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Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by P.B. Huckleburg, Jan 10, 2021.

  1. P.B. Huckleburg New Member

    Newly formed guild. Pirate/Mad Max themed. Currently only me.

    Looking for others that spend more time in the viewing window looking at attire than crunching your DPS numbers.

    Really would like to tap into those who want to build a new gathering of like minded people who enjoy the content and lore. If you have actual bookcases in your house to hold books and not just have them littered on the floor you know what I am talking about.

    Currently main is lvl 35 running thru Enchanted Land content. Have higher lvls alts for some alternate action.

    Doesn't matter your class but you must have a character with a "character". Like a wrestling gimmick. Don't have to be heavy RP but looking for a committed to theme. A toon with personality and swagger.

    If you think you have the chops to be part of The Krewe. Disclaimer - There are no auto invites. Quested in... Blood out.

    Reach out to Vultan Humungus on AB server.
  2. P.B. Huckleburg New Member

    The Krewe is currently recruiting any class, level character wise or skill level wise.
    Currently returned and looking to re explore the new and old alike.
    Only true requirement is to have some swag and personality to go with your toon.
    One of the Krewe members you will meet...


    The Ric Flair of EQ, BJ McClure. Currently doing his favorite Rock impersonation if you can smell what he is thinking. Catch emote: /em tips his hat to %T

    For those interested in finding out more please find Vultan or Yikbik in game or in game mail. I am usually running one of these currently.
    Level 30 on AB server. Working on hall and the perks that go with it.
    Currently do not have any outside game apps like discord or anything. Have in game voice if you like. I am more of an in person emote kinda of feller.
  3. P.B. Huckleburg New Member

    The Krewe has moved to Skyfire to pick up some old friends.
    Looking to build two small forces. One with higher level activities and one for progression. With starting a new on the new server we found it only fitting to start Shattered Lands content.
    Please find Griggsby or Yikbik on Skyfire for more details.

    Another character you will come across is Yikbik, pictured below. We picked him up on an unchartered port way out in the Ocean of Tears. Cute little dude but meaner than hell and a freak'n bitter. You can't raid with him after midnight and certainly can't get him wet.

  4. P.B. Huckleburg New Member

    Ok. As we continue to fine tune things. The Krewe is looking for just a few more to round up a solid group. (Skyfire server)
    We will starting Velious content on Tuesday's at 7:30PM eastern time.
    Level 90 Toons equipped to start with only city NPC vendor armor, weapons, jewelry, etc... We will upgrade equip as we acquire it or make it.
    For those interested please contact Roaryk, Yikbik or Bixxie. Also /who Kre all will work as well.

    Another Krewe mate you will stumble across is known only as The Living Saga. Born of Barbarian Mother and Fae Father, this winged Dwarf is simply AoE in Flight.

  5. P.B. Huckleburg New Member

    The Krewe looking to fill in a few caps for Luclin content. Working on gearing a solid group to start heroic content on saturdays. Begin with BoL heroics since we all have the resolve for that. Get a little togetherness before moving to the dark side.
    We are not looking for specific classes or arch types. Just those interested in learning scripts and strats with us as we progress.
    Also if there are any other small guilds looking to put in some joint work we would be happy to discuss. Even merging under one banner. Qho and the panda broke our egos long ago. Just wanting to have fun.

    Contact any /who kre all. (Roaryk, Bixxie or Chanticlair)

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