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    Not in any detail, no, my dear. Could you possibly elaborate?
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    "Night on Bald Mountain", "Sheherizade"(sp?), the rumble of the lower winds and strings bringing the tension, the scream of the woodwinds and violins breaking that tension, the fear of your ears bursting, the sorrow of the Hero falling and never being redeemded, a 1001 Tales, of moral corruption, take of death, the only way out is Revolution.

    If you understand this then you know why I sing my songs to bring Antonias minons to thier knees.
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    Hmmm.... I personally enjoyed reading every word in this 'crap' thread except for your well researched five worded contribution. The real question is: Why did you take the time to make such a 'crap' post when you could have been banging your head on a brick?

    I am sorry, but I get infuriated at posts like that. So since I have posted on this thread, I will give you my reasons for being a dirge.
    First of all, I have a 70 Pally on Kithicor which I enjoyed playing most times and also have other alts there as well. I then wanted to try PvP. I did and will never go back. I had the idea of a Brigand in mind. I created one and now he is 33. Money is hard to come by with your first toon on PvP, so I decided to make an alt crafter. Which I did.
    Now I am a 35 year old male in real life and all my toons in every game including EQ1 have been males, but since Venekor is a Roleplaying Server, I decided to make a half evle female dirge. In my roleplaying, the females craft. But dear, I love her!
    She is only level 18 but also a 46 jeweler now. I love dressing her up in gowns and such and running around with her speed song. It seems like every spell I recieved was useful to some degree, especially the mana regen one (for crafting). And casting on the run: Lovely.
    Now the nice part about it is: I don't care about dying. I don't care about titles. I don't care about grouping (Albiet, I know thats our strong points, but he heh .. I am roleplaying) I can run around in my sexy dress and harvest all day long. I will level her up only to get Selos speed song.
    I do crafting writs to get my guild and personal status, so I am Ok there. Whats funny is my main on EQ1 was a 65 bard, I guess I thought I try somebody different.
    Oh and when I saw the instument animations when buffing, my love was complete.

    And for all the people the posted on this thread, except for 'crapman', I enjoyed reading everything. Sorry for any misspellings, I don't have time to edit this. Great thread!!!
    Take care all :)

    Jadden Skytone - 70 Pally (Eternal Darkness) Kithicor Server
    Pacey - 54 Bruiser Kithicor Server
    Jadden - 28 Swash Kithicor Server
    Coldfront - 33 Brigand Venekor Server
    September - 18 Dirge / 46 Jeweler Venekor Server
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    The enormous, sad-faced ogre takes a seat by the bar, a well-scuffed lute-case slung over one massive shoulder. The friendly patrons of the Saga tavern raise their glasses politely in his direction, welcoming the stranger. Conversation resumes at a low murmur. Boudeccai, also at the bar, introduces herself and asks what brings the stranger to their small tavern. Putting down his ale, the huge ogre replies in a surprisingly cultured voice with a strong elvish accent.
    "Baelfang am I, dirge by trade. Thou hast a reputation for hospitality which I see is merited."

    "As for what brings me here, well, tis merely the normal wanderings of a footloose bard, I suppose, ever seeking new songs, playing our way from tavern to tavern. Truth be told, 'twas a slightly embarrassing incident in the Blood Haze inn that hath made me unwelcome in Freeport ..."
    "A bard, are you?" asks the tall barbarian lady. "Have you a song for us? And how did you come to leave Freeport, then?"

    The ogre takes a well-worn lute from a case and balances it on his knee, testing the tuning.

    "Thou art sure a tune is welcome? I'll sing thee a song of my people, but I warn thee, tis not a merry one... " He strums the strings gently, a sad look on his face.

    "From earth we came that springtime day when Rallos birthed the ogre way
    Our summer came and it was good, and grew we strong, the ogre brood
    Came autumn, when the red leaves fall, The Rathe afear'd we grew too tall
    Then came his curse to strike us down, our minds as bare as winter ground"

    "From earth and water born are we
    By god both cursed and blessed are we
    Used by both man and deity,
    Ne'er to own our destiny..."

