Berserker Chains of Eternity Wishlist

Discussion in 'Berserker' started by ARCHIVED-Tekadeo, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Tekadeo Guest

    Some things I'd like to see...
    1. Groupwide Rampage or maybe even Open Wounds (or MAYBE a revamped Juggernaut) as a Prestige
    2. AE auto conversion to something useful
    3. Single Target uselessness (Hate/DPS)
    4. Power generation (Adrenaline's cost is stupid)
    5. a buff to 2Handers or dual wielding in either one of two ways:
    -More damage when no shield is equipped
    -Deflection (or something similar) when not using a shield
    (Right now Warriors are the only fighter who really suffers when using a shield. It doesn't take much creativity to see something here needs to change.)
    6. Berserk really needs to do something, and the clicky needs to do even more.
    7. Some way to deal with hate generation when not grouped with the "ideal" group (ie Coercer/Dirge).
    8. Maybe more of an issue for them, but we need some sort of better synergy with Troubadors and Illusionists. It is outrageous that Crusaders and even brawlers gain so much more from grouping with the "Mage utility" than we do, but they also gain just as much from grouping with the "Melee utility" classes.
    9. Needing a target for Jeering Onslaught and Utter Destruction is not right. In Sleeper's Tomb we can't use these skills on the banshees or the Watchers, and there is ZERO reasoning behind it.
    10. KoS Warrior tree is a joke and is in serious need of a revamp still. There is no way around it, this needs to change now. Maybe we could fix all of our issues just by revamping this tree. Matter of fact I'll draw it up later today.
  2. ARCHIVED-Netty Guest

    Increas triggers on rampage imo... Cranetwirl do ALOT more damage on aoe fights and that one is up all the time ( i know its trigger based but still).
    Again a health increas buff somewhere...
    small damage proc on berserk... This would help alot with utility.
    Wall of force into a vs all damage stone skin.
    Remove cancel by CA on dragoon reflexes... Why are warriors the only tank class that need to suffer when casting their temp avoidance buff...
    Remove down time on Reversal.
    And bam berserks are where we should be imo. We are not as bad as befor... But we are still lacking vs other tank classes. Zerks are Off-tanks. but it makes ALOT more sens to use a Crusader or a brawler... Since they got better utility and arnt as demanding on prefect set up as berserks.
  3. ARCHIVED-Regolas Guest

    Add a HP buff to one of our group buffs, via AA is fine. Add a hate transfer to our only permanent group friend buff (I've forgotten the name) Those are the only two I'd really like, but the other ideas you mentioned are good too. My zerker is getting to a stage where he's almost as well geared as my main (only heroic gear), and yet I'm 10k less HP.... than a ranger! My warden has slightly more HP without any faction armour! Hate transfer like a guardian would be nice so we can hold aggro off high DPSers. If I could go defensive stance with a shield on hard names and still hold aggro, even though my DPS suffers, then I'd be happy.
  4. ARCHIVED-Tekadeo Guest

    Would also really like to see a Prestige morphing the Warriors' shared AE (green) attacks into more useful skills.
    Stunning Roar and Taunting Assault both suffer from too-long cast times, super short ranges, and weak power. And since it seems these Prestige skills are focused on fixing poorly designed skills rather than adding new skills on top of the old, this would be a great place to begin. Not that having another AE attack is of great importance, but it can't be a bad thing either.
  5. ARCHIVED-Shotneedle Guest

    Tekadeo wrote:
    Should shorten your list to this and maybe things will get changed.

    Also Gut Roar or Wall of Force needs to be changed to stoneskin all damage, not just physical.
  6. ARCHIVED-Tekadeo Guest

    Buffrat@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    Certainly not asking for all, just a wish list for some ideas. And I know you are a guru, but how/why would you cut my #7/8? Zerkers suffer greatly without a coercer or dirge at keeping aggro, and troub/illy are not a competent replacement as they add almost nothing that helps us considerably.
    And I still like my idea of having more defense when DW/2H more than just having outright moar damage when doing it. Crusaders can keep their shield and still do max damage and brawlers only have to stay in defensive stance. We should have something tied to our defensive stance that allows us to use our maximum damage (ie hate) weapons too.
  7. ARCHIVED-Silzin Guest

    In my Experience asking Dev's for changes you need to keep the list as title and short as possible. at the same time you need to give as much information about what you want changed. 2nd, Hate is a very fickle thing and with a few of your other changes and more dps over all you agro problems will probably go away.
  8. ARCHIVED-Netty Guest

