Battlegrounds, Battlegrounds never change…except when they do. [BG Beta Feedback Thread]

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Caith, Sep 6, 2016.

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  1. Justbecause Active Member

    I would assume its being setup for those with and without the expansion and at all levels. In reality people will only run them if the incentives are right. Incentives for running lower levels probably won't be desired as much. Placing them in the right place in itemization with the unreleased gear will be troublesome also. Its good that they are trying to include everyone and set it so in the future there shouldn't have to be a tweak every expac but with all the new inc stats/caps I hope they can get something solid that will last.

    My real big question is going to be about acension levels. Will there be some kind of control factor with those as well? I can see the manaburn having to be nerfed all over again with the 50% max damage and some issues with a couple other ones.
  2. Ashandra Well-Known Member

    It's like when you roll a lev 1 toon and try to move around with no run speed After years of mount speeds you just don't want to do it.
  3. Justbecause Active Member

    Claiming PvP is more difficult than PvE is purely just an opinion. I did both and tbh neither one was more difficult than the other. If you were prepared and had practice you did well. There is a reason only so many guilds can clear every single mob in the expansion. Just the same as killing every person in PvP. BG's is all about team factor so if you enter with good players you will more than likely have a good outcome. Its mostly about who you are around. Some players feel they cannot compete without an edge and they will pick classes accordingly. Others test out ones that aren't commonly known as an elite class to push themselves and offer a challenge. BG's will only hold this challenge if they can possibly figure out some kind of balance/gear with the new stuff rolling in. If the same zones with the same objectives are there I could maybe see a spark of people for a short time in the beginning, but it would most certainly die out fast since most of us have already done those so many times. Not sure what the plan, but a rehash of theer will not go over so well I would think.
  4. Nuada Member

    i say it 100 time.. what is the prob.. make all Servers to a PVP server and gife all Characters the option to make PVP OFF on the character portrait, and now all are happy warfield players and questers..

    and noone need to make pvp open/or/BG and have no gear for it.. give pve_Raid/gear for PVPing or maybe 2nd best for the best all need to do PVE-Raid and add casting speed and other stuff hardcap to chars see not the problem. or get noone castspeed and all scouts. a global cooldown. and make master as highest working in pvp for better class balancing
  5. Dude Well-Known Member

    What you're suggesting is a complete re-engineering of the game. I don't see that happening in a game that's been around almost 13 years.
  6. Agonee New Member

    Is anyone actually testing? If so, when? I logged in a few times, but beta BG's have been empty.
  7. Kawoosh Well-Known Member

    Nuada Messages: 105Leave PvP on BG, or reopen a failed PvP server. On every PvP game with flagging that I've played, that never works for PvE players. Gankers, the cowardly types use invisibility, hang around groups of grey mobs or grey quest mobs. Unsuspecting PvE player AOEs the mobs and the invisible Ganker. Insta-kill ensues. In games where the PvE player revives where they died ... dead ... dead ... dead.A situation that has been pointed out in the forums, probably hundreds of times.The only one happy with that setup is the Ganker.
    And players who snuff Gankers engaging in this behavior; love the smell of Ganker whine. :rolleyes:
  8. Nuada Member

    not really if u have a PVP-off Button noone can attack you!! i think not this is hard too patch ingame, its more a pvp+pve server and any has the choice! for pvp on or off, at same server ! then no one can gank!

    i see not re-engineering the most of the stuff is there but not/more in use.

    this is the prob Agonee :( noone make pvp without good loot!!

    maybee PVE raid loot.. no PVP gear.. or a bit changed PVE-Raid gear with other procs if u have all items aoe dmg proc or Set bonus is 10% more pvp dmg this is not a hard work all classes the same procs and nothing is to balance,or use old procs push dmg and all is good nothin to code!

    i think pve player will with this make pvp.. because they want to have all the sets. you must PVP player bring to make PVE, and PVE player to make PVP

    I love this game i have play it since 2 beta day with other acc over all this years, i have see in all this time really bad mmos but the badest mmo has PVP options! with gear loot and all this stuff!!

    why this game be destroyed in PVP Part?

    I want to play this game again, but without gear for pvp.... (i mean PVE gear for PVP), i can not play the other stuff like PVE, without PVP options, i have played 60% pvp 40% pve and with no pvp i have no fun in this game. and same prob have sure 50 german ppls that i know.