    The ogre lets the music trail off with a few more chords of the lute, looking depressed.

    "Thou asketh how I came to leave Freeport?" He sighs again.

    "Verily, t'was my own fault for listening to a gnome. As thou surely knowest, 'tis a common practice of bards to play for our food in taverns. Notwithstanding, thou must understand, there art tunes more welcomed than others. Tunes that leave the patronage sobbing in their ales, mayhap be less welcomed, and thus, as I discovered, the handouts from the inkeepers in rather smaller portions. As thou canst see *indicates his stature* I do require rather more than a small portion to keep body and soul together.

    "Well, it so happened I was sitting in the kitchens of a tavern one day with a gnomish troubadour. On my plate were a small, stale sandwich. On his, half a roast turkey. Thou canst imagine I enquired as to the cause of his success that night ... and he claimed the cheery songs that set a tavern to laughing, earn more food."

    Another heavy sign, and he sips the ale in front of him thoughtfully.
    "That wert when he offered to teach unto me a new tune, one he described as humorous. One of his own creation.

    "Being near famished unto death, I learned it. And, the next night at the Blood Haze in, I sang it ... and indeed, the patrons wert verily rolling in the aisles in merriment. After the singing, however, when I retired to the kitchen to seek my reward, it were not a roast turkey awaiting me, but two dragoons from the Overlord's private forces .... who explained to me at length and with some forcible punctuation that songs regarding the Overlord's bloomers, the state of such, and the possible requirements for tinkered contraptions therein, wert not welcome in that nor any other establishment.

    "I thus availed myself of the first opportunity to remove myself from their hospitality, and have recently travelled to Qeynos, swearing service to the Queen, and never again to sing a cheery song, particularly gnome-related. Never again!"

    "I am now a citizen of Qeynos, and make my home in Nettleville, where the doorways are high and the residents seem friendly. In truth I know not what destiny holds for my race now ... our history being both cursed by the Rathe and pawn of Zek ... I seek only to control my own destiny for the first time."
    Baelfang Sorrowsong was the first dirge I created, and betrayed from Freeport to Qeynos to try the new betrayal quests. I enjoyed him quite a bit, both class and personality, but I moved servers around the time he was 20 and it wasn't worth the RL expense to transfer a level 20 character, so alas, Baelfang is no more. Rather than recreate him I have started a new ratonga dirge, Skarra Brie (always been fond of ratongas) and she is now 35. She is a much less serious dirge than Baelfang and hasn't written a story yet, but probably will soon. Being an evil Freeportian, she's more inclined to sing a sad song to manipulate people's sympathies and get her way, rather than expressing sincere emotion.
    And I have to blame Whysprr's wonderful dirge FAQ in this forum 100% for my decision to try dirgehood in the first place. :smileytongue: Great work.
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    My name is Snakefoot, and I hail from the lands of the Halflings, that be Rivervale and the Misty Thicket for those of you that are less in-tune with your geography. And this is my story. . .

    But alas, the cursed lands that hold no heart
    hast thrown me out, stricken and stark.
    I brought forth many a story
    of untold legends and ancient glory,
    but not once was I inspired as deep within,
    as the harrows and warnings given therein,
    of my long lost Rivervale.
    Drawn near to crisis,
    through sorrow unseen,
    Not a single person,
    hath been keen,
    to see where I was headed.
    With a tumble and fall,
    I lost it all,
    But gained much more from songs of the dreaded.

    Yeah, and so I began to sing the songs of those who failed, those who struggled, and those who died valiantly, for it is Death's elegies and requiems that truely push onward the musicians heart and soul. Of course, nobody believes such truths, which are undoubtedly self-evident to the discerning eye, which is why I set forth to enlighten everyone. From atop Vhalen's Tower I sing, from amidst the gnolls of Thundering Gorge I weep, and let the world know what happened to this poor halfling.

