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Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-Revanis, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Revanis Guest

    Greetings fellow heretics.
    I was away since the beginning of DoV, was able to do a few instances and get Eastern Wastes quest line done with the legendary class gear set doing around 30k-70k dps... now I come back and folks doing 200k dps and raid level folks doing over 1 mil dps... my first thoughts were "holy f***!" hah.
    Anyway, I was hoping I could borrow some tips from any seasoned heretic out here on where to go or what to do to catch up with the rest of the folks at 92. I do enjoy improving my character for dps and being useful in groups. I like to think that I was doing really well back in TSO/SF.
    I noticed a few new things, but wasn't sure.

    • Dungeon finder? Havn't tried, I'd hate to disappoint with my current gear
    • No gear quest lines (PQs, facton quests)
    • AA improvements or good paths for necros
    • No critical migitation?
    • Wands?!?! Spell Weapon status?
    Thanks in advance!
  2. ARCHIVED-Ragnaphore Guest

    Dungeon finder : A good idea that flopped, pretty much nobody use it.
    New questlines : Go to Withered Land (griff at Thurg harbor on the other side of the docks) the solo - and easy for a necro - questlines will give you enough stuff to start the heroic content. While you're there, hunt the named they have nice rare Fabled drops (even if you can't use them, the WL fabled usualy sell well) The heroic access quests in Skyshrine give some nice rewards too.
    AA : Not much changed since DoV (AoD gives 20 more AA but with no new tree nor more max AA per tree, it's just filling)
    Crit mit : It's gone now, you still have to have enough crit chance to crit 100% tho.
    Wands : meh... useless for pure DPS (about 1% for me) but it helps with procs so it isn't that bad. Spell weapon stats are good candidate for reforging (SW DPS first and SW haste only if you have to) other than that... /shrug

    TL/DR : Do the WL questlines to get new gears. Go to your favorite grind spot and level to 91+. Start your own group for Skyshrine's access quest/faction grind.
  3. ARCHIVED-Revanis Guest

    Wow thanks Ragnaphore.
    That was quite the info, very helpful indeed.
    The only thing that I still don't get is the Spell Weapons.. what are they? Is that a range weapon that is used via Range ability? I'm not sure if I understand the concept yet :(
  4. ARCHIVED-Ragnaphore Guest

    You can have 2 kinds of item in your ranged slot. Either the "old" secondary/ranged symbol or the "new" wand (easy to spot, they're "range only" and have a dmg rating)
    The wand kinda works like a bow/satchel for melee classes, except you don't need any kind of ammo nor do you need to time your spell auto-attack (it will fire even if you're in a middle of casting a spell, you just need to have the mob in front of you).

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