Beastlord DPS rotation/Macros

Discussion in 'Scouts' started by Halixa, Jul 29, 2021.

  1. Halixa New Member

    Hey guys new Beastlord here looking to push to end game. Looking for any help to min/max class

    1. Raid DPS
    2. Solo

    mash button
    heroic opportunity


    Best dps pet
    Best solo Pet
    Best pet for raids

    and anything else you guys can help me with or sites I can go to better learn the class while playing it in game.
  2. vlada Member

    what with the BL nerf most competent guilds don't use them on raids at all. especially at there's that.
  3. Twisty Well-Known Member

    that's nonsense, dont listen to that. BL dps just fine at endgame in the right hands.

    they're not #1 or #2, but they hang just fine with any dps class besides assassins. but that's all other dps also. BLs are harder to play at high efficiency than other dps classes, so they have to work harder for similar results - true. but with built in flexibility any top guild would take a BL that really knows what they're doing
  4. Malahk Active Member

    I'm one of the last few holdout raiding BL's, and by far not the best of the few left. I still have questions for a few of them better than me. You can check out my AA profile if you like. Lyka on on IoR server. Before you even need to worry about macros you need to level up almost every warder available because each one offers a special ability once they're maxxed experience. My favorite two warders to use for all occasions are Enchanted and Dire. Leveling them up is a long and boring process: you can do it the fastest by going to spiritual mode and just spamming your 2nd advantage, the shield ability, until your warder slowly kills each mob.

    And on a couple mobs last night we had two BL in raid and we were #1 and #2 on the parse. We didn't have an Assassin though. That's thanks to all the support and buffs our guild members were giving us too. But it's nice to know we can still do over 1 trillion dps with help.