    Of course, I used to be a Troubadour, until I was walking through Antonica and one of those stupid wood-cutters swung at me. . . I killed him right away, but his offense lay deep in my heart, unbridled by attempts to cheer my sorrow-laden disposition. . .

    Of course, all the pimps were the sorrow-laden elves that sang, why can't a halfling be like that too? :smileyhappy:


    Snakefoot, me first and only dirge, though only level 25 (I'm not crazy into power-leveling), has a deep history, as you can probably tell. I would go on, but I dont want to drown out the rest of the thread, lol. Been loving him ever since, and like some other person said, it was Whyspyr's original post and the replies therein that inspired me to make my first Dirge :smileyvery-happy:
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    I know what you're thinking. 'A bloody faerie? You've got to be kidding me.' right? Perhaps it can sing, maybe even pull out a cute little flute and lead the drunken halflings down at the pub in a round of The Hedgehog Song, or some other nonsense. But what is it doing here, exactly? I asked for a Dirge, not a cutsie little insect. We're going into battle, not on a flower picking expedition or a game of hide of seek in the land of milk and cookies.

    Because what can a faerie know of battle, right? What could a faerie know of the carnage of war? Or the despair of the dying? Or the regret of the dead? Of lying on the blood-stained and freezing mud, longing for hearth and home? And what is this sadness in her blue, pupilless eyes? Did I step on an insect - some distant relative of hers? What could a faerie know of sadness or sorrow or despair? What does a faerie have to lament?

    Well, perhaps nothing. But there is this song I know.


    I've been lurking on this forum for a while now. Seemed rather fitting for my first post to be one of introduction. Yeah, I play a Fae. I know, what self respecting male would play a fairy? But it's far worse than that, I'm afraid. I play a female faerie. Who knows what madness spurred me to do that. It was probably some combination of my being creeped out by the male Fae, for reasons unknown, and my being a sucker for stupidly cute things. I played a Tarutaru in FFXI for a couple years, if that's any indication. Although, Glide being ridiculously addictive probably destroyed my self control on its own, without the other factors. It started out as a joke, really. Just to see Greater Faydark and try out the new race for a few hours. But I soon found myself unable to stop, so here I am now a 70 Fae Dirge. Well, 69, but probably 70 by the time most of you read this.

    As for me, I've been playing MMOGs for quite a few years now. Played a bard in EQ1, granted only for 6 months or so. SWG for much longer than I care to admit. Did the HNM/sky/dynamis thing in FFXI as a red mage for a bit over 2 years. Raided all the content in WoW, prior to their expansion, as a Druid. So, playing EQ2 it was only fitting I tried a hybrid at some point. I started as a Defiler while I was still raiding in WoW, but shortly after starting my way through T7 content my old computer decided to finaly give out, so I was away for a few months. The Dirge came after, and I've been hooked ever since.

    I'm looking forward to sharing my songs and sorrows with you all, so long as it doesn't involve tugging on my wings.

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    An essay on Morganth the Dirge

    While many learned professors have abandoned hope of ever discovering
    the truth behind Morganth the Dirge, I for one feel that it is still a
    worthy cause for examination. I really, really like Morganth the
    Dirge. While it has been acknowledged that it has an important part to
    play in the development of man, there are just not enough blues songs
    written about Morganth the Dirge. It is estimated that that Morganth
    the Dirge is thought about eight times every day by the over 50, many
    of whom fail to comprehend the full scope of Morganth the Dirge.
    Relax, sit back and gasp as I display the rich tapestries of Morganth
    the Dirge.

    Social Factors

    Society is a human product. When J H Darcy said 'fevour will spread'
    [1] she created a monster which society has been attempting to tame
    ever since. Spanning divides such as class, race and uglyness,
    Morganth the Dirge provides standards by which we may judge our

    Our post-literate society, more than ever before, relies upon Morganth
    the Dirge. Society says that every man must find their own truth.
    While one sees Morganth the Dirge, another may see monkeys playing

    Economic Factors

    The dictionary defines economics as 'the social science concerned with
    the production, distribution, exchange, and consumption of goods and
    services'. We will primarily be focusing on the Simple-Many-Pies model
    using the median instead of the mean, where possible.