    Tbh to make it short...
    Abit more dps. Rather a damage proc than increased CA damage imo.
    More utility... The berserk buff just dont cut it...
    Think gut roar as a vs all damage stone skin would be to OP as the recast is so low... Wall of force would be better.
    Adrenaline power drain should be removed.
    I rather not have rampage changed into a groupwide buff. If the triggers are lowered it means less dps for the berserk but more utility. And tbh a well played brawler or a sk will parse alot higher as it stands now. If one buff could be changed it would be Juggernaut imo. It makes more sens and will give a nice boost to the group. Not to op and just inline with what other tanks get imo. They could even increas the mit loss of the buff if it was group wide imo.
    Im supriced that im the only one that hate the way Dragon reflexes work... Its just anoying that it cancel itself imo... Since no CA:s and you lose aggro... Its good to use as aoe blocker tho but we cant use it as other tanks do.
    Reversal is another of those things that are just plain bad... It could have been a nice boost in both dps and hate when wearing a shield if only the down timer on it was removed.
    As for DW spec... well tbh... i dont care about that so much... dps all around need a boost imo and not just when dwing. Other tanks do way more dps Defensiv. So more procs with high trigger chance would fix this imo.
    I hate the fact that our raidwide went from very good to useless so fast after the change to it... 5% reuse is the only nice thing on it now tbh. Would be cool if they added like aoe range on it or something imo... And would be inline what a zerk should provide aswell as a usefull gain to the raid once more.
    Open wound is still abit meh after the damage proc was added. Make it trigger abit faster would make it good again imo.
  9. ARCHIVED-Shotneedle Guest

    Because I disagree with needing more synergy with troub/illy. Get plenty from them, just no hate mods. I think berserkers could use a self accuracy buff more than hate.

    I also disagree with getting something more defensive when dual wielding because berserkers are THE offensive tank. The problem is we just don't really have much that's offensive anymore. When we take off our shields to equip a second weapon, we shouldn't somehow get more defensive. The dps increase would also have to be a buff to combat arts, because SOE has been trying to move away from passive dps for awhile now. And not only would buffing the single target combat arts increase dps, it would kill two birds with one stone and make recklessness more viable for berserkers. If Shadowknights in recklessness become like Warlocks, Berserkers in recklessness should become like Swashbucklers.

    Also, Groupwide Rampage is pretty much perfect. 14 triggers would be pretty much on par with combat mastery, but since the trigger damage would actually show up on the parse, a lot of people would complain it was overpowered. And it would be overpowered, for beastlords/shamans/summoners, because of double dipping procs, but that's a discussion for a different thread. 8 was a number I thought was good enough to not be terrible yet bad enough to not cause everyone to complain because they can't easily see combat mastery is worth 10-15%+ of a melee dps classes parse (50-150k+).

    Another possible idea, 10-15% hp buff while wearing a shield.
  10. ARCHIVED-Netty Guest

    Buffrat@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    Tbh i think CM would bring more dps to the group still. But you are right ppl would call for nerfs since you dont see CM on act.
    a few more ideas.

    Open wound trigger every sec would make it good for dps... It doesent really show on the parse as it works atm.
    Add flurry to Juggernaut.
    Add 5 reuse speed agi/str on berserk.
    Make weapon counter triggers into aoe imo... We are aoe tanks after all and since its only 3 triggers with low damage on it i dont see why not.
    Make the hate proc on Adrenaline crit again...
    fix Enrage so its effected by potency (myth damage proc)'
    Change Focus berserk into something usefull like flurry or what ever... anything is better than 10combat skills imo...
  11. ARCHIVED-Shotneedle Guest

    A good chunk of ability mod and double-triple the haste/dps from berserk would be a good start. Say, 600 mod and 75haste/dps.

    Focus effect could add a small damage proc (say, 100-200 base. would crit for 7-13k with today's end game gear. 13-23k if recklessness (before debuffs)) that will trigger on every hit. That's maybe 20k (40k recklessness) dps max single target, for the dps class in group. Maybe 50k (90k recklessness) dps total groupwide. Top with aoe encounters, no more than 200k dps groupwide in recklessness/100% uptime for everyone/other unrealistic stats. I don't think it'll even reach that high. Could tone it down a little to 90-180 or 80-160.
  12. ARCHIVED-GrandMasterUb Guest

    Specifically for zerkers (& guards on warrior stuff) I'd like to see:
    1. All damage on gut roar/wall of force
    2. Across the board increase in CA base damage 10+%
    3. Juggernaut: ~10s + aa self buff causes all attacks to hit for max damage. Still increases CA damage and same penalties
    4. Revamp warrior tree. I posted a suggestion in the all fighter forum a while back
    Those are the big ones. Optional but desired includes.
    5. Group Rampage
    6. Hate transfer on group berserk (toggleable)
    7. AE overcap conversion
    8. Bash effect while shield is equipped (equivalent damage increase to knights stance)
    9. Old adrenaline (reduced %)
  13. ARCHIVED-Netty Guest

    Elanjar@Nagafen wrote:
    Tbh i dont see us needing old adrenaline back. As i feel we are where we should be taking damage vise. What zerks needs imo is dps boost, utility, and a stone skin. I wanted a hate transfer befor aswell but i feel a dps boost will help us with the hate. So its not really needed.
    This under would be a fix for the class if just these things was done imo. This is the ideas i like the most.
    1.buffrats Berserk buff idea.
    2.Wall of force into all damage stone skin.
    3.remove cancel by CA on dragon reflexes.
    4.Remove down time on Reversal.
    5. increas singel target CA:s.
    6. remove power drain on adrenaline and make the hate proc crit again.
    7. Make damage proc on open wound trigger alot faster.
    8. Add 5 radius on raidwide.
    9. Add 10% max health on Dstance
    10. unstoppable will AA changed to add 10 trigger of 1500-3000 on juggernaut.
    11. for every 50% over the cap in aoe auto you gain 1 more target per hand. So if you DW you get 2.
    These changes would be awsome imo. I would love to add the rampage idea aswell but i dont think it will ever happen sadly.
  14. ARCHIVED-Shotneedle Guest

