Battlegrounds, Battlegrounds never change…except when they do. [BG Beta Feedback Thread]

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Caith, Sep 6, 2016.

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  1. Busko Member

    well they need to make sure potions dont work atm they are giving everyone 225+ crit and heal potions are healing 75k each tick lol food and drink bug which make you use them all in 1 go.
  2. Epock New Member

    I must say BG are horrible in my opinion. I go in with 400k health and run temp buffs on my tank and still get 1 shotted. I go in with a toon with 75k health and still get 1 shotted. But that's understandable.

    With the stats they should allow blue stats on BG GEAR not raid gear, that would seem to be the most reasonable. Would I love to do BG with raid gear sure, but is it fair to the players who don't raid? No. But no matter what with any gears toons are getting 1 shotted left and right regardless of stats. In return I also am 1 shotting people as a tank. is it fun sure, is it fair, no. I think they some how made BGs worse than what it already was
  3. Nkito Well-Known Member

    This is the beginning of the testing phase, things are going to be all out of wack and that's why they're asking for feedback.

    I like the attempt to take gear out of the equation and make bg all one level range. Once they get the blue stats under control the scaling will work much better and spell/ca tier and button pressing will actually matter.

    It would be easier to just disable blue stats completely and scale from there but i applaud them for trying to leave in aa and spell bonuses to these. Except perhaps heartbound, it may be too powerful to remain.

    Also curious how the Equity of Discord is applied, just a linear scaling as levels increase/decrease from 20-80, a slight dip around Epic level then a sharper dropoff at 100 for post-ToV gear stats?
  4. Epock New Member

    Taking out gear is what makes pvp, a pvp. That's like saying Lets go raid without raid gear. And having blue stats in AA and not gear makes other classes have better blue stats and OP while others cant even get close to that since the blue stats are NOT on the gear so there AA wont allow as big of a increase.

    BGs was fine the way it was with the gear and stats, all they needed to do was not allow PVE gear/stats be used in BGs. Id say add more maps instead of 3 and then ******** theer map. 1 on 1, 2v2, 3v3 6v6 12v12, 24v24 make it an actuall multiplayer map like any other multiplayer game. Hell even add extra maps like DLC that are released.

    Maybe if they want blue stats equal, add in match buffs. Best example I could say is like finding a rocket launcher in a shooter and it has a repsawn timer on it. Well add buffs in the match to offset it in a way where you have to work as a team to aquire these buffs, just food for thought.

    But again taking it out completely is like saying well your arms broken so lets just cut it off. The whole idea of PvP is either best teamwork or best gear.
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  5. Alarra Well-Known Member

    Would like to do BG's but was no one on tonight. How about we use that BG channel someone made a while ago?
    antonia_bayle.battlegrounds and call us up.
  6. RedvsBlue Well-Known Member

    Gear should be viable otherwise people wont have a reason to go in there. The debuff or match temp buffs is probably the best option. It will take some time to get it right because most players were not doing over 100 mil back when everyone stopped running BG's. Mostly just end content raiders were. The classes who use pet sharing would also have issues if all the stats were turned off. I don't see this happening in a week or 2.

    I will 100% agree with more maps and objectives. I think it could definitely get some more variety. I know that will take time but I would be willing to wait and see what they can come up with. I personally would really like to see a 3v3. Use something to the degree of the Zek arena style objective. You have to avoid constant popping traps and keep your team alive to score points. After running Ganak and everyone just fights in the middle of the map ignoring the objective, or smugglers where everyone gets to the top of center tower and goes AFK I would really like to see more like gears where the objective is the priority and not the number of kills you get.
  7. Fleshdecay Well-Known Member

    I have already gone over every idea for bg's with the devs. Idea's that would of made bg's far better than they were before. (including new maps and the 1v1, 3v3, etc. ideas) Unfortunately the devs lack the resources to pull of some of the bigger idea's. Realistically all we will see is bug fixes and gear/stat changes, unless they have a trick up their sleeve.
  8. Ishtara Well-Known Member

    I was on a bit last night and should be again within the hour. It still felt pretty one shotty but I also haven't played live for over a year so I probably need to update things (wearing Overseers PvP set with 73k hp :p) yet still everyone just pops like a balloon. The person who earlier described it as "Wild West" was very accurate, point, shoot, dead. I am hoping as more fixes go in it will level out and it will be harder to kill and be killed. So far I am not fond of the loss of blue stats but I understand that this is a beta and a work in progress, still looking forward to the end result. <3
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  9. Ishtara Well-Known Member