    The statistics make it clear that Morganth the Dirge is a major market
    factor. Of course the national debt sings a very different tune. The
    financial press seems unable to make up its mind on these issues which
    unsettles investors.

    Political Factors

    The media have made politics quite a spectacle. Comparing the general
    view of politics held by the poor of the west with those of the east
    can be like comparing Morganth the Dirge now, and its equivalent in
    the 1800s.

    In the words of nobel prize winner Aaron Woodpecker 'consciousness
    complicates a myriad of progressions.' [2] He was first introduced to
    Morganth the Dirge by his mother. To paraphrase, the quote is saying
    'Morganth the Dirge wins votes.' Simple as that.

    I hope, for our sake that Morganth the Dirge will endure.

    In conclusion, Morganth the Dirge may not be the best thing since
    sliced bread, but it's still important. It establishes order, brought
    up a generation and statistically it's great.

    What a great essay. Finally a word from super-star Christina Lennon:
    'Oooh yeah Morganth the Dirge shoo badaby dooo.' [3]


    [1] J H Darcy - The Spaniard - 1988 - PPT

    [2] Woodpecker - Serving The Greats - 1990 Palmerston House Publishing

    [3] It Magazine - Issue 302 - Spam Media Group

    I wish I was more creative. :smileytongue:
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    [p]You know, I've seen a number of new names in the forum recently, but no new introductions. Make yourselves known, Dirges!![/p][p]Whysp[/p]
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    Long ago, a wolf sat silently in a clearing in the forest. He stared intently at a spot on the ground. Mana began to flow from the wolf, and a sapling sprung forth and took shape. A great tree took root in Antonica, and watched over the animals of the grove. You see... this wolf was a druid. Not just any druid, but a powerful druid, versed in the magic and lore of an age of Norrath. He communed with the very core of the planet, and by his will, the Shattered Lands were restored to order. For you see, the key to Nature is balance. For every good there is a bad, for every wrong a right, for every bit of damage a bit of healing. This druid became the extension of Nature's will, and after the shattering of the continent of Antonica and the destruction of Luclin, years after the Cataclysm, he set to work to rebuild. By his work, the Shattered Lands were calmed, passage was once again found to the dervish sands and the grand city of Maj'Dul, the Ulterran spires were restored and the threat of the dragons rebuked, and the ties to Faydwer once again established. He serves a purpose higher than even the gods, for even without them, Nature perseveres. Their selfish hand having abandoned the Shattered Lands, Nature took over with the druid as her steward. This druid, however, is mortal. high elf by birth, he is accepting, unlike many of his kind, and wise. He fell in love with a dark elf, and that is where our story truly begins. She was an assassin by trade. Her life's work was to simply seek the next target and eliminate it. For some reason, he saw more in her than a simple killer, and he worked endlessly to draw out the person beneath. Since his work on Norrath often took a lot of time and traveling, the druid hired a Freeportian rogue to do his work for him. They met when the druid saved him from a pack of vicious orcs in Zek, setting them ablaze with a simple twirl of his blade. Sensing the druid's power, the rogue cleverly accepted the tasks given, seeing the potential for great profit. As the druid spoke and the rogue learned of his ways, the rogue slowly saw the lines between good and evil disappear, and he agreed to work for the druid without fee. He befriended the druid and kept him as his sole confidant. The rogue would deliver messages and gifts to the assassin. One day, he was given the task of obtaining one pristine giant's whisker for the assassin to study that she may complete her study of the giant race. The rogue slew countless giants for one pristine whisker and delivered it promptly. With this, lines between good and evil blurred for the assassin, as they had for the rogue, and she eventually gave in to to the druid. Having, for a time, completed his work, the rogue returned to Freeport and traveled to the city proper West where he had a seat at the tavern and ordered a drink. A small furry creature burst in just as he was about to take a sip of his ale, and began chatting rapidly with the bartender. He began dancing and singing silly songs. The rogue peered curiously at the half-size humanoid rat standing before him, and wondered what it might be up to. He seemed a cheerful, or at the least energetic, sort for Freeport. When the rat, whom he took to be a bard, had completed his routine and left the rogue paid his bill and snuck out the door to follow the bard. He followed the bard for days and watched his movements in combat. He learned his style, saw