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Discussion in 'Dirge' started by ARCHIVED-neennas, Aug 25, 2009.

  1. ARCHIVED-neennas Guest

    I have noticed in the last couple days the songs that used to stack no longer do. (guildmate noticed it to) I dont know if I am just insane or did they sneak in a nerf. noticed fortisimo no longer stacks as an example.
    Just to make sure I am insane or not I was grouped with a troubie the other day. they had there str/sta song going and I had our str/agi going. now I could have sworn they would both stack but this time it did str and sta from the troubie but only took the agi aspect of mine (both gave same buff increase)
  2. ARCHIVED-Huntress Jellica Guest

    It has always been this way. You can have both buffs up, but only get the effects from one. A troub and dirge can be running Fortissimo at the same time, but the group will only receive +10% double attack (unless the dirge has AA in it, bringing it to 15%), and so on. All bard buffs are like this.
  3. ARCHIVED-neennas Guest

    see thats the funny thing It did stack we tested it by both having it casted and then both cancelling and you could see when we both stopped the spell 1 at a time you could see them both cancel in stats ie. with both cast we had lets say 10 when one canceled we would be down to 5 and then with both cancled we would be at 0 (I know not real numbers). and yes we are both at the 15% AA line.
  4. ARCHIVED-thecynic315 Guest

    Harl's/Rayxal's have worked the way the OP described since LU13.

    Fortismo and Allego do stack between any number of bards in the group.
  5. ARCHIVED-Huntress Jellica Guest

    Androw@Najena wrote:
    So it does! Good to know.. Honestly didn't think they would since buffs usually don't stack like that, but tested it, and it's nice for sure.

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