Battlegrounds, Battlegrounds never change…except when they do. [BG Beta Feedback Thread]

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Caith, Sep 6, 2016.

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  1. Exur Well-Known Member

    I'm derailing cause there is little to be said about the current beta. I'm a broken record at this point, but I'll use bullet points as that seems to work.
    1. Restore Battleground Gear/Adornments and the NPCs that sell them. (only need to restore Overseer)
    2. Token and plat costs on Battleground Gear/Adornments set to 0. (Yes, FREE gear and adornments)
    3. Only Battleground Gear can be worn in Battleground matches.
    4. Keep the Battleground Beta quests/rewards in place.
    5. Keep Battleground Beta NPCs with PvE Adornments and Token/Plat costs. (Personally, I would reward cosmetic gear/items instead... but if PvE rewards are required to spark interest, then make it so... within reason.)
    6. Restore Battleground New Tunaria (Warfront), it was fun and contested combat is always great and something I would love to keep in game somehow.
    7. Add Battleground achievements and considering erasing them every few months. We've confirmed achievements copy back to live servers and EQ2 Wire can and is willing to track these achievements (just like the RTT Leaderboard)
    All these steps just require restores of already written code with a small adjustment here and there. I'm not a developer, but I want a solution that requires minimal dev time and I believe this is it. This will lock Battleground combat into something that was actually good AND it will never be broken again by new/better PvE gear introduced ever few months. Aside from a quick new abilities check, Development doesn't have to look at Battleground until they actually wanted to.

    With everyone having access to the best gear possible, they can customize their gear to how they want and most importantly... THERE IS NO GRIND! It's about experiencing really fun combat against actual players. The incentive if for the rewards (#5) and the leaderboard (#7).

    I'll say it again, Overseer geared vs Overseer geared combat was "decent". Can keep Blue stats disabled if desired or just simply look at the Prestige abilities for Battlegrounds. They just needed a quick adjustment, but that never happened. Even with them somewhat broken, the combat was still good, just fast when geared out in Battleground gear.

    I'll stop rambling.. I just want something simple that doesn't break 6 months down the road, which has been EQ's PvP lifecycle for about 10 years.
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  2. Tekka Well-Known Member

    Not until they fix, and can prevent, BG code from bugging out the actual servers, please.

    Emphasis: When this is all you have to judge performance by, it would be a bit overly optimistic to expect more, with the current state of the game.

    It would be nice if EQ2 could have everything, but it can't. Not if you want a functional game.
  3. Exur Well-Known Member

    of course
  4. Justbecause Active Member

    The absolute worst thing you can do is this. Other than that everything else sounds pretty good. Just to reflect on this one specifically. The contested names were only ever farmed for the blue war rune adorns, which will now be rendered useless. It is very likely that just about anyone can solo those names in there also. So they will either be pointless or reward something unknown to us yet. Also this was alt farming heaven for everything. If you keep the tokens in the quests everyone will continue to abuse it since the new adorns are actually worth something. It doesn't need to be involved in the BG's anymore IMO. There are problems that could sway the devs either way. Take your pick, tons of exploiting or most worthless zone in the game.
  5. Exur Well-Known Member

    the exploit you're thinking of was quickly fixed. The x2 mobs dropped tons of tokens and I fought people all the time for the single mobs that dropped tokens too. It was great! I'm speaking as someone that actually pvp'ed in there alot and contested those single mobs with sometimes 5-7 other players fighting for them against me. Disrupting the groups fighting the x2 mobs was great as well... the point of the zone was contested PvP and it was fun at times. The issues you mention above are from a few bad apples that will always exist in any situation.

    And I'm NOT suggesting disabling the PvP adornments.. I thought they were great and ways you could modify your character how you wanted. I'm saying give the adornments away for free now. The tokens are what people will contest over to spend at the NPC merchant they currently have back in the live server.

    If gear is free, why take a BG zone away that can exist and serve a purpose to some. It also a great zone to just jump into and 1v1 someone or setup 6v6 fights. This is an option I DO NOT want to forever lose. Just and FYI, but setup/orginized 6v6 fights is where EQ2 PvP combat always shined. It's great, especially if you really really dislike the group your fighting. ;)
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  6. Fleshdecay Well-Known Member

    It's happening all over again. We're seeing changes that no one asked for. There has been an abundance of positive advice coming from pvp/bg vets, yet none of it is being implemented. Something as simple as cleaning up the current BG bugs, without the addition of new codes or rules, would of been a great start. We then could of worked from there.
  7. Justbecause Active Member

    The NPC's were hardly the exploit I am referring to. I was talking about the players farming their own accounts for tokes/titles. It was never fixed just monitored when there was actually a sizable staff to do so. That is no where near feasible anymore. I still don't see the purpose of the NPC's either if the blue adorns will be disabled. It really feels like a lose lose for me. I too was in there sticking to healers pulling the x2 names to wipe the group and complete a quest with minimal effort.

    It really comes down to what you think is more desirable to the PvE player. Adornments more than likely won't do it for me even as a PvPer. I'm not saying put BiS items in there but as an example with ToT some of the armor pieces were a little more difficult to get. Or at least the ones with the stats needed for your class. Block gear when you needed mit or max hp/ab mod for mage when you got atk spd/WDB. I think if the armor falls the same way it did in ToT that would be the way to go. Jewelry was and still is a joke to get. Adorns that remotely compare to BG ones take a lot of status and coin to get. So I don't see the grind fest going away either. This is why we need information about upcoming expansions tbh. How can we help make suggestions to guide the devs in setting it up if we have no clue what will even be included? The mystery game is old and nobody cares for it anymore.
  8. Chimay Active Member

    I agree whole heartedly about the warzone. There were some fun times fighting in that zone and it's a break from scripted BG maps and fights. But like most pvp aspects of the game, they never updated or maintained it.

