Battlegrounds, Battlegrounds never change…except when they do. [BG Beta Feedback Thread]

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Caith, Sep 6, 2016.

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  1. Caith Developer

    The EverQuest 2 Battleground system is going into beta starting 9/07/2016 with a full scaling revamp, allowing players from level 30 up to 100 to participate in a balanced fight, where skill is the most significant factor.
    • The Battleground Beta is accessed through what used to be the live battleground system (matchmaker or BG portal), and the live Battlegrounds have been temporarily shut down until this beta has been concluded. Entering the BG beta moves your character to the Battleground Beta server until you transfer your character back to your live server. Rewards earned on the Battleground Beta server will transfer back with your character to your live server.
      • Gear differences are scaled way back, so the difference between a fully raid geared participant and a player in crafted gear is relatively minor.
      • Blue stats from gear do not apply in Battlegrounds.
      • Raw Health and Mana from gear do not apply in Battlegrounds.
      • Blue stats from AA’s and spells will apply in Battlegrounds.
      • Procs or permanent activated items do not apply in Battlegrounds.
    • Consumable activated effects will apply in Battlegrounds.
    • Ability upgrades are still as valuable as they always were. A master ability is going to hit a lot harder than an apprentice.
    • Battleground missions only reward on a match win, and are now on a 15 minute rotation between Gears of Klakanon, Battlefield of Ganak, and Smuggler's Den, with no daily limit.
    • Gear merchants have been removed from Champion’s Respite, a beta reward merchant is located on your home server next to the Battleground portals in every city.
    If you have any feedback or questions about ability, stat, or general balance, this is the place for them as I will not be answering any questions about the Battleground Beta anywhere else.
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  2. Ratitz Active Member

    Will there be any adjustment to class abilities? i:e: focus effects, added stuff to aa abilities (like DR on tank temps) etc?
  3. Caith Developer

    Only extremely limited ones.
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  4. Ratitz Active Member

    Will autoattack damage receive any kind of changes? I'm assuming we wont have quite the weapon damage bonus/dps mod/flurry that we do, but some items (such as enervated mythical weapons) have a significantly higher damage rating than other weapons, and when stats are that low, a difference in ~30-40 damage rating can make a big difference.
  5. Mystfit Well-Known Member

    Giggle. Only tokens if you win. I am the proud owner of many house items from the old battlegrounds that I earned solely form the fact they tossed tokens at losers like me.
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  6. Broath New Member

    I have actually been in BG's testing multiple things getting preped for this and tbh. The no blue stats is a terrible idea. I like that the OP'ness is gone but its a really bad idea because RIP casting/Reuse Casting it makes your spells MAJORLY slow, and it actually takes a long time to kill someone which is good but its a lot longer than it should be. Healers heals are non-exsistant at this point. I've been in Battlegrounds where this has already taken affect, and I can say it is not fun. We need some kind of stats where we won't be one shotting, but no stats at all is just long and painful and honestly not fun in my personal opinion. This removal of stats is not a revival of Battlegrounds it'll still be dead (once again, in mine and the others who were testing stuff in Battlegrounds with me opinions) . There needs to be some kind of middle ground.
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  7. Azeren Member

    So, from what I've seen from running around in the warzone the past few days, not having blue stats has a huge impact on how pvp will work. For example, no blue stats on gear means many classes will start off without casting speed or reuse speed, unless they can get it from AAs or buffs from group members, is that intended?
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  8. Caith Developer

    That is why there is a line in the post specifically calling out that we removed it.
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  9. Monotone Active Member

    Will it just be normal servers able to join in battlegrounds or will free trade, progression ,and event servers be able to pop in there?
  10. Broath New Member

    This also means the classes Illy/Coercer are going to be the T1 dps while everyone else is T20... Because some classes get up to 40% in Casting, Reuse. (Maybe more I don't look at all specs but its all reasonably close) But Illy/Coercer from their AA's will be able to have almost capped Casting and Reuse from their first tree alone. This will make them the only played class since they are the only ones able to cast multiple spells in a short duration compared to everyone else. Just another example of 0 blue stats will equal a bad idea.

    If you want my honest imput put PvP only stats into the game, and make gear that'll only work in Battlegrounds. Seperate PvE and PvP completely and give us something to make every class playable, just don't overdo it like the PvE gear so we don't one shot each other.
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  11. Caith Developer

    Unfortunately Event and Progression servers will never be able to join BG's, there are too many things that would automatically be attached to your character due to being on a server with all expansions listed as live.
  12. Caith Developer

    Frankly, I don't. Not in this thread. Theoretical questions or comments about completely different rulesets have no place in this thread, as it will only serve to clutter and derail it.
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  13. Ratitz Active Member

    Still curious
    I remember in PoW when you could go into BG's with the Teku weapons and one shot people.
  14. Exur Well-Known Member

    Thanks Caith.. hoping I'm not drifting outside of your thread intent here.

    What are the tokens/reward going to be used for?
    HPs on gear considered green or blue (sorry, been away awhile)? I don't have any new or relevant gear with HP modifiers, so just gauging if you are intending people to PvE on live to BG competitively or if the BG rewards are decent in BGs. HPs will matter greatly.
    Are BG achievements being added.. possible later? Feldon said it would be easy to track for BG leaderboards (and we did confirmed achievements were pulled back to live servers). << This is where you will attract people back imho

    I'll log in tomorrow to start beta'ing

    ** edit, I'll post feedback after testing
  15. Caith Developer

    Health and Power on gear are actually green stats, but they are handled like the little special snowflakes they are, and also disabled. The amount of raw health and power on some items would absolutely shatter the player health balancing. Having a player with a million hp fighting someone with 100k would be dumb.

    That is out of the scope of this beta.
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  16. Azeren Member

    All I can say is that without any blue stats from gear applying, potency goes to ~50-300 depending on AAs and the amount you get from your mount, while my health still stays around 1.5mil (I had 2.3mil before zoning into BGs). With the extremely low amount of potency vs live, the heals that I saw normally do around 3-15k on the tooltips. My feedback- there's not really a way of keeping someone alive with 1.5mil health when you heals do on average ~10k each, especially when you consider that most healers won't have the casting speed so those heals take even longer to cast. :(
    **All of this was done in the warzone, as of currently you can zone in and you have no blue stats from gear so you can see how it works. (Before BGs are closed for beta testing that is!)
    ***Yeah, I know.. /rant over until beta opens tomorrow :)
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  17. Caith Developer

    Mounts shouldn't be granting stats, and if they are after tomorrows update then it will put a crimp on things. I'll keep an eye out.
  18. Triv New Member

    Not allowing players to get tokens from a lose means that premade groups are going to be getting tokens 99% of the time. While those that have an interest in PvP play a match or two, get jack for it and never play again. PvP is currently dead and needs the community to have incentive to do it. So in short, please add tokens to a lose even if it is just a few.

    Valor, Victory, and Tradition. Hooruh!
  19. Ashandra Well-Known Member

    Premades kinda make it not fun for the casual with no tokens for losing It will get old pretty fast and they won't show up.
  20. Satyr Well-Known Member

    Caith, could you flag the sort of feedback that would be helpful? i.e. should we be looking for:

    - Technical problems
    - Class balance problems
    - Item problems
    - Level scaling problems

    What should we be testing and commenting on that will help you out the most?

    Also, are you aiming to implement the old open world PVP rules set in Battlegrounds and if so, should we be providing feedback based on that or is there a new system?
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