how he interacted with others and alone. The bard would sing songs of inspiration for his allies, and led them courageously through some of the darkest corners of Norrath. However, the bard seemed to bear his strengths with a burden. He sang songs of inspiration, but in the dinge of Freeport, he felt that its power was lost. His songs fell on deaf ears, and the light of his magic was dimmed by the darkness around him. The rogue saw the despair in the bard. Finally, the rogue made his appearance. The bard was running down the streets of North Freeport and suddenly the rogue appeared before him, tall with scales shimmering. A pair of magical daggers hung on his belt and a sparling spear on his back. He spoke in Ratongan to the bard and said, "Hail, Light of Freeport". The bard was shocked, and didn't understand what the rogue meant. He instinctively drew his weapons and began chanting nervously. The rogue quickly knocked the weapons from his hands and and landed a blow that silenced the bard and knocked him to the ground. Before he knew what was happening, the rogue grabbed him and pulled him into one of the nearby buildings. The room was dark, but the rogue quickly lit several braziers which illuminated an altar to Rallos Zek, stacks of books, and a number of magical treasures strewn about the room or neatly arranged. The rogue pointed to a table and chairs and offered the bard a seat, then poured them both a stein of brew from a keg. The ratonga peered nervously at the tall iksar that sat across from him with sharp teeth and sinister eyes behind a black mask. The rogue spoke to him of what he had seen of the bard. He told him of the druid, and of the opportunities that lie beyond. He even offered to teach the bard what he could, and to help him along the way. The bard contemplated his situation. He'd always felt that his inspiration was never taken advantage of fully by his comrades. He considered the possibility of starting anew, with a new fighting style. He knew that he would not be welcome in Freeport once he forsook his training, and it was thus decided that he would leave Freeport and begin a new life. There were things to learn before he took his leave. The rogue taught him the nuances of melee combat. The bard quickly learned that he could put his magic to use with his newfound skills. The rogue taught him how to use fear and intimidation to demoralize and defeat an opponent and where to strike to cripple an enemy's defenses. Once he had mastered the rogue's style of melee combat, the bard set out on his journey to Qeynos, where the druid would help him to perfect his control of magic. As a parting gift, the rogue bestowed upon him his clan name, that all would know and fear the bard by association. Proving loyalty to Qeynos and becoming a citizen took little time, and before long, the bard found himself at the home of the powerful druid. As he approached the steps, the door opened and the bard saw a slender, dark robed figure standing before him with its face hidden under a hood. The figured gestured for the bard to come in, and he moved confidently into the house. As he took his first step into the house, the magic of the place overwhelmed him. On the wall were magical artifacts gathered from the corners of the world. Tomes older than the oldest elves alive, and items of power unimaginable placed in every corner of the house. The figure removed his hood, bowed and introduced himself as the druid. They spent days in the druid's indoor grove, training in the magical arts. The bard learned how to use not just his body and weapons to demoralize his opponents, but also his music. The druid helped him to apply magic to his melee style. After weeks, the druid proclaimed his training complete. Now, he must find his own path. As final advice, the druid told him, "Strike with magic in every swing. Sing with passion in every song. May your enemies know that you bring their demise, and you shall demoralize with every strike, every note. The 'Light of Freeport' has become the 'Darkness of Qeynos.' Nature's blessing is upon you." And so, Madcap of the Gambit clan became a dirge. The Light of Freeport has become the Darkness of Qeynos.
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    Before anyone asks, we Fae folk are a noble and intelligent people that are as deserving of respect as any other race (excluding those of us with garish wings and names that are misspelt forms of 'Tinkerbell'. Oh, and troubadors). Every adventurer I confront during my travels laughs, scoffs, jeers and just generally trys to ruin my day. Admittedly the joke is often on them, for I tend to retaliate with that most fearful of commodities: song. It's true that we Dirges can strike terror into our foes with the skillful manipulation of strings. What they don't tell you in bard college is how effective this strategy becomes if you're about as musically inclined as a small fish. Let's settle for a minnow. Grown knights reduced to gibbering mounds of flesh and metal? Check. And that's just from a chorus.

