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Discussion in 'Dirge' started by ARCHIVED-Whysprr_Wyrd, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. ARCHIVED-GeneralPokey Guest

    I am newbie Dirge! Just started playing the game, made a wizard and couldnt stand having my jaw knocked off everytime i pulled more then two mobs. Made a Dirge and been lovin it ever since. Plan on playing tunes of death til level 80!
  2. ARCHIVED-Kyndriana Guest

    Well met -
    My Dirge just celebrated her 50th season - alone, as usual. I rarely get to play, normally it's just on weekends. My EQ1 toon was a druid, but I was one of the very few druids who had not concept of kiting. If it wasn't root and nuke - able, I didn't start in on it.
    Coming to EQ2, I have rolled numerous toons. I heard that necro's were the best at soloing, so I made one; the class wasn't "me" though, so I rolled an SK. Of course, I also have a druid, because that was the class I knew and the first one I rolled on 2. Having alt-itis, I couldn't even begin to tell you how many classes/toons I've started, only to delete.
    I started my SK in Tim Deep and absolutely LOVED not having to be on the starter island. The newbie quests in Sarnak land are, by far, the very best. So, when I realized my SK wasnt really getting me all excited, I tried again. Chanteuse was born ...
    She had to be a Sarnak because I've never betrayed and really don't know how it's done - not really interested. If I wanted to be on Tim Deep (and I did), then she needed to start there. I think Dirge just got chosen because it sounded more fun than the other choices; not that it actually looked FUN, just more fun than the others.
    WoW, EQ1 and now 2 are then only MMO's I've ever played. And WoW only for a few months, with an ex. Chanty is the absolute most awesome, fun toon I've ever rolled. I'm constantly amazed at how well she can dish out damage. And that's without a group! Put me in a good group, and we're unstoppable.
    She's my FIRST toon to hit 50 based solely upon my own efforts. I haven't been PL'd or had anyone else play her - she's just so dang easy to fly through the levels and has fun doing it.
    Wyspyr, I came here pretty much as soon as I rolled her, to see what was being said by others. You ROCK! Funny and informative and Dirges everywhere thank you.
  3. ARCHIVED-gruffer Guest

    Hola fellow Dirges. Gruffer here on Befallen. Hmm why a dirge, well still trying to figure that out as i'm only lvl 10, but I think i'm really going to enjoy it.
    Little background:
    I started playing EQ1 shortly after joining the military back in 2000/2001, was immediately hooked with my Iksar shammy. After that I moved from Japan to England and got talked into WOW. WOW consumed my life for a time, but then I moved back to Japan and was introduced to EQ2. I started a wizzy, got to 70 and loved it, but eventually burned myself out as well as some other real life stuff prevented me from playing. Eventually I went back to WOW and Shelved EQ2 for almost 2 years. Well now i recently moved back to the states and continued on WOW. After talking to my boss at work, he convinced me give EQ2 another try and suggested the dirge.
    Being mostly a DPS guy, i thought it was time for something different, not just a 2 button mashing machine, and i hope i have found it. After reading these posts and seeing how everyone really enjoys their Dirges, i'm confident in my choice.
    Gruffer is just that, an old depressed, yet angry picker who glides down whatever path he fancies from day to day. Angry at the world and everyone in it, but at the same time anger causing a depression deep inside. He plays songs that both infuriates the unambitious and makes meek the overzealous. No plan from day to day, believing everything and everyone has it out for him.
    His one joy is basking in the knowledge that he will have the power to grant life after it has been taken. and knowing he can take life quietly if/when needed.
  4. ARCHIVED-haawkings Guest

    Hail dirges!
    Name of my dirge is walkitalkien and he's a mean shining fighting machine! (mostly due to the fact that I'm boxing him with my 70 templar but nonetheless hehe)
    I play this toon on Splitpaw and I'm realy trying to hurry my way to 80 before christmas so I can get into raiding.
    Looking forward to be posting here, toodles!
  5. ARCHIVED-Mash22 Guest

    Why did I become a Dirge? Very good question. The first reason would be the most obvious, my wife made me do it. She said I had to play something other than a Tank. Hence, Benett was borned. I enjoy long walks on the beaches of Coommon Lands, and following my my massive meat shield, Esto, while he destroys everything in our path to help me build AA's. Two boxing is fun!!!!!!!! I would much rather play for a few "Pro" Drinkers in a small bar, because at least you can read the crowd. But what this new Dirge really wants to know...............WTF am I doing as a scrawny little guitar carrying, song spewing, buff bot, when I have a Berserker mentallity!!!!!!!!!..........Sorry, seemed to have gotten a little of track. I have noticed that while my Tank is melting his targets, if I am to close, those targets are melting me with AOE's. Hence the reason I have T2 armor and my Epic. Now I don't get onshotted as often. I think what this boared needs is a post for people like me.........
    Reformed Tank Support Group BA (Berserkers Annonomus)
    Come on down and bring your guitar for a night of sharing and AOEing.......I mean togetherness.

    Or, since I am still new to this whole, Don't get so damn close, the healers don't want to rez you anymore.........Dirge lifesytle, Could I just get som solid advice about my AA's for raiding and quality gear that will hold up in a fight? I would really like that.


    Benett Dasinger
    Crushbone Cohort Chalybeius CRA
  6. ARCHIVED-Vicotnik82 Guest

    I rolled a Fae Dirge yesterday it was the first time ever i tried one out and im totally hocked up. Winged singing death me like :)
  7. ARCHIVED-Greggthegrmreapr Guest

    My dirge is Bluemeanie.
    I Played a shaman on PvP server for almost 4 years now, and I just can't take it anymore. It just wasn't fun. I was grouping with some friends as a low dirge, and I liked it a lot, so I decided to level him. Now that my guilds main dirge has retired, I feel it would be a good time to do so. I have been boxing him with my Bruiser who pretty much destroys everything he touches so it is like free xp.
    I like being able to do some dps, have some utility, and feel like I'm needed in every group. ( on PvP servers now defilers are picked last for pvp groups , and only people who know me knew how good of a tank my bruiser was)
    Hopefully I can live up to the expectations that my guild has for me.

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