Berserker AOE's Need Fixed...

Discussion in 'Berserker' started by ARCHIVED-InsaneChaosMarine, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. ARCHIVED-InsaneChaosMarine Guest

    Stunning Roar takes way too long to cast... it should be instant and the icon needs changed to a Blue AOE Icon, not only that, you can't even cast it without a Target, Threat added to it would also be appropriate.

    Jeering Onslaught, the same problem as Stunning Roar, YOU NEED A target to cast it.. why?

    Berserker Onslaught, this spell takes WAY to long to cast, just like Stunning Roar, the damage is also on the low end for an AOE that does only damage, a DOT added to it would be most appropriate.
    (An additional nice feature would be to also change it to the animation you use with the bear claws)
  2. ARCHIVED-LygerT Guest

    stunning roar is an encounter AE and has it's uses, being so of course it needs a target.... duh.
    being an in encounter AE i actually use it for that purpose and prefer having it over ALL blue out of encounters! so speak for yourself. about the only thing that was accurate is that the cast timer should be fixed to be more comparable to all other classes in this game with a .7 second cast timer. you have an encounter taunt also, so pick whether you want damage or a taunt, not everything you do is going to do damage which is part of the choices you make to be a better player versus having the game point you to the correct buttons to mash, such as highlighting the next one to hit that is optimal once available..
    couldn't read anything further beyond that so pardon my lack of reply to a more complete post.
  3. ARCHIVED-InsaneChaosMarine Guest

    Lygerr@Mistmoore wrote:
    It does AOE damage, but "Stuns" target Encounter.
    Either way it takes soo long to cast... :/

    It would be nice for an animation for Roaring and for it to be more "instant" like a roar is in real life.

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