    I suppose I should get back to the task at hand. Rillik, esteemed dirge of Kelethin (and surrounding areas), at your service. Born and raised in the tree-city, I chose to attend bard collage out of a desire to augment and enhance others on their heroic quests. Also, one of my childhood friends bet me two gold I wouldn't have the guts to do it. Suffice to say, their student life consisted of part-time errand work and cheap rations.

    I breezed through the classes (they were, after all, designed partly for troubs) and entered the final exams quietly confident. What I wasn't expecting was some jolly halfling in a pinstripe suit and shades. The first few questions were easy enough. Name, date of birth, starsign etc. Then came the vocal tests. Hold a tune? Only if you hand me the written notation. Luckily, the examiner was good natured and apparently thought I was there to become one of those 'other' bards. Not quite as luckily, the new task was even harder and more obscure than the first. Hum the first three verses of the hedgehog song? I'd always been under the impression that 'humming' was a state of personal hygiene. Thankfully, I just scraped the pass mark through a combination of style and intellect. Style, by getting full marks for fashion sense (black goes with everything, including purple wings) and intellect, by slipping my tester a couple of silver pieces and offering to buy him a drink.

    As a side-note, any of my fellow musicians that decide to do a gig in Kelethin: If they offer you fairy gold don't except. Oh, and easy on the pyrotechnics.

