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Discussion in 'Dirge' started by ARCHIVED-Whysprr_Wyrd, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. ARCHIVED-Setzer Guest

    Hello Dirge board!
    im new to eq2 and everything to do with everquest. friend of mine bugged me enough to stop playing (FFXI Bard), so here i am. just wanted to say hello to everyone!
  2. ARCHIVED-Whysprr_Wyrd Guest

    It's been four months since anyone introduced themselves, and I know for a fact that there are some new faces on the boards. Tell us about yourselves.
  3. ARCHIVED-Keelala Guest

    Hiya I am new to the boards but not to being a Dirge. I am a lv 80 Kerra Dirge who loves to rock out on the banjo and deal massive DPS. Usually makes everyone go wow when a Dirge out parses a Brusier :p
  4. ARCHIVED-Kelticdragon Guest

    hello am new to this board but old to being a dirge. Am a ratonga dirge of level 80 on Guk server and a proud member of the guild Sinister. I am also nicknamed among my guild Uber Rat or that smelly rat hehe.
  5. ARCHIVED-BrokenAria Guest

    Whysp made a call for "new" dirges to make themselves known, but I've actually been around for a while. I just never decided to formerly introduce myself. Since I'm waiting for a colleague to return from a sabatacle in Kelethin, I figured why not introduce myself.
    My name is Arhea Orandearg and I am an alcohol- I mean, dirge.
    The question was posed. Why am I a dirge? Simply put- music makes sense to me. It's the only thing that has ever made sense to me. Now, don't read that as, "Wow. This lady is a dumb ***." That's not the case at all.
    I like to consider myself intelligent. I can read, write... walk, talk. Every so often I can walk and talk at the same time!
    In all seriousness though, I mean that music helps me define and understand life. When I was born the gods were just a mere fairy tale and I was not about to base my faith off myths. Natural rhythms and sounds called out, they transpired into bass lines, melodies and harmonies in my brain.
    A simple song would calm my nerves or even fire me up. Writing a song would even help me express my feelings of... being different.
    I live in Qeynos. It's where I grew up, but I never felt like I belonged here, but I stay because it's what I know. Although, often those awkward feelings drive me out of the city for weeks on end. I leave to go write, play music, be alone... of course while I am out I take on small tasks for coin. I have to or when I would return I would be out of my home. As small and empty as it is... it's a place to sleep that isn't a cave or a tent. Oh, a warm bed.
    When I am in Qeynos, I play at the Lion's Den in South Qeynos for coin on the weekends. Yes, not only do I write, play and relate to music, but I feel talented and confident enough to share these talents with others. Eh, besides the more they drink the better I'll sound.
    However, even when my audiences are sober I seem to draw out bits and pieces of their souls. Maybe not their actual souls, but there is something there that says, " I can relate to this."
    My audiences are typically the regulars. Usually, it's just me and a lute. Every so often I'll hire some extra musicians for larger shows. The crowds seem to love those, but can't give them too much of a good thing. Eh, or bad thing depending if you like angry, sorrow filled music.
    And that is just the type of music I write because of my distant feelings towards my city, the people I deal with daily, even my family. Lamenting about confusions. Releasing frustration, anger... hate, pain. In the angriest of songs, the beats can be so gripping that if I chant, hum, play them for others they begin to feel angry... often that can lead to motivation or extreme adrenaline. I won't even tell you what can happen to people when they hear my songs that cry out for help, that cry out in agony... those disonant chords or crying F sharps can be a bit much for anyone to bear.
    I suppose I've made myself out to be this extremely depressed woman. Quite frankly, I probably would be if it were not for my musical outlet... and a good bottle of fayberry wine. With a glass or two in me, I can let go of the thoughts that torment me and act- normal? However, you define that.
    Enough about music and my drama though. A bit about my interpersonal behavior. I tend to be very quiet, until I get to know someone then I turn into a talker. Although, beware I have a biting sense of sarcasm for humor even a bit morbid and macabre so, unless you can handle the tongue. Don't say or do anything stupid around me.
    It's as simple as that.
    That all said, if you say something to piss me off I'll respond with very similar bitingly sarcastic rapport. Granted, it makes it hard for people to know when I am being jovial or pissy. So, either love me or hate me. I could care less which you do, but if you hate me... don't expect me to hate you back. That's what you want me to do.
    By the way Whysp, I guess I'm cute. A few strapping lads have told me that, but I think you aren't looking for a fellow female. If I come across a paladin who can deal with a tormented musician, I'll pass him on. I don't really want to keep the men-folk around anyway, but that said- don't expect me to not mess with him a little first. Especially, if he's a pretty one.
  6. ARCHIVED-Vinton Guest

    Hail, fellow raconteurs. I also am not new to the profession, but don't make a habit of posting often. I have recently returned from a secret and unfortunate getaway with the Vanguard mistress. I love the Bard class, and thoroughly enjoy experiencing EQ2 through him. I recently transferred my two characters from Guk and moved over to AB. Partly for a total change, partly for the population, and partly because although I don't personally participate in RP events, I do like being around them.
    Being on a new server is like starting over (and I did try starting a new Dirge, but found myself longing for the original Lonestryder). I am glad to be back in the game, and glad to back in the company of my fellow Bards.
    Warm nights to you all.