    My opinion is that it's already in the game and is fun so why not make it part of the pvp aspect of the game?
  9. Exur Well-Known Member

    I knew what exploit you were referring to. They added a recent list that made farming alts kind of pointless tbh... plus /who all showed them for players to track and kill. Once the recent list was added, it really wasn't an issue cause more tokens were earned actually doing BG matches then waiting on an alt to be removed from recent. There wasn't titles in BGs, so that logic doesn't apply. If someone is in there farming the mobs for the token rewards... well, that's as intended and go kill them to stop. That's actually the point of the zone and again, I love having a zone available for setup 1v1, 3v3 or 6v6 fights. Heck, I'd be ok with just remove all drops from the zone, as long as the zone is restored for setup fights. What I'm saying here makes sense.
  10. Justbecause Active Member

    The one in the BG hub didn't reward infamy you are correct but the other on Naggy did. You also could see when others were entering so you could just stay by a spire and zone out so you wouldn't be seen. Granted titles are not in affect anymore but the tokens most certainly are. Is there a confirmation that recent lists still even exists now that PvP is gone? It just something to consider with that zone. That zone specifically is horrible for PvP IMO. Another area with so many places to hide or run. BG's is fight or get kicked. The way it should be honestly. That is most of the reason I am against Tunaria in the first place. Super fake open world scenario. Players also don't have all day to sit in there and hope that others will show up, it will be a ghost town.
  11. Cuoco New Member

    I had a blast in the warzone,and although it can't compare to open world I would definitely be back playing there if they bring an incentive to do so.
  12. Exur Well-Known Member

    For me, BG matches are 3, 2, 1 "GO" PvP with very little to no tactics. It's just a mash up. I'll do it, but sometimes I very much enjoy seeing a target, play cat and mouse with that target... planning/timing buffs, using the environment, agroing mobs, using line of site .. all just to gain an advantage on that target. Many times I get jumped unaware and have to reel to find a way to gain distance to turn the fight to my advantage.... but then sometimes a 2nd, 3rd or even the targets group shows up to kill me.. so I revive again and plan an attack... or just call it a beat down and go about my day... or call for my friends to come and aid me with a target or group.. then that target flees and I'm left with a bitter taste, but kudos to that target.. he/she got me.

    You see, to me all this still existed in that zone and though it was "fake" open world PvP, it shared many similarities. My solution to you is don't use it. This alt farming you mention isn't a justification to me to abandon it completely. Cause the recent list DID exist in the BG server and just needs to be restored as it was. Like I said, you earn far more tokens just BG'ing in matches. Remove it and I'm stuck PvP'ing your preferred method 100% of the time.
  13. Feldon Well-Known Member

    Oh goodie. I get to use this image again:

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  14. Nkito Well-Known Member

    In the future might want to sticky a beta idea/discussion/etc thread underneath the beta (mechanics) feedback threads to keep them separate.

    Feedback can be interpreted different ways.
  15. Justbecause Active Member

    I wouldn't call BG's my preferred method. What I do prefer is that people engage each other. Run to the zone line/bell/portal, evac, screen drag. I wish they would have implemented something that forced you to fight. BG's is the only part of the game that does that. It doesn't mean BG's is my type of PvP. Sometimes I don't an objective other than pound this guys face in the ground. It is an option, which I like. I am ridiculously tired of chasing people for 10+ mins across a zone only for them to feel they have to use some sort of exploit so they won't lose a kill streak. If your class requires you to strafe and use distanced combat that is quite a bit different. My PvP toon was a ranger so I was not right up on people. I guess after 2 failed PvP server attempts I am over the idea of an open world scenario. Omg I can see it now. "Oh yeah, think you are good, come see me 1 v 1 in tunaria" pffft. Let the BG shouting matches resume....
  16. Exur Well-Known Member

    In all seriousness and I'm not trolling, don't zone in. You're annoyances would be avoided. What I'm suggesting takes nothing away from your preferred playstyle. What your suggesting takes away from mine.
  17. RedvsBlue Well-Known Member

    Yes, great idea, lets add more to the already toppling pile of stuff for them to work on /facepalm.
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  18. Exur Well-Known Member


    I do believe what I'm suggesting is in line with "relieving" development time not consuming it.
  19. Jachin Active Member

    I really agree with Fleshdecay. Focus on making BG like they used to be, balance and progressionwise. I am a hardcore BG vet and I don't enjoy this at all. Level scaling will never work. The ultimate goal Caith seems to be trying to reach is absolute balance. Absolute balance doesn't exist in MMORPGs. PvE has never been balanced, neither has PvP. Does balance mean something is fun? No. It meas that it is very limited. Blue stats are part of our stat progression, they can't be left out. I want to play my OWN chars in BG. Not some massively nerfed piece of **** that takes 3 seconds to cast one spell. What is the fun when 90% of your char build is being neglected. If that is your purpose, rework the majdul arena and not BG. Let raiders be stronger than solo players. Otherwise I would love to see raidzones scaled down to solo level next xpac (which makes no sense at all, just like leaving out blue stats).
  20. RedvsBlue Well-Known Member

    Relieving it how? By updating the NPC's stats/HP's to match current gear? Reworking their loot tables? Or flat out removing them so you have an open arena that has no purpose? One thing I have learned from being on the PvE side (most of my time in the game) is if there is no incentive for them to go.........good luck with that. The only way Tunaria/BG's would even remotely come close to being successful would be to get the players in there. Open Tunaria will result in you and maybe 5-10 others that want some bragging rights for 1 v 1, 3 v 3, etc.
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