    Farewell from the realm of Splitpaw.
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    an avant-garde jazz club for the twelve people on the planet who understand your musicThat's me: Glorka the Jazz Frog. Why do I play music? Why does it rain? Why does corn grow? Why do dogs .... um, right.If someone asked you what a perfect day was, what'd it be?Swimming merrily about the Innnothule. O, right, I can't do that.:(Are you cute? Are you doing anything Friday night?I am not "cute", I'm dignified. Tho, I would concede that I am a rather handsome Froglok. & no, as a matter of fact, I'm not doing anything tonight. Are you?/froak
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    Topanga is my first and primary character whom I play. As a new player I was a bit daunted by the role of a healer or tank, there is alot riding on healers keeping a group up and a tank keeping mobs off the group, and thus when approaching this game as a beginner it seemed most logical for me to chose a class that would be a bit forgiving at lower levels, but that would grow in power and ability as I learned more about the game. I selected scout as they seemed to have a bit more suitability then mages when it came to dps classes. There were a few factors that brought me to selecting Bard and then eventually Dirge. The first being our maintained buffs, and the large amount of options available to us to provide the buffs that would best aid our companions in any given situation. The second major factor was the relative lack of players playing bards at least at the time I started. My hopes from when I first started this game were to reach raid level and it seemed sensible to go with a class that was somewhat underplayed in order to leave myself with as many options as possible. The choice of Dirge came from the fact that from what I could see of their end game buffs, Dirges seemed to have the scale a bit in their favor over Troubadours for general groups. Also the fact that Dirges seemed more melee oriented, which is part of what had initially directed to scout over mage in the first place. Over the following few months Topanga spent many days exploring Antonica, the Ruins of Varsoon, Runnyeye, Rivervale, the Clefts of Rujark, and eventually the Pillars of Flame, and Tenebrous Tangle. She always seemed to be on exploring these areas as one of the lowest level people in the groups, I guess thats one of the nice points of being a bard, that even if you arent one of the big kids yet, you can still be brought along for entertainment (and buffs). At level 47 while lfg in Cazic Thule she was recruited and tagged by Vi Et Armis which would be her first raid guild. After gaining a few more levels she began to explore the raid content of tier 6, again a bit low level for the adventures she was going on, but again still providing some good entertainment. I think it took about 4-5 raids for her to gain the title, the Dirge of Death... a result of the fact that while she was trying to melee mobs, she would get fried by aoe after aoe, partially a result of the fast majority of the content was red to her, and partially due to lack of raid experience. A bit more then a year has passed since that point. And I guess this ties into what I originally mentioned of a dirge being a great class to learn the game with. Although early on I quickly became shy of running in on mobs, as my raid force learned different encounters I was able to safely practice dps on easier mobs, and practice staying alive on harder ones. Where as more pure dps classes are generally expected to dps effectively on all encounters. With more time, experience and gear things like gauging jousting aoes versus staying in on them and quick resurrection of fallen allies became second nature, which allowed for growth of my dirge through learning more about dps. What I now really like about dirge is the fact that even after playing for a year and half plus, there is so much the class can do effectively that there is almost always new tricks you pick up on as you play more. As many people say when taking about bards that they are they have many roles but are the masters of none, I feel like this is only part true, in the sense that yes bards will not in their current state ever be top parsers or heal like healers, there is still alot to master when striving to play a bard well. And for me that is the fun of playing a dirge.
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    Why am I a Dirge? I love to explore, I enjoy questing solo, but I also want to be useful in groups when I feel like being social. Most of all, it's the exploding notes. I will never tire of the exploding notes. Greatest combat animation ever! :thumbup: Unfortunately I don't play a musical instrument in real life, but, if I could, it would be bass for a ska band.
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    I awake to a group of traveling minstrels singing a rousing chorus of, "I got two babe." No. Not this god-forsaken isle of the overlord again! How many times must I suffer through this wretched place. At least this Tayil, or whoever she is, isn't hard on the eyes. And look, I share my mentor's traits! That of skin and belief, not sex you lesser heathens! And what's this? I am musically inclined! I can see it's only a matter of time before she and all the other island strumpets throw themselves at my feet. But she wants me to work. She's preoccupied with this self-proclaimed overlord. Does she not understand that I am the self-proclaimed Chosen One!? No longer easy on the eyes, she is taxing on the nerves. Witch. I suppose she wields some sway around here, so I better do as she asks...for now. --- And thus, I was made.
  15. ARCHIVED-Somethiing Guest

    My Dirge wasn't my main at first, but I feel in love with him over time. His ability to do so many different things within a group, and of course there is the raid aspect of the Dirge. I think our guild raid leader would keep me in his backpack if I'd let him... hehe. We're kinda like a drug, and the group dosent think it can function without us... hmmm they might be right lol Also what I found funny is that fact ... like a Coercer in the beginning of my Dirge leveling. Folks didn't understand what the heck a Dirge is let alone what they bring. But over time, and levels the slow but steady realization how much help a Dirge means to the group. hehe Pretty cool.
  16. ARCHIVED-Rizzle Guest

    I just started playing a couple weeks ago, and I love this game. The dirge forum is probably the best I have ever seen in any MMO hands down, and I've been playing a long time. I'm a big fan of all the regulars here, and I normally just post to ask a question here or there. A leacher I guess haha.
    Anyways, my introduction will be shortly(a day or 2), as I haven't really thought too much about it. I've just been having fun. I was spurned into action by whysprrs post, and just couldn't sit back and not post anymore. You all are easily some of the most informative (and fun) posters I have ever encountered. I do have to hit the sack now so I guess I'll have to think of my character, and write something up tommorow, or the next day...well at least I know im a procrastinator...with possible spelling problems.
    Mostly I just wanted to post and say thank you to all the regulars who post here, and make me want to play even more. If anything, in hopes that I run across you all in my travels. I normally am a bystander as far as the rp thing goes, as my friends are'nt too into it, but for this group I guess I'll give it a go.
    Thanks again to all the regulars....even if they are all abnormals =)
  17. ARCHIVED-AndrewSquared Guest