    Ok so I just queued for Gears and instantly got a match... there was a level 94 standing up top. When I targeted him his name was green (level scaling still broken?) I killed him and picked up the relic and was immediately sent back to my home server and slapped with a 5 min truancy. :(
  10. Ishtara Well-Known Member

  11. RedvsBlue Well-Known Member

    I would have to question the second update then. A lot of scripts are already there to be copy pasted into matches. I don't believe that completely unique stuff will be on the table as you probably suggested. If something does come around I would suspect that it would be similar to something I mentioned that is already there. 1v1 honestly to me seems really worthless at this point. You can duel since PvP rules are gone. Also depending on the map it could easily weigh in favor of a certain class and then you have wasted everyones time since not everyone wants to play 1 of X amount of classes. I personally like the trouby because its requires more than just standing still trying to push out as much damage as fast as possible. Small map would kill my chances versus an SK/pet class.
  12. Lasai Well-Known Member

    Who are you? That's a pretty big claim.
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  13. Fleshdecay Well-Known Member

    A 12 year vet with mostly pvp/bg experience but all you really need to be is someone with a forum account who cares for the game and send a private message to a dev or devs with your opinion and they usually reply. I sympathize for you if you think that is such a grand feat.
  14. Nevermind Member

    Nope. :mad:
  15. Nevermind Member

    We probably won't see those token errr ... ah......another 18 months? o_O
    Some of the items that you can buy with the tokens look nice, but I don't think I'll ever be able to afford them. Not this year.:(
  16. Meshaw New Member


    Will we be receiving any of the Beta Battleground tokens? If so, when will we be receiving them.
    Many people are not queuing up for Battlegrounds because there is no incentive. Can you please give us a response.

    Thank you
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  17. Lasai Well-Known Member

    Well, I'm going to be "that person". Sorry.

    The lack of feedback and participation on this thread suggests, to me, time to cut losses and give stretched-thin resources to other issues.

    PVP has a terrible track record here.

    With apologies.
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  18. Lasai Well-Known Member

  19. Alarra Well-Known Member

    I have been waiting for 4-5 hours queued up in the Champions Respite without a match. I can't test without people there to play against.
  20. Alarra Well-Known Member

    Finally had some rounds.
    In Theer was constantly getting spammed about not being active even after killing another character.
    Here is when I entered and was already getting spammed
    (1474091114)[Sat Sep 17 14:45:14 2016] You have entered Balance of Theer: Beta.
    (1474091115)[Sat Sep 17 14:45:15 2016] Your reluctance to join the fight has been noticed.

    Here is when I killed another player
    (1474091147)[Sat Sep 17 14:45:47 2016] \#DDD722Death Dealer: You have struck a death blow!
    (1474091148)[Sat Sep 17 14:45:48 2016] Too little too late... Your target is already dead.
    (1474091151)[Sat Sep 17 14:45:51 2016] Your reluctance to join the fight has been noticed.

    What reluctance???

    In Gears I was 2 vs 1 (me being the 1) at one stage and constantly being one shotted by a warlock. Think it may have been stats related as their Unda did 2x what mine did. They mainly struck me down with ethemere chains which did over my max health in damage. Like I said it may be stats related.

    Also I kept getting sent into gears with no one else in the zone and then getting kicked at one point.

    Another I was mid fight in gears and got dropped out to my home server for no reason.
    (1474092114)[Sat Sep 17 15:01:54 2016] 's Unda Arcanus Spiritus hits YOU for a critical of 125330 magic damage.
    (1474092114)[Sat Sep 17 15:01:54 2016] has killed you.
    (1474092114)[Sat Sep 17 15:01:54 2016] Halls_of_Fate.Alarra of the Blue Team has dropped the gnomish relic!
    (1474092119)[Sat Sep 17 15:01:59 2016] has picked up the gnomish relic for the Red Team!
    That was the final log for that file, then I had to re-enter champions respite from there. It then changed to a different log file to start logging. My health was 94,000 by the way. My Unda Arcanus did around 40k'ish
    Nothing about truancy or anything.
    Went from eq2log_Alarra.txt to eq2log_Alarra_605.txt
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