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    A nice, interactive reference for adornments can be found here. It seems to be kept up to date.
  2. ARCHIVED-ThelvynD Guest

    • Pet gives WIS
    • Blessing - Unquestioned Oath - Increases all stats by 78
    • Blessing - Virtue of the Six - Improves reuse of all combat arts by 10% & casting time by 12.5%
    • Blessing - Inquiry - Increases Hate gain by 39%, When you are damage has a 10% chance to cast Inquiry (increase threat to targets in AoE by 295)
    • Blessing - Law and Order - Increases in combat health regen by 499, increases mitigation by 913
    • Blessing - Scales of Justice - 20% of all damage received is converted into health
    • Miracle - Perjury - (1 min duration) - 30% of all damage received is done to power instead of health
    • Miracle - Vigilante Justice - (30 sec duration) - Increase DPS by 40, on every successful melee attack inflicts 208 divine dmg
    • Miracle -Word of the Magistrate - (30 sec duration) - Increase hate gain by 100%, Increase all resists by 3200, when you are damaged with melee, inflicts 208 divine dmg
    • Miracle - Hammer of Justice - (Up to 1 min duration) - Summons limited hammer pet
    • Miracle - Final Judgement - Inflicts magic dmg on target equal to 50% of caster's total health, cannot exceed 50% of target's max health, applies immunity to this for 30 sec, must be hated by your target
    • Cloak has chance to Stun target.
    Tribunal probably gives some of the best blessings and miracles for tank classes IMHO.
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    Thank you for the diety updates, much appreciated
  4. ARCHIVED-Dashel Guest

    Great stuff, thank you again.
  5. ARCHIVED-Roache Guest

    Dharnia@Lucan DLere wrote:
    Agreed! In my opinion, however, the tribunal cloak is not nearly as useful as some of the other cloaks out there--As a good zerker I did the quest line for the mithanial marr cloak (DPS proc) and then switched to tribunal for the miracles and blessings. The tribunal cloak's stun proc might be useful in certain solo situations, but is worthless in raids and the like.
    Keep up the work on the guide--the cap info is much appreciated--especially because I'm not a math guy :p
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    Some really good info in here guys, keep up the good work.
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    sorry for the delay on this, I've been extremely busy with RL junk, but I hope to get some more time to put into this guide soon.

    ..........................................Please stand by while your request is processed..........................................................
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    Trynnus1 wrote:
    Yes the belt (3% addornment) haste does stack, at least with cloak haste. Check your haste mod number. Equip belt, un-equip..the number will add to it.
  9. ARCHIVED-kmc410h Guest

    I've made several more updates to the guide to bring it up to version Beta 3, almost ready for a release party woot! Still lacking some AA and gear information but it's getting there...
    If anyone knows of any decent gear items that they have come across please feel free to share and I will add it into the guide.
    Also I'm looking for some decent info on DW and 2h AA specs... I now there's not much of a choice for these, and I have tried to experiment some myself, but I haven't been able to put forth the time needed to get real results. So if anyone is willing please provide any info on those setups if you are able. Thanks : )
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    For a DW / 2H spec i would suggest:

    DW & 2H 448 44882 44882

    Some weapons for 2H (Ideal is high damage and slow weapons):

    Claymore of Judgement Speed 7 Damage 138-783 DPS: 131.67 255HP 65PW 55STA 25INT

    Sword of Pure Valor: Speed 5 Damage 105-419 DPS: 104.62 26AGI 290HP 290PW 46STA 38WIS 26INT +5 Slash

    Axe of Unending War: Speed 6 Damage: 95-539 DPS: 105.72 38Agi 290HP 290PW 64STA 34Int +3 Slash
  11. ARCHIVED-demyte Guest


    Tower Shields - Legendary

    Penitent Greatshield - \aITEM 612821526 1937758220:penitent Greatshield\/a - Vault of Eternal Sleep - The Keeper of Dreams
  12. ARCHIVED-RufusDeMarko Guest

    Type: STR AGI STA WIS INT Buckler 448 44882 44882
    Buckler 448 4488 44862 41
    Buckler-PVP 448 44862 41 44862
    Tower 448 44882 44882
    DW* 44861 44881 4585 DW or 2H 448 44882 44882

    *requires awesome healer to keep health low enough to take advantage of final STR ability.

    I'm honored to have my spec put in here, but instead of 44881 in STA it's supposed to be 44881 in WIS...just FYI =D
    GREAT job here Cmos!!
  13. ARCHIVED-kmc410h Guest

    RufusDeMarko wrote:
    Thanks :)
    good catch... thats what i get for doing stuff like this at 6:30 in the morning, i was changing the formating and it threw off all of the aa build layouts... fixed now! i think...
  14. ARCHIVED-kmc410h Guest

    Alright, I think it's safe to call this guide done, for now. This will always be an ongoing project for the most part as things will always change. I will update as needed and when possible.
    Thanks again everyone for your input and enjoy the read!
    EDIT: Sticky FTW!!
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    A few notes on caps :
    You use the term soft cap - and its misleading. A soft cap was a point where benefits suddenly start decreasing, a knee in a linear progression. The curve crossover point is not a sudden knee. 6000 is still better than 5000, it just gives you less gains than the 1000 increase from 4000 to 5000 did.
    Yes the crossover point is about 40% of the hard cap - thats 4800, not 4400 for mitigations, but again the crossover point is nearly meaningless. Whats important is that you get big results from small changes when you are close to the bottom, and small results from big changes as you get close to the cap.
    For Skills - the cap is 6.5*level - but thats misleading when you consider the curve. The Base skill is 5 and the variable portion is 1.5 so the crossover point is not 40%*6.5*80=208 ... but (5*80)+(40%*1.5*80)=448.
    Heres a table to illustrate the curve - its based on Mitigations, but the other curves are all similar.
    Damage is the amount of damage you'd take from a hit that has a base damage of 1,000 - its the inverse of 'absorbs'
    D-Dmg is Delta Damage - the damage reduction from adding 1,000 mitigation
    Mitigation Absorbs Damage D-Dmg
    0 0% 1,000
    1,000 21% 790 210 -------------
    2,000 35.5% 645 145 ---------
    3,000 44.8% 552 93 ------
    4,000 51.7% 483 69 ----.
    5,000 56.6% 434 49 ---
    6,000 61% 390 44 --.
    7,000 64.4% 356 34 --
    8,000 67.2% 328 28 -.
    9,000 69.8% 302 26 -.
    10,000 71.8% 282 20 -.
    11,000 73.4% 266 16 -
    12,000 75% 250 16 -
    13,000 76.4% 236 14
    A few notes -
    - The cap is supposed to be 12,000 but the game reports improvements even beyond 12,000
    - The 'Absorbs' is reported by nousing over the mitigation value in the Persona screen. It is reported vs a 'white' opponent. When your opponent is orange - say 85 - the game may use a curve based on *85 instead of *80 and values beyond caps can become significant or lower on the curve.
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    Mulethree wrote:
  17. ARCHIVED-Breegle Guest

    My favourite part of being a berserker is causing a lot of pain to lots of enemies at once, so I love my AoEs. I was gearing up to using the agility line but I'm reading in these forums that it's not worth it. Why is this?

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