    Netty wrote:
    I think we should talk about 3, 10, and 11 more, but I like the rest of the ideas.
    It feels to me that the spirit of Dragoon Reflexes is that you focus everything you have on blocking everything and you stop swinging your sword around while shouting at things. Warriors shouldn't be able to have a button that says, "Hey, I'm a monk, I do what I want." I think if we want to have hate generation continue while in Dragoon Reflexes, it would either have to be an ae hate pulse every second or two, a 10-12% group threat transfer (this is cutting it close to sigil for paladins...), or a counterattack damage proc where every avoided attack triggers damage.

    Juggernaut is...outdated. The mitigation loss needs to be increased, this isn't KoS/EoF anymore. Same with there being Crit Chance on the buff. Everyone who's 80+ has 100 crit chance, pretty easily. I would say one of two things, on top of increasing the mit debuff to like 3000. 1, have the Unstoppable Will AA add an effect that increases base before modifications of everything while juggernaut is up by 2% per rank, 10% total. 2, Lower the Unstoppable Will AA to 0.4% Crit Bonus per rank but make it a proc that can trigger on every attack and lasts for 4-5 seconds, stacking with itself. Yes, with multiple triggers for each target of an aoe. At 2% the max I could possibly get would be 80% crit bonus, and for no more than 1 second. It would normally be around 14-16% for the duration of the buff, spiking a bit on adds. Gibe probably wouldn't trigger it since it doesn't trigger a lot of things, wouldn't have to worry about them getting a dumb amount of procs from it.

    I think an ae auto conversion can wait another expansion. I'd rather not ask for one now because it's not even that big of a deal. Next expansion after gear has been inflated another time or two everyone and their mothers will be at cap ae auto and everyone will be complaining instead of just us/swashies, so whatever ae auto conversion gets put in will probably be better than if they put one in now.

    Also, on Adrenaline's hate proc critting, if it's not possible due to the mechanics of Adrenaline, you could always take it off Adrenaline and put it on Controlled Rage, then reduce the proc amount by 25% to make up for the additional up time.
  15. ARCHIVED-Bruener Guest

    I would recommend a 20% mit decrease for Juggernaut that way it will actually scale this time.
  16. ARCHIVED-Netty Guest

    Agreed buffing Juggernaut to something usefull the mit decreas should be increased aswell. The thing about dragon reflexes is that every tank class has one of those now. And the warrior one is the only one that you cant use the duration out on it with out losing aggro. All tho if Reversal changed i guess that would change the way this buff worked? Since it procs on parry aswell. So yeah maybe its not needed.

    Same goes for aoe auto adding targets to it might be an idea for next expansion since maybe then other classes will see more of it. Everyone should be able to get 100% now with reforging AA:s and wild swing procs but only zerkers would gain from buffing it if overcaping. So yeah it could wait. And if the proc rate on open wound would happen faster the buff would have its usefullness back again. So it might not be needed.
    About adrenaline is it a mechanic problem ? then i agree put it on controlled rage.
  17. ARCHIVED-Netty Guest

    Good feed back in this thread.... Now we just need to get xelgad to read it...
  18. ARCHIVED-LygerT Guest

    for hate generation just buff the taunt abilities by about 5 times, to actually make them worth mashing and actually do something. as it stands they add less hate than if you weren't to hit them.
    think you're going to hold hate off a wizard casting a 400k+ fusion with an ability that adds 15k hate? not even close, nor is it worth casting a snap for with all the memwipes and other abilities mobs have now.

    not like they really scale anyways so it would only be beneficial for non raid fitted heroic tanks and still only be marginally useful for those non perfect group setups.
  19. ARCHIVED-Netty Guest

    Increas the dps and the hate should be fine... Zerks are dps tanks with low dps. So the focus should be to increas the dps not the tuants. I hold aggro fine most of the time tbh its just when im not in a perfect set up with dirge coecer and transfer they can rip it from me. and no no and no. taunts will do nothing for this class. you are not picking a class for its awsome taunts...
    A bruiser will do ALOT more dps, buff the group ALOT more. And sruvive better. Have better snap aggro.
    SK will survive better do alot more dps buff the group more.

    We need tools to compete with tbh.
  20. ARCHIVED-Shotneedle Guest

    Lyger@Permafrost wrote:
    I must not have gotten the memo since I press my taunt buttons nearly every time they're up. While I wouldn't mind an increase to taunts, they're very much worth casting right now.

    Also, My bad 150k dps zerker alt keeps aggro off 1 million+ beastlords/wizards np with a dirge/coercer. Honestly that's pretty overpowered. I think it's pretty fair that I'm not able to do that (AS EASILY, BUT IT IS STILL DOABLE) with a troub/illy over a dirge/coercer.

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