Battlegrounds, Battlegrounds never change…except when they do. [BG Beta Feedback Thread]

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Caith, Sep 6, 2016.

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  1. Jachin Active Member

    This blue stat removal is very lame imo. If you are removing building your chars gearwise, why not also remove AA's? This game is mainly about building your chars and cutting that out in the pvp aspect is a terrible idea. Why the new stuff btw? All we asked for were BGs like they used to be: 30-89, 90-94, 95-99 and 100. I have asked the opinions of many of my old BG friends and they all think it will suck. Look at what happened to the scaling new PQs: nobody actually does them, they are broken and a dumb grind. This is exactly how I imagine these future battlegrounds to be.
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  2. Satyr Well-Known Member

    I'm actually cautiously optimistic about the removal of blue stats because I think it will move things back to their fundamentals and make things like AA more important and reduce overall DPS which will make for longer, interesting and more interactive fights. Will wait on commenting further until I've jumped in.
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  3. Jachin Active Member

    The fun in BG used to be the concept of playing your own creation versus other peoples own creations. With blue stat being removed the only thing that will happen is that Battlegrounds go from Olympics to Paralympics. Why cripple our beloved creations for the sake of "balance"? If one can do it, anyone can do it (if the so called skill level is the same, that is).
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  4. Jachin Active Member

    Agreed, Satyr, maybe it will be a lot of fun.
  5. Avahlynn Well-Known Member

    It's slated to only give rewards on a win. Maybe they have a biggest loser accomplishment for this like they do for loot rolls, though...
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  6. Montag Well-Known Member

    I think that if you want the removal of blue stats to work without forcing everyone to play classes that get huge casting speed and reuse from AAs you're going to need to hard code it so that everyone has the same casting speed, reuse and recovery and might as well make it 100% of all three so their toons feel similar to how they do on live and not have the weirdness of uber slow casting turn people away.
  7. RedvsBlue Well-Known Member

    That is essentially how BG's has been since it's release. Premade groups are encouraged. Which I think is how it should stay. Looks to me like they want to see how everything else runs and is affected before messing with the characters. Kander already made a comment that another update happens with the expansion so why adjust the characters right now when new stuff is on the way. I am glad this is finally happening so we can once again have some form of PvP even if it isn't an open world scenario.

    The only thing I have to ask is will there be a possibility of some different quests? I noticed when BG's were active before it became more about killing than completing the objective for each match. For example quests for stopping flag carriers or getting the flag to the base to score points. Or holding the relic multiple times. Being that these are only examples I was curious if some variety might be implemented for this next round?
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  8. Ratitz Active Member

    As stated before, TLE and other event servers will not be able to access this content. If you want to, just create a live toon and level it to 30.
  9. Khrawn New Member

    We are talking about PvP. They are working on PvP.
    That alone is exciting.
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  10. Ardur Duradan Well-Known Member

    so any new BGs planned in the future? Maybe a revamp of the velious bg?
  11. Exur Well-Known Member

    Are the Discord (PvP) adornments blue stats going to work in Battlegrounds? I'm assuming they are or they wouldn't be PvP sold items. So you aren't really removing blue stats from BGs completely, you're providing them to people that BG all day every day, right? It's fine, just looking to confirm the purpose here.

    Also, remove the plat cost on these adornments. If you are only rewarding tokens in BG, there is zero point to adding a plat cost on the rewards.
  12. Exur Well-Known Member

    So your first priority is to actually look at abilities and dare I say it.... scale them for PvP. This will take time and energy, but if it's not done... just shut it down. Abilities left hitting for 250k+ don't work when you scale hps to 60-120k.
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  13. Demoneque Member

    I don't see how having TSO and SF come out faster will help, Onra. Caith said that itemization is basically borked until CoE is released due to how stats have inflated. That means for ever expansion to be released that the team is going to have to adjust stats on practically every item. We've seen how that has worked out so far, so I don't know that compressing the development team's time is going to make the situation any better.

    We are a lower end raid guild. After the adjustments from the past few days, the raids have been more entertaining for us without being a complete pushover. Many of the raid drops are actually upgrades for us. I think there is still fun to be had for us on the TLE server for another few months as we progress through RoK.

    Bottom line: Unless we somehow rush to be within a couple expansions of the Live servers, we will not gain any itemization benefit by quickly unlocking TSO and SF.
  14. RadarX Community Manager

    Ok folks I've culled this thread quite a bit. If you have played the new BG we absolutely want to hear your thoughts and feedback about that experience.

    If you haven't played yet, when you have, we absolutely want to hear your thoughts and feedback.

    If you want to discuss something outside the current Beta BG functionality I'm going to ask you move along and feel free to create a separate thread.

    Thanks in advance and PM me with any moderation concerns.
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  15. Justaplayer Member

    The fights aren't balanced at all. The mages oneshot my shadowknight before I'm even in casting distance.
  16. Caith Developer

    For the most part, the issue isn't abilities, it's a couple of sources of potency and crit bonus that weren't accounted for properly. Mounts for one, primary stat to pot/cb, and some other conversions that are being taken care of for the next build.
  17. Yards Well-Known Member

    My potency is fluctuating by 20% up and down after I came out of BG's at least I think BG's were the cause I could be wrong on that. Anyway my potency is fluctuating by 20% up and down every second.
  18. Caith Developer

  19. Xianthia Well-Known Member

    Am I (or what am I) doing something wrong? I grabbed quest from npc, then queued myself to go in and still waiting. Is that because no groups, which of course due to the time of day could be the cause. Or am I supposed to do something differently?

    OOH as I typed this... I only queued for Smuggler's which is the quest I was given, so that's probably why? Have to queue for all?
  20. Caith Developer

    There aren't that many people trying out the beta at the moment, so it is typically a single match or two at a time.
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