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    Remind me of what that last part says on the EQ2 main website under game overview.

    • 100 Levels of unparalleled gameplay
    • Strong heritage and lore with game content spanning 10 years and 11 expansions
    • A thriving, friendly community with thousands of guilds
    • Over 5,000 creatures to battle and more than 8,000 quests to complete with hundreds of gorgeous, expansive and dangerous environments to explore
    • Independently leveled tradeskill system with deep quest lines
    • Full support of different play styles, from solo to groups, raids and PVP
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    Don't act like you are surprised that something is still on the links on the main page that isn't around anymore.
    Whomever they have doing the website is pretty terrible at keeping the things on the main page up to date outside of the news articles, always have been. There was a link to eq2players for like a year after it was defunct. They still have pictures of Landmark laying around in some of the links.

    Now that you've pointed it out, maybe someone will go in and edit the text to properly represent what the game is now.
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    Just as a response to the I love PVP!
    I stopped playing...
    where is my PVP?!
    make post in forums
    rinse and repeat
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    Sounds similar to everything coming from this company... nothing is polished, nothing is fully thought through... every update is rushed and filled with bugs.. some that will never get fixed. Wonder how long it will take for them to fix that text....
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    This conversation might not keep coming up here if the Verant team with 989 had never caved in and added PvP to original EQ to begin with. I admit, testing some of it was a blast and playing it for a while on live was fun, but it was a bad idea overall.

    There never ceases to be an end to locust-like players asking dev teams to add PvP to an obvious PvE game before they get bored and move on, or the companies that will make a weak attempt to provide that PvP without ever really intending to support it properly to capitalize on those people's wallets.

    I like PvP even though I suck at it. I just want it in a game properly designed for it from the get-go.
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    They are getting their pvp on the forum these days...
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    I played FPS PVP for over 10 years, I get why people love it, but the mechanics of either game wasn't setup for it. the horse is beaten, dead, got skanky smelling, buried, and turned into compost... it's time for people who didn't stick around, to stop coming back and posting how they missed it/bring it back, when they left in the first place.
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    For my this is a Noob answer and parrot, everyone that says that, was never a Real EQ2 pvp player over Years! WOW was Also not designet for PVP , and now it is the biggest PVP MMO, but i dont like it.
    Everquest 2 was Long time the best PVP MMO on the market for me and many other ppls it has taunts for protect the group this has wow not.
    This game is the Real PVP game for Group play, if any of you understand this not, he has no plan what Real PVP means.


    It's just the programmers' fault and no others that TLE PVP has failed, i mean if a Class XXX can kill Class YYY in 5 secs with "3" Arts.. and other Classes need 30 sec then everyone would give up desperately, at the end from SOE in high LVL the game was really good Ballanced.
    But all classes need the FULL aa unlocked this make the game Ballanced and without is Classes YYY BAD.
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    Each time I come to this site to get to the forums, I see this in the top left corner and just laugh. OOOHHH...6 years later!

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