    Developers can please say something??
  9. Justbecause Active Member

    I think half of the issue with what you are suggesting is that no one will actually turn on PvP in the first place. PvE players like being able to do quests and grind without interruption since there is so much stuff you have to do now. And if someone had it turned on and saw you coming they would just turn it off so they wouldn't have to fight you. Redoing the PvE mechanics like Dude mentioned would also be a problem. BG's is the perfect example of that right now. Plain and simple, there is not enough players or devs to support open world PvP anymore. Too many butt hurt players can't play legit either and it is what it is. The day to do something for its future happened long before we even hit level 90 tbh.
  10. Exur Well-Known Member

    hahaha... dude, an open PvP server is not for you man. Please accept this reality and move about your day.... it doesn't exist in this game and that's great for you. enjoy
  11. Edioss New Member

    What is the plan for the old tokens? Will they still be valid, is there still going to be a warzone? If not can you delete the quest in my journal, it is undeleteable. What about the marks of bloodshed, we still have tons of those from last BG's
  12. Nuada Member

    i see here in this thread enough old PVP players.
    Of course no one goes in the bg why also?? Raid u without loot? go u to the work without money? .. PVP must have Gear!! (PVE-Gear)

    i hope not a PVP on/off switch on a PVE server with warfield and stuff and bg + PVE Loot is mutch better. after warzone noone has made PVP all grps has farming the mobs!
  13. Harmtouch New Member

    Still waiting for PvP... I like the acknowledgement that it can't be completely ignored. A PvP on/off switch/button would be exploited like portals to housing to avoid PvP seconds before an attack. Maybe a 24 hr cool down on the button so you have to commit to PvP for the day. I don't know but I like the conversation.
  14. Justbecause Active Member

    PvP gear should not be equal to raid loot. Nor should it even be close. That would defeat the purpose of actually raiding. Go ask any raider what they think about that. I promise 90%+ will have a negative reaction to that question. I think heroic T1-T2 is sufficient. That is easily doable with the resolve limits now if they even want to include it on the gear, which I believe they should. I think the on/off switch could work in theory but it is just that, a theory. Open world was a theory too and it ended as soon as some exploited it. Expanding on BG's would be the way to go imo. Adding the different play styles of PvP there would benefit them a lot more than spreading it across all the servers. If you want to PvP you already know where you have to go for it.
  15. rutro Active Member

    90% of raiders = 5 people? You seem to think your opinion and the raiders opinion is the only legitimate opinion. Guess what- your logic is flawed. Not only that- what does PVP have to even do with raiders? Honestly, I would rather watch a starving Pygmy chase a donut down a hill...than to appease a dying breed of elite, narcissistic, self absorbed, opinionated and Rain man like lifestyle living, getting old, and game ruining people. I am guessing you are the kid that would see another kid in school with a cooler looking avatar on his polo shirt and cry all the way home until mom got you one? If someone's feelings get hurt over what someone else has- they have a LOT of growing up to do....Besides, raiding is not as hard and takes way less skill than some solo stuff...basically, 90% of the time it is tank and spank with a swarm of people. Boring as hell.
  16. Dude Well-Known Member

    Angry much?
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  17. Justbecause Active Member

    Yes, so easy and boring that only 5-10% of the games population can do it all. I see where you are coming from. It was an issue in ToV when people were clearing raid zones with BG armor, but I guess you turned a blind eye to that also. For someone to claim raiding is 90% tank and spank that alone tells me that you have never set foot in a raid. So rather than try to explain to someone who can't comprehend any part of that side of the game I will just /shrug. But in all seriousness it sounds like you met the people who gave PvPer's the ugly persona. Too bad you uphold the equally ugly opposing end.
  18. Tekka Well-Known Member

    Is there testing going on, or just discussion about systems that players would rather have over what it was changed to?
  19. Xakrein Well-Known Member

    Funny, because that's exactly what non-raiders did in relation to what raiders were getting.

    Congrats on utterly destroying your own position. No length of rope is enough to climb out of the hole you just dug.
  20. Justbecause Active Member

    We are at a stand still with testing atm. I am not sure what else they are looking for but all of the same issues that were there 2 weeks ago are still there. They are still working on the expac so I don't expect any kind of action for a while. Some still want to have open world PvP and look where it has gotten us.
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