHIVED-Obadiah Guest

    Whatever works for you. The Berserker forums on flames are among the least active and worst as far as game-knowledge goes, so I wouldn't care what they thought either. I wouldn't touch the WIS line either, but I would if my toon were "younger". With buffs and what not in groups I find myself switching gear around depending on what I get. One thing that always seems to be the case though, is that I have way over 200 DPS even before Berserk procs. So I wouldn't want to spend any points in the WIS line if I didn't have to.
    Oh hey ... look! To get the new end line in WIS you don't have to spend a single point in the rest of the tree.
    Personally the only reason I don't have any points in it instead of the STA endline is that the last time I tested it, which admittedly was in January ... on the beta server, with max points in the end line ability my to-hit rate was lower over the course of 50 fights in offensive stance than without it. Maybe that's not true anymore. It certainly SHOULDN'T be.
    I would definitely agree with one thing: there are no circumstances under which I would fine the old (or new) endline of STR useful outside of PVP.
  18. ARCHIVED-nannahee Guest

    I don't always run with a bard. Right now I am in Vigi Rescue with a coercer in group. My dps is 189 even with the added dps from the AA line.
    As for raids I know very well that dps is capped for raids. However, it gives me more choice for group tanking as I don't always have to go with a bard (if noone is on f.ex.).
    There seems to be two different lines of thought in general about raidtanking though. One being that removing penalties and adding to weaponskills will generate more aggro than working with penalties and increased taunts. The other seems to be the contrary that increased taunts are generating more aggro despite the penalties of the stance. That however only goes for offensive stance and regardless the extra taunts from the strength line is not needed on raids - I haven't lost aggro yet - as there is loads of equipment that procs extra threat and dmg at the same time (hell, I am only using 2 out of 3 threat proc items that I currently have). . Adding to your weapon skills and removing penalties in my oppinion is giving just a bit of extra damage output as well as affecting the 'to hit'-modifier and that makes more of a difference than an increase in taunt that you do not need because nothing takes that 100% aggro away from you anyways. .

    I would be more leaning towards adding 10 points in the block chance from stamina line for shield work, but I have that on my mirror spec in case I need it.

    Someone on the EQ2 flames wrote the following: "- Wasting countless points to remove the penalties of the stances, while skipping obvious defensive enhancements in return is dumb"
    Which obvious defensive enhancements are that apart from the blocking chance, which I already addressed? Assuming he is talking about the end strength line which adds 10% mitigation while below 50% health? I have tried that and imho it is not giving you more value for the 24 points of AA you use to max that line to even get to it. See above explanation and pair it with the fact that you shouldn't be spending an amount of time below 50% to make it matter. Besides quick dmg prevention AA skills from the two other AA trees like Gut Roar and Wall of Force as well as battle frenzy, adrenaline, vision of madness and unyielding will should take care of those incidents where you do get close to biting it in a much more adequate way than an extra 10% mitigation for 32 AA points that is only applied while you are under 50% health.
  19. ARCHIVED-nannahee Guest

    This is the spec I currently use for Vigi x2 with 2-handed.

    Alternating to spec00 for shield if needed depending on raid configuration etc.

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