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Discussion in 'Berserker' started by ARCHIVED-Kota, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-Kota Guest

    well i knew it was coming. they pretty much nerfed it useless. a lil overboard imo. max 10 hits now, 2.6% per, for a grand total of 26% healed. that's fine, i accept this. but can we get it to work on ALL damage now ? not just melee.
  2. ARCHIVED-Obadiah Guest

    Yeah, things are never nerfed with a detail brush. Always the wide-brush. That's one reason I only took my Berserker to BGs a few times even though it's my main. I didn't want to get attached to that. I'm sure there will be /ragequits over that. Not just because of the nerf itself, but the lack of nerfs to other, more OP classes in PVP that should be accompanying it.
  3. ARCHIVED-Hardain Guest

    Stupid nerf imo, they nerfed it way too much. Yet they didn't do anything to the really OP classes like crusaders ect.
  4. ARCHIVED-Kota Guest

    yeah they need nerfed in a big way for pvp expecially, but i've given up on that happening. 2 big tymers at soe play sk's from what i hear. battle frenzy is all but useless now, but whatev.
  5. ARCHIVED-ZerkerDwarf Guest

    The devs do not read this class forum.
    There's none playing a berserker.
    They just want to **** the classes THEY play: crusaders and esp. shadowknights.
    They do not care about the berserker. They put everything and every good idea into crusaders.

    Once upon a time a dev played a shadowknight as a main. He saw how crappy it was. He boosted it from rubbish to godmode. They won't think about real balancing. The devs do not know that balancing is not putting a super heavyweight on the side where once had been the leighter weight. They think the current overpowered status compensates the former underpowered status.

    Now that the berserker had a single useful ability that does not come along with a penalty the same time, they nerf it.
    Other classes of course keep their SF-AA-special. I suppose there's still the "bug" that Sks can equip their Veeshan's Peak set, cast two Bloodletters and re-equip to T9.

    Luckily I do not concentrate on PvP.

    Yes, I am jealous, envious, sad and angry that I have picked the seemingly wrong class four years ago that I now have spent so much time and work into. All the /claim-stuff, thousands of quests, special items, 20 million status, LoN-items and so much more. Thanks for your money and goodbye when you don't like our game any more?
  6. ARCHIVED-Aull Guest

    I understand many are upset. I for one do not like what they did to the zerker class. Giving berserkers wards and heals was something that should not have been done in the first place. Zerkers shouldn't be healing at all. It is sad what this game has become over the years. Again it seems that all they are doing any more is taking individuality away and making all classes more alike. Palazerkerknight anyone?
    I do think that if they make any one ability of a lesser value then they should up the value on another to compensate.
  7. ARCHIVED-infa Guest

    Was this changed in pve also? I thought I read somewhere that this was a pvp-specific change? I'm at work and can't verify...
  8. ARCHIVED-Hardain Guest

    It's BG specific, so it should only affect BGs, not PvE or PvP servers.
  9. ARCHIVED-infa Guest

    Thanks for the clarification! :)
  10. ARCHIVED-Bazill Guest

    I need to get my zerk over to test but i would be guessing that if it was nerfed for BG's then it is nerfed to open world pvp also as they use the same rulesets. The joy of being on open world pvp is our abilities use the pve rules untill we get engaged by another player or engage another player then switch to the pvp rules.
  11. ARCHIVED-sdaigneault Guest

    Looks like Battle Frenzy is only triggering 15 times on Vox in PVE encounters. Reported it and am hoping they can address this. It's truly useless now, even in PVE. GRR/
  12. ARCHIVED-LygerT Guest

    ZerkerDwarf wrote:
    unfortunately i can't really argue this but i'm done beating my head against the wall so i just try to play and enjoy my time rather than get upset at a game any longer.
  13. ARCHIVED-TheUnsungBand Guest

    come on, I just want this to work in PVE like it is supposed to... In pve it is only giving 15 triggers... Nerf it for pvp, fine, but dont ruin it for pve...
  14. ARCHIVED-Obadiah Guest

    TheUnsungBand wrote:
    It works for me still, pending the nerf. Is this on a PVP server? There are several things still broken (like Stonewill items) that say X for PVP, Y for PVE but on the PVP servers they are still only giving the PVP amounts.
  15. ARCHIVED-TheUnsungBand Guest

    yes to clarify I am on a pvp server... I tested my coppied toon on the test server and it worked correctly... On VOX and Nagafen, Battle frenzy only gives 15 procs no matter what... In a raid zone, heroic zone, in any kind of closed instance where it is pve it still only works with 15 procs which renders it very useless... I know on pve servers it works correct, I am just trying to get them to fix it on Vox and Nagafen... I dont care if it doesnt work at all in pvp, I just want it to work correctly in the pve content on a pvp server... I mean this is an end aa ability and it should be fixed... It has been broke ever since they nerfed it...
  16. ARCHIVED-iglamuk Guest

    TheUnsungBand wrote:
    True story. I am from negafen and in pvE (dungoen, instance or whatever) the battle frenzy only has 15 triggers (I can clearly observe the count down). The descriptions says triggers only for pvp though. I hope they change description or even better fix the ability....

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