Before & After Using a 120 Boost: Guide

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    Hello Everyone,

    This guide are for those who are new and returning players who have purchased the new expansion and have gotten this 120 Boost reward in their /claim box. This is also for those F2P players since you won't see Panda (Summer) quests in here since you need to have a membership in order to access it. WARNING: This guide are for those who are patient and are willing to do some research on their part. For those of you who are antsy and just want to play, go ahead and do so. You don't have to follow this guide. However, if you find your self lost and need some answers in what to do after your boost, come back to this guide and you might find what you're looking for.

    1) /claim - If you are a new player, there might not be anything there for you. But if you're a returnee, make sure to comb through these rewards. There are three priorities to get if they are in there:
    . a) Veteran's Elemental Mount - these mounts can be used as your primary mount or used as a skin for your primary mount.
    . b) Mercenary - choose from either Paladin (Qeynos) or Freeport (Shadow Knight).
    . c) Free Housing - choose from: a blood written contract which gives Mistmoore Crags Estate OR Isle of Refuge pack (comes with house contract and furniture).
    2) Clean up & organize your Personal/Shared Bank slots and your Personal Inventory. Buy boxes, sell junk, etc.
    3) Plan your AA's in advance up to 350. The boost will only take you to 320 AA points, but after doing one quest (which will be discussed in the After section), you will get to 350 in a blink of an eye.
    4) Get your Mercenary and start their training. Depending on which merc you want, you might have to do this part after the boost. Case in point; I got mine after the boost because I needed to finish the BoL Access quest in order to get my desired merc which was in the Wracklands.
    5) Get your familiar. You can get these either from:
    Marketplace (cash shop) - some are free, depending if there's a special occasion. If not, you have to buy them.
    Quest Rewards - but you might want to do these after the boost since most of these Public Quests (PQ's) are in high level zones.
    6) Get your Adornment Reclamation skill from your Class trainer. This will come in handy soon.

    And that's it for the Before part of this guide. For those who are veterans and see that there are some key points that I'm missing, please feel free to add below. Thanks in advance.

    1) Unpack your gear, but don't equip anything yet.
    2) Equip your flying mount (either from the 120 boost or the veterans rewards), food and drink.
    3) Take the Wizard Spires to City of Fordel Midst zone. Once there, locate Tishan's Lockbox and do the following:
    . a) Buy all the gear in Tishan's Lockbox.
    . b) Use your newly acquired skill, Adornment Reclamation, and start taking off the adornments from the Tishan's Lockbox gear you just purchased.
    . c) Now you can mess around with your gear and weapons. Take note of the adornment slots of the pieces of gear you choose. The gear from Tishan's Lockbox have more adornment slots than the gear that you receive from the 120 boost.
    4) Redo your spell/CA rotations in your hotbars. If you haven't done your AA's yet, now would be the time to do so.
    5) Check your mail. If you don't see anything there, zone out and back in, and it should appear. You are looking for gifted items in a letter from:
    . a) Head Scholar Nabihan with a Vigilant Sanctum Key
    . b) Justinian Theo with a Coin of Eternal Scales.
    6) Use a Vigilant Sanctum Key to start and finish the Blood of Luclin (BoL) access quest line. This is the quest that will take your AA's from 320 to 350. If not, then the next one will.
    7) Use Coin of Eternal scales to start and finish Chaos Descending (CD) access quest. At the end of this quest line, you will end up in Myrist Library where you will need to find Keyarel Elamyar to start your Ascension.
    . a) No prerequisites needed like completing prior signature lines in order to start Ascensions.
    . b) Suggestion, find which one of the four Ascensions you want to main and start with that first.
    . c) Yes, eventually you will max level all 4 Ascensions.
    8) Check your mail once again because you just got gifted a 4 pack of Guided Ascension, which you will use later at step 10.
    9) Go to Tenebrous Tangle and star the quest called "Fiery Jewel of the Underfoot". This quest line will get you your Epic 2.0 weapon. You don't need to do or have Epic 1.0 in order to do this quest line.
    10) This next part will be up to you. You can upgrade your recently acquired Epic 2.0 and upgrade it to the fabled version but there are a lot of prerequisites in order to do it. If you are interested in this part, go to the wiki and look up Fighter Epic Weapon 2.0 Timeline. Follow the instructions there to also get your Epic 2.0 spells from Sanctu Seru.

    And that's about it folks. Do old Signature, Heritage, L&L and/or Language quests. Or skip that and do all newer content. Do whatever you want because you will be ready to tackle them on at this point.

    As always, if any of you veterans finds any flaws or think that there might be some key points I'm missing, please add on down below. The entire nooby community will thank you, lol.
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    Great guide, thefithlion! One note, you can get new familiars by doing the Familiars Wild quest. It's available in both Freeport and Qeynos and you can run it once per day. :)
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    I would add do the Panda Quests. Lots of nice stuff. And get a good merc to solo.
    Work on tradeskill
    Work on a Gathering obsession
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    Familiars can come from a variety of sources. Yes, the marketplace is one of them. There is also the far more popular Familiars Wild quest handed out in the major cities like Freeport or Qeynos on a daily basis. The viability of getting familiars through PQs is not a venue I'd recommend anyone pursuing.

    If I'm boosting to L120, I'm not recommending anyone waste time going back to actually earn the Epic 2.0 weapon. What is important, for the most part is getting the Epic 2.0 spells. These can be picked up off the merchant in Seru (BoL xpac) for free.

    Depending on where you were when you left, get your TSing/Harvesting to max levels upon return. While only some TSing venues are still viable (alchemist, woodworker, jeweler for example), tinkering and adorning still produce results and you'll be glad you did.
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    As a returning player, my bonus prestige is 25/25. I have seen it go to a 45 cap but can find no information how to get it there.

    I should be 25/45, but I'm not. How do we increase?
  6. FuRiouSOne Active Member

    Need to run Reign of shadow, vetrovia and Ro sig lines and achievements will unlock them for you. Start with RoS as it will be easier/faster. Open you journal and hit achievements and sift through explore/quest and dungeons and you will see what gives the Bonus AAs.

    Or go to this post
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