Battlegrounds, Battlegrounds never change…except when they do. [BG Beta Feedback Thread]

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Caith, Sep 6, 2016.

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  1. Caith Developer

    The next update will not be until Tuesday.

    Have you noticed a specific ability hitting super hard, or is this just a symptom of the stats?
  2. Caith Developer

    Upcoming patch notes
    Mounts will no longer apply in battlegrounds.
    Fixed a slurry of items that were still casting effects in Battlegrounds.
    Stat conversions that convert primary stats into other stats now grant a reduced amount in Battlegrounds.
  3. Exur Well-Known Member

    Next Tuesday? :( ....with this being beta, isn't there anyway to push out updates quicker then this? It's hard to provide valid feedback when you don't know if it's something already planned to get fix or if it's just that bad. Week delays will plummet your beta tester population.
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  4. Errrorr Well-Known Member

    Updates probably can't be pushed because it's using the Live client/exe.
  5. recon1187 Member

    I was in the bg's last night and was not getting any tokens and the quest was not updating.
  6. Ratitz Active Member

    It may be a symptom of stats, but Stormbearers Fury, Uncontrollable Wrath have both one-shotted me
  7. Exur Well-Known Member

    imho... it's all messed up till it gets corrected.

    /pause beta
    /waitdays 5
    /resume beta

    ...have a nice weekend.
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  8. Exur Well-Known Member

    Can we get a current stat cap and scaling in the Battleground Beta. It was provided in very good details in the old PvP forum. Specifically I'm trying to understand the HP and other green stat scaling.
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  9. Dabb Active Member

    I dont get why BG is still even in the game. To be quite honest the mechanics and PvP aspect of it are totally fubar. Its a wreck and it has been, there was like 3 players ALL day yesterday and people one shoting each other, its just not even fun. Why cant we focus on current LIVE bugs and smooth out the game before we work on other stuff like this, because apparently the days of BG and PvP are coming to a halt. Things like the 0.0 zone bug have YET to be addressed and is one of the most annoying bugs in the game. Pathing issues, proc lag. I would have to say if there was a vote on this it would probably be voted out and voted that bugs be fixed in live. Just an observation, thanks for all the hard work.
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  10. Najek New Member

    Someone log into the Beta BG! its lonely in here...
  11. Tekka Well-Known Member

    I think the folks that are testing are waiting for the fix tomorrow before they resume, check back after downtime :)
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  12. Exur Well-Known Member

    Will log in after the patch tomorrow... there is zero point until then. Talk about a waist of a week.
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  13. Alarra Well-Known Member

    I am waiting until they fix the initial set of bugs before logging in.
    Then we can try to find ways to make sure it is fun. Instead of Wild west rules where the fastest trigger/button pusher wins.

    Caith: Did you guys fix the quest tokens not being rewarded? I didn't see it in the notes.
  14. RedvsBlue Well-Known Member

    You would also have to ask yourself if the majority of players wanted IoR, R2T, Stormhold, Deathtoll. Not a single one of them has more players than live so not really a fair comparison for a vote down. I will agree it has been a wreck. Lack of attention tends to do that and your PvE attention issues are living proof of that. Some of us want something other than a key quest/heroic/duck portal/PQ grind. Some people want all of it. Why take away something that earns them more money and could potentially lead to you getting more attention. PvE has been getting tons of attention actually, just not in the areas you listed. Go ask a pet/shadow class.
  15. Alphonsus Well-Known Member

    Is it even rewarding coins yet?
  16. Busko Member

    all seems ok but iv got level 100 necro with all Nizara gear and my dps was very poor nothing hit over 9k and my pets die's in like 2 -3 hits and casting was bad..

    Now Rangers on the other hand hit like a truck hitting for over 15k-82k most of them well in the 20s-40k mark. ..
    not sure if th gear he had on did this or not but it seems well op to me
  17. Igotwardzforu Member

    I'm not sure if it's rangers. There was another ranger in bgs and his abilities weren't hitting close to mines. I'm sitting at 101 pot and 129 cb. When I cast my pot jumps up to 111 and my cb jumps up to 332. I don't think its intended to give that much. On a side note, I don't elixir of tactic and Brew of readiness should function in bg's. 167 crit chance increase basically speaks for itself and being able to reset just about every ability in game every minute when you're out of combat is dumb.
  18. Busko Member

    how the dev team didnt see any of this shows they dont really care about pvp/BG.

    its all about gear as well i know some will say yes it should be but this is BG's why cant it be about skill ?

    i got solo Nizara gear and no fable gear my dps sucks vs warlock with ToT fable gear Ethereal gear he hits like a truck so my guess is unless you have ToT raid gear or Ethereal gear your gonna get your *** kicked.
  19. RedvsBlue Well-Known Member

    Would be willing to be the BG debuff put on everyone is % based in nature. That would mean better gear = better damage/survivability. Thing to keep in mind is this is a beta. This is also the first of the updates. The second has was mentioned to come with or around the time of the expansion. Gear, stats, classes and weak vs strong will change. Everyone has mostly everything by now so they will have quite an advantage for now. I believe this is purely to find out where the damage needs to be before any other adjusting happens.
  20. Gubbo New Member

    I use a lot of alias hotkeys on my toons. Such as one for Coercive shout, or ones for targeting. Anyway, I've had trouble with alias hotkeys in BG. Is this something big enough to look into? I mean the solution is, just don't use them, but I like them so.
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