    I played EQ2 for a long time after it first came out, first as a paladin, then as a dirge. I loved both classes but became burned out and life came along and sucked a lot of my enjoyment from the game.
    I came back a bit ago and re-tried out my paladin whom I betrayed to an SK and loved it again for a short while, but found the game to stagnate unless I poured stupid long stretches of time for raiding.
    So I went to the dark evil step-child of WoW and tried that. Same thing.
    Then I heard of the evil fairies and re-opening of Nek. So, I'm back, as a dirge, on a PvP server, hoping to be singing the tunes of my enemies death.
  18. ARCHIVED-Zhephiraa Guest

    So hard to introduce myself in english...
    May be, i'm the older dirge of Storms, but am i the powerful or the wiser? i don't care...
    I was young, a little half elfe with hers guitar, lost in blackburrow when he found me. My tank. He was horrible, that's the truth, nearly a monster! The greather Troll i have ever seen! He tooks my hand, and my heart.
    Since this day, i have singing for the blood, the battle and the Rage!
    Now that's my troll is gone, i' fill my song with pain and sorrow, but i'am still singing for the MT in the battle. Always in the heart of battle, like a little zerk, shouting my anger!
    For you from France Whysprr:XD:
  19. ARCHIVED-Whysprr_Wyrd Guest

    Zhephiraa wrote:
    [p]Merci, my dear, well done. [/p][p]Whysprr [/p]
  20. ARCHIVED-Qwe Guest

    I'm a dirge by accident I must admit. My first character in this game was a templar. After awhile an old friend of mine started to play the game so I created a new toon to duo with him. That toon was Sunroar aka Sunny. We duo'ed dirge and warden together for about 30 levels when he decided that WoW was the game for him *shudder* Sunny was pretty much left on the shelves for quite a while after that. I started playing other characters and ended up with two max level characters before even so much as thinking of my dirge again. Then one day while messing around in the Feerrott at about level 40, a guild mate of mine looted a Cacophony of Blades (Master I) and asked me if I wanted it. I had no clue what it was really, but it looked pretty cool. It sat there in my bank for many months before I sparked interest in my dirge again.

    I had just recently started raiding on my 70 Necromancer for the first time in EQ2 and was having a blast. Being a dps class can get rather boring at times so I decided to level up my dirge for the sake of the raid, since we had only one bard at all and that was the MT dirge. That was when I learned the value of my treasure sitting in the bank for so long. I hit level 58 and scribed my wonderful master, and life as any other character ended. I don't care that my Kerra Dirge has armor that looks like a bag of Skittles from a distance, it's that flamboyant appearance that makes me stick out among the rest, and I love it.

    As far as my character and how it feels to play him.. I feel like a kid really. If Sunroar were real, he'd have toys around him everywhere. He'd play his childish toons in the park with other children, randomly pounce upon things and make strange noises that would make you look at him somewhat cross-eyed and say to yourself.... "what the...." He's very outspoken when he's not playing with things and can keep his mind focused on being mature. He doesn't care what people think of him at all.

    Game mechanics wise I enjoy debuffing for some reason. Lots of classes can debuff the piss out of a mob... but none like a dirge can. The ability to enhance everyone in my group to a new level of combat is a task that is very fulfilling. Being able to bring my share of dps to the raid, albeit not quite that of a T1 dps class, is fun as well. I guess I love being a dirge because of the multitasking ability of the class.

    I believe Ani DiFranco said it the best when she said:

    "i speak without reservation from what i know and who i am. i do so with the understanding that all people should have the right to offer their voice to the chorus whether the result is harmony or dissonance, the worldsong is a colorless dirge without the differences that distinguish us, and it is that difference which should be celebrated not condemned. should any part of my music offend you, please do not close your ears to it. just take what you can use and go on."

    Oh and I'm more than cute, I'm damn good looking. As for Friday night.....I have FTH to do.

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