  7. ARCHIVED-soonerkdspen Guest

    Just found this post and figured I'd put my intro up here as well. Yeah, I've been around a while, just don't frequent the boards much.
    I'm Lyranny Hawk (level 80) and I was just meant to be a dirge. I bore rather easily and never found enough challenge in tanking or being a "true" dps. I don't trust myself to heal anyone, I just know if I tried to do it there would be massive deaths attributed to me. Dirge just fit. I enjoy the challenge of debuffing, throwing out gravitas, sacrificing my health if needed in a pinch, rezzing the fallen, and dps'ing enough to make people double-check that I am really a Dirge at the same time. When I started out being a Dirge, I would often tank. Obviously, my AA back then was set a bit different, but it worked quite well up until around level 65 when mobs started hitting harder and I began looking toward raiding.
    Happy to meet you all.

  8. ARCHIVED-Elenae Guest

    Lyranny@Kithicor wrote:
    I am new to gravitas - so when do you cast it? After you resurect?
    Ummm ... I guess I should too introduce myself - Babietink - 80 dirge on Nektulos. She is my raider.
  9. ARCHIVED-bassmasta54 Guest

    Hello Dirges! I'm semi-new to the Dirge (level 46), and semi-new to the foums, I just haven't introduced myself. I'm a Kerra female (guy in RL) in Antonia Bayle and a proud Killer White Rabbit of Lord Viscerate's Evil Petting Zoo. Just like some of the people in this forum, my Dirge started out as an alt (it wasn't really my plan to play a female character, but what toon sticks is what I play) that quickly took over. I was suffering from some pretty severe alt-itis, so when Moonbaby made it far past my other toons in level, I was hooked on the Dirge. I find the class really relaxing; everyone wants me in groups, and all I have to do is keep my buffs and debuffs up and I'm golden. Most don't expect me to churn out dps, but I do my best!

    Hello all,

  10. ARCHIVED-soonerkdspen Guest

    I have a macro set up that will rotate who I put it on without having to target them. Like:
    /useabilityonplayer Firsthealer Gravitas
    /useabilityonplayer Nexthealer Gravitas
    /useabilityonplayer Anotherhealer Gravitas

    I just edit it before we start and plug-in the names of the healers (usually the MT group ones) and when we are on a tough fight I hit the button. It'll cast it on the first healer in the list who is able to receive it. It comes in handy on raids, but then I also use it in instances especially if we have a solo healer or a lesser geared tank.
  11. ARCHIVED-Crazyivan Guest

    I'm not new to the boards, but I am new to becoming a Dirge having betrayed from Trouby. I just wasn't quite satisified with the dps he was capable of, so I am giving Dirge a try. Any tips are welcome from you vets. This Dirge is my alt-alt so I play on occasion. He is currently level 30 with alchemy as primary profession and now a Neriak citizen. Thanks in advance for any help.
  12. ARCHIVED-Galadeus Guest

    'Frroooaakkk! Mine music bringeth pain upon mine enemies. '

    I just love the idea of singing your death. My song is of morning and grief-- for you!
  13. ARCHIVED-Chant Guest

    Just wanted to say hi! I'm not new to eq2, but semi new to the dirge class. I bought a 70 dirge back before they raised the levels, and did some half-***** raiding with it while learning the class. Unfortunately I had to sell him before i began to fully appreciate the dirge.
    I decided to peruse the dirge forums one day and read Whysprr's FAQ. I want to say thank you for rekindling my interest in this class!! Your FAQ was informative and hilarious to read. My main is an 80 bruiser, but at the rate my dirge is climbing that won't last for much longer lol. I love my bruiser, but I'm finding new joy in the game with my dirge!
    I'm Chant on the Bazaar server. Level 36. Someday I'll have fancy signatures, but for now, this is me :)
  14. ARCHIVED-Artalis the Elder Guest

    When the battle’s long done
    and the bitter war’s won
    they’ll not remember
    why they raised blade to sky

    But I do

    I am the one who beats the drum
    who screams in pain at wrongs done
    who weeps in rage at songs unsung

    ‘Til I sing them

    The tale needs telling
    The songs need singing
    The deeds need doing

    I rage and sing and make heroes of men
    I stand at the front and scream of their end
    I wave the banner, swing sword and bend bow
    Till the battle’s done and evil’s laid low

    Mercurial of mood and grim of spirit
    Faithless and faithful
    Hatred and love in a renegade's frame
    Dreamer and realist
    and player of games.
  15. ARCHIVED-firza Guest

    Lyranny@Kithicor wrote:
    easier to just make a macro and put 10x spell cast Gravitas in it.

    in the target are write the name of ten of your guilds healers...change position with up/down arrows as needed for each voila:)
  16. ARCHIVED-Erithorn Guest

    Kaede@Guk wrote:
    Very nice :) May I use this?

    Baags Ya`Ya
  17. ARCHIVED-Artalis the Elder Guest

    I'd be honored. /blush
  18. ARCHIVED-Nebbeny Guest

    Hi there, Nebbeny here, i'm a warden (not alcoholic) but i got frustrated with a lack of raiding on him, and a guildie had frustration with only being able to raid on his dirge, not his tank, that i rolled a dirge named after him. Thus was Tharonub born! So now i'm a dirge (of 70 levels and going) and enjoying the class and most especially the posts by our poor resident nut ;) maybe your lacking in the charisma attribute (though they dont have it in this game, it was important for bards iirc)
    See you all out there and rock on!

    p.s. thats a really good war hymn there
  19. ARCHIVED-Paedur Guest

    Bugthumper, Rat Dirge reporting in!! /salute
    Only level 11 though But I'm here and shamelessly in love with Whysperr However, she is safe from my lovesick meanderings, as I am on Najena....but one day, perhaps....
  20. ARCHIVED-Shadowinajar Guest

    Bugthumper@Najena wrote:
    /j/k :p

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