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Discussion in 'Monk' started by ARCHIVED-KazeKen777, May 17, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-KazeKen777 Guest

    I'm learning to become better at PvP and have been told many things concerning our roles in BG. I've read that we can be tanks, support tanks, dps, etc. - depending on the situation.

    For those of you experienced monks that do well in BG, what would you recommend in terms of:
    • AA set up
    • Combat Arts
    • Taunts
    • Our main roles

    Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. ARCHIVED-BChizzle Guest

    KazeKen777 wrote:
    AA wise a tanking setup is best with a defensive lean. In BG's we can DPS but it comes more from being able to stay in there and take hits while dpsing instead of just being nukers. Due to broken BG mechanics a 2 hander is the best bet until they fix things but I also switch to 4.0's if I am missing a healer in my group to get some extra heals from the ward on our raid 4.0. You should have dragon stance running and be taunting unless you are not playing the role of tank at which point feel free not to have those running and run out and murder mages and healers.
  3. ARCHIVED-KazeKen777 Guest

    Thanks, BChizzle.

    One more thing:

    When playing the role of the tank, who do you go after first? DPS? Healers? Other tanks?
  4. ARCHIVED-BChizzle Guest

    KazeKen777 wrote:
    Entirely circumstancial
  5. ARCHIVED-KazeKen777 Guest

    I think this is why I'm having such trouble in PvP. I tend to approach the BG instances as if trying to find a pattern of familiarity that I can depend upon for success (I guess that's how my mind works). The circumstantial scenarios are throwing me off, creating chaos that is screwing me (and the group) up.

    Guess I'll just have to keep practicing.
  6. ARCHIVED-BChizzle Guest

    KazeKen777 wrote:
    That's the fun part
  7. ARCHIVED-Brickfist Guest

    BChizzle wrote:
    As far as AA setup, mantis leap has been a life saver so many times that I can't see myself ever dropping it from my BG AA setup. Macroed with feign and /stand it drops you on top of those range classes and clears em for a second or two of uninterupted fun on their face. Even if your not main tanking it, throw yer taunts (especially encounter) as often as feign is up because choas and confusion is the biggest enemy a well formed group can have. Taunting while running mongoose also helps because of the increased frustration caused to other players. Basically, unless yer tanking go with what would make the least amount of sense at any given time, chi before slapping at the healers and sorcerers, and make friends with yer deaggro button and feign. Space out yer stuns/stifles so they don't land right on top of each other, and the upgraded damage of the BG 2.5 weapons has made 'em at least a feasible option if you don't raid. Stack as much heal proc gear as you can because these can truly save yer bottom in the longer fights. Make sure you go defensive, but watch out how much life yer sucking out of yerself if yer running haste, drop it if yer heal procs can't keep up with it. AA's and equipment that reduce actual damage numbers i.e. sf fighter tree and certain old content raid equipment can also signicately help with yer incoming damage.

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