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    Typical me, I came back and got into Wikia editing again. :p

    Since the Beast'r Eggstrvaganza is so short and I have so many alts (so, so many) I thought it might be helpful to other players if I created a page for the live event and a guide to hunting them. Please feel free to add /locs to my list on the GUIDE page. I kept the locs on their own to keep the main page from being too long and to prevent accidental location spoilers.

    Beast'r Eggstrvaganza (general info page for the event)

    Beast'r Egg Hunting Guide (loaded with spoilers, tips like how to ask for help and which cities are easy, and actual locations to check)

    It's almost over (ends in the wee hours between the 25th and 26th) but hopefully this will be a boon to procrastinators!
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    Did you look at the link? There's already a good writeup on the Beast'r Eggstravaganza that may help you with the wiki.
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    Did you look at the wiki pages I wrote? They are already complete and reference her site already for some of the info. :) That's why I was so confused. The main wiki page is the general info about the event, items, NPCs etc, but the guide provides some several /locs, since the guards don't always help well--especially the first time someone is running through. It's a wiki, so anyone can add /locs and update it in the future too.
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    Ah... I see. I misunderstood your original post. My understanding was that you had created the wiki pages and they were not complete. Sorry about that!
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