Beastlords and Disarm Trap

Discussion in 'Beastlord' started by ARCHIVED-Khillarri, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. ARCHIVED-Khillarri Guest

    First, thank you for bringing the BL class back. It's better than it was in EQ1, and I love the class. 2nd, before I start to rant, I can completely understand not being able to use bows/arrows or swords due to them being part brawler class. In EQ1, they couldn't use those things either.
    However, why not disarm trap? I'd honestly like to know by someone who actually worked on the class. DT is a scout class defining ability, really - just like the shroud of shadows/invis spell, and tracking. As it stands, if someone wanted to make a beastlord with DT, that would limit them to playing a dwarf, ratonga, or gnome in order to get the DT ability through racial characteristics. Part of being a scout is throwing on the shroud of shadows, sneaking through, finding different traps on the floors and disarming them. Out of curiosity, I went to the EQ2 Vault and looked up (because it's been a while) what a scout is. This is copy and pasted from the EQ2 Vault:
    Scouts are a support class, but completely necessary to compliment the main tanks with their blazing DPS, or damage-per-second output. They can’t wear the armor the fighter wears, but their agility and stealth attributes allow them to do damage without taking the hits. Scouts concentrate on maximizing their agility and damage output. Most scouts can dual-wield fast weapons and have spells that help enhance the group’s ability to do large amounts of damage. Scouts also have the ability to track monsters, evacuate the party in a hurry, sneak around without monsters seeing them (and help the group do the same), employ poisons that deal out even more damage to an enemy, and use a bow for long range damage. This is the class that has the disarm trap skill, handy for those boobytrapped chests and tricky dungeons. They do die when they take hits and can out DPS a tank, making them susceptible to monster hate if they main tank can’t keep aggro.
    Ok, so, support class - check. DPS - check. Agility and stealth - check. Dual-wield - check. Enhance a group - check. Large amounts of damage - check. Tracking - check. Evac (another scout defining feature) - check. Employ poisons - rumor is that this is being worked on, but you can buy them through Bow - we know why this isn't happening, and no problems with that. we are. "This is the class that has the disarm trap skill" - Problem.
    Please, give us the DT skill. This is essential to being a beastlord, and I would really like to not be limited to only 3 races in order to get it. Thank you. Also, all you other BEASTS out there, let's hear your opinions.
    See you on AB if you're around.

    -Khillarri Nox`Cruor
    90 Beastlord of the Blood of Hate
  2. ARCHIVED-Karimonster Guest

    Quite honestly, my beastlord hasn't missed DT or poisons. I just figured we wouldn't get them and didn't care one way or the other. I can't say that its essential at all.
  3. ARCHIVED-urgthock Guest

    I agree that Beastlords should get the Disarm Trap ability. It is far from overpowering. However, there is no way they should allow Beastlords to use poison. They already are quite overpowered without them and do not need the added bonus of extra passive DPS (no matter how minor).
  4. ARCHIVED-Khillarri Guest

    Urgthock, I completely agree with the fact that they don't need poisons. The Feral advantages and primals do DoT, so if poisons don't become available, I would have absolutely no problem with that. Honestly, I would give up the ability to use all poisons simply to have the DT skill. Because you're right, BL's are very powerful - why make them stupid powerful through the use of poisons?
  5. ARCHIVED-Lossewen Guest

    Just make them a race that gets disarm, like a ratonga or something.

    There ya go, problem solved ;)
  6. ARCHIVED-urgthock Guest

    Vitriol@Splitpaw wrote:
    I believe the OPs point was that you shouldn't have to be limited to three races in order to play a scout that has the disarm trap ability. Since the disarm trap ability is so minor, I don't see why not. I have many characters that don't have the disarm trap ability. I have some that do. I don't personally care one way or the other. But for the sake of consistency, they should give Beastlords Disarm Trap since they are scouts. If it were a highly prized skill (such as Poison use), I could see them holding it back since Beastlords are already so powerful. But it's not; hence there is no reason not to give it to them.
  7. ARCHIVED-Onorem Guest

    urgthock wrote:
    Poison use is a highly prized skill?
    I do think it's odd that there's no poison or disarm without an explanation...but oh well.
  8. ARCHIVED-Natturabi Guest

    I didn't think BLs were scouts, thought they were their own thing. With their widely varied skill set I guess they don't have time to learn the nuances of disarming traps.
  9. ARCHIVED-Khillarri Guest

    Guillermo@Butcherblock wrote:
    SOE Dev's came out and specifically said that BL's were scouts. When you create a new BL, you have to click on Scout in order to access the BL subclass. Originally, due to being part brawler, they wore only leather armor. But even they said that as a scout class, it just made more sense to give them the ability to wear chain. Thank you common sense. Now if we can just apply that same logic to the DT skill.
  10. ARCHIVED-Natturabi Guest

    Khillarri wrote:
    Curious if BLs get tracking. I rolled a level 1 BL, but a wood elf, so I have tracking anyways.
  11. ARCHIVED-urgthock Guest

    Guillermo@Butcherblock wrote:
    They do.
  12. ARCHIVED-Elinea Guest

    I'm confused. I read this thread before the servers came up. Then when they came back up, I popped onto my little level 14 beastlord and killed some mobs. Got a treasure chest, opened it, and...

    You get better at disarm trap (15/70).

    Did they sneak it in? Is this a rare occurence?
  13. ARCHIVED-Khillarri Guest

    Are you a ratonga, dwarf, or gnome? If so, that's why.
  14. ARCHIVED-Elinea Guest

    I guess that clears the confusion, my bl is a ratonga. Thanks!
  15. ARCHIVED-Raknid Guest

    The skill is pretty meaningless unless you are careless, so I don't see any balance reasons that BLs shouldn't get it. Maybe just something that sets them apart from the other scouts sort of like Bards are set apart in that they cant use poisons. BLs are just set apart one small step further, and since it really doesnt seem to be blanace related maybe it is just a flavor thing?
    So if would make people happy ,and not harm others, why not, let BLs have it.
  16. ARCHIVED-Lotoria Guest

    I agree if a BL is a scout they should have disarm. I honestly didn't even look at the char window to check for skill assumed it was there. I noticed no skillups though.
  17. ARCHIVED-Khillarri Guest

    I ended up noticing early on when I wasn't getting skill ups. Sure enough, after I loaded up the character window to check on my skills, DT was missing :(
  18. ARCHIVED-Horammer Guest

    Was in as group the other day and was opening all the chests, after the 5th chest in a row that exploded on us, one of the group members asked what my DT skill was at, told them zero, BL's don't get DT. They then yelled at me about why I was opening chest then, Told them it was fun to see if I could get one to kill us.

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