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  1. Mermut Well-Known Member

    Interesting.. the fragments and powders all go into the Wantia Artisan Satchel. Odd that some of the fragments do get sorted.

    The other sorting options (when we hit sort, not the auto-sort on loot)... are items supposed to come out of the bags that are slated for them and go into the 'no options' bags?
  2. Guiscard Active Member

    I would like it if the ability to dump smaller bags into larger bags would apply to the boxes in our inventory. You still have to meticulously take the items out of one box to put in a larger box.
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  3. Terrogaunt Developer

    As long as both bags come from the primary inventory, you can totally do that. It just depends on how many free slots are available in the destination bag. If you have a specific example, I'll check it out
  4. Lempo Well-Known Member

    I haven't even logged into game today but without a doubt this will be the best part of this 'expansion'.
  5. Silzin Active Member

    i was hoping its not to late.... can you also add a /sort_bags Type
  6. Councellor Member

    Possible bugs?

    Bug #1 - Noticing Some some Charms (all marked Charms <optional>) are not sorting into the right bag.
    Example: I had all Baubles set to go into bag #6. Did a sort and all Baubles (aka charms) sorted to bag #6. Changed the options to bag #1 to include Baubles and removed the Baubles option from bag #6. Completed another sort and only 10 of the 25 total Charm stacks from bag #6 went into bag #1. Also noteworthy is that I have bag #5 set to "SKIP" as it contains some Attuned items, Charms Optional etc that I want to keep together. All bags are 48 slots. Bag #6 Has Potions and Poisons only selected.

    Charms (baubles) that seem to move (to bag #1 or 2 when Bauble is chosen)
    Jin'tu's Leaf
    Nurwin's Whittling Knife
    Portable Globe of Swift Travel
    Sebilisian Staff of Sounding
    Totem of Quickness
    Void Portal
    Spirit Totem of the Chokidai
    Spirit of the Cockatrice
    Spirit Totem of the Goblin
    Totem of the Deadly Sabertooth

    Charms (baubles) that aren't moving (from bag #6)
    Celestial Fragment of Subversion
    Fragment of Gravitational Potential
    Globule of Mass Deceleration
    Sacred Crystal of Infinite Dimensions
    Sphere of the Animating Mind
    Spiritual Stone of Embodiment
    Incorporeal Rock of Translucency
    Lucent Rock of Relative Mass
    Potion of Bountiful Harvests
    Draft of the Wise
    Wand of Forgiveness
    Equivalence Stone
    Field Repair Kit
    Fresh Cut Rose
    Spirit Totem of the Holgresh
    Spirit Totem of the Swamp Elemental
    Totem of Escape
    Totem of the Endless Void
    Totem of the Mythic Chameleon
    Totem of the Otter
    Totem of the Void

    Bug #2 - Also when making a change to the bag sort screen and clicking "APPLY" I reopen the sort screen and the change I just made hasn't taken hold. I re-do the change and hit "APPLY" the second time and the change saves. I'm having to make a sort change twice and save it twice just for the change to take hold. Another bug perhaps?.

    Also since we're presuming that Charms <optional> are being sorted as Baubles, is there any possibility that we could get a list indicating which items are definitely given what Sort category? We're guessing at this point where different items "should" sort to but again, without a Dev's confirmation/input it's really hard for us laypeople to guide our fellow guild members.
    Here's what we "THINK" so far - Example:
    • Adornments - Any White, Yellow, Green, Red, Blue adornment that hasn't been placed into any adornment slot yet
    • Armor - Any "non-attuned" equipment item (excludes Charms, Cloaks, Ears, Fingers or Weapon items)
    • Attuned Items - Items that are specifically attuned (Equipment and Weapons <It's unconfirmed so far if "Heirloom" items would be classified to this category since some aren't attuned>)
    • Baubles - Consumable items (Escape Potions, Summoning Charms, Tracking Scrolls, Transport Globes , Vitality Potions) <excludes Experience Potions>)
    • Cloaks - All Cloak Equipment items (not attuned)
    • Collection Items (or shinies) - Newly Discovered or Previously Discovered Shiny (You can set your UI up to open your collections journal when you loot "newly discovered aka usable" collection items so that the only items that sorts to this category would be the "You have already collected this item (previously discovered)" collection item. This is because game mechanics seem to check your collections journal first before moving the item into a bag)
    • Harvests - Any harvested resource material (Common, Treasured, Rare)
    • House items - Any item that can be placed in either a Player House or Guild Hall
    • Jewelry ( rings, charms, etc ) - Any "non-attuned" Charm, Finger, Ear item (excludes Armor or Weapons)
    • Junk - Merchant Buy Items
    • Misc ( those various items that might not perform a great enough or common enough function or purpose to designate their own item type ) - Lore, No-Destroy, No-Trade, and No-Value items
    • Poisons - Self explanatory (items to go on weapons, or consume)
    • Potions - Experience potions (excludes Vitality potions)
    • Quest Items - Any item that offers you the opportunity to begin a quest (includes L&L items) whether you've completed the quest or not
    • Recipe Scrolls - Crafting Books (previously scribed or not) <excludes spell scrolls>
    • Spell Scrolls - Combat or Spell Books or Scrolls (previously scribed or not) <excludes recipe scrolls>
    • Weapons - Any "non-attuned" weapon item (excludes equipment items)

    And last but not least, would you please consider adding a Sort Category for "Food/Drinks, L&L and Heirloom. Thanks very much for such great work, and for your constant responses to our posts. You can certainly tell how much thought and effort you guys have put into all this!. And my apology for such a long post. :)

    And if anyone notices errors in my post feel free to correct me lol
  7. Uberfuzzy Member

    the "collectable" filter is nearly useless, as nearly all "junk" is also marked as collectable

    is junk: 821
    is collectable: 685

    intersection of junk AND collectable: 650,classifications.collectable

    sample items,classifications.collectable

    I marked one bag as with ONLY collections, and went to shard of love, and all the various glowing/flickering stones and other junk drops went into my collection only bag.

    This is a "itemlevel" vs "leveltouse" problem.

    Your bag filter is using classifications.collectable (as one would assume) but should be using classifications.eig (oh sure, that makes sence),classifications&c:has=classifications.eig
  8. Mermut Well-Known Member

    Items that incorrectly got auto-sorted into my bag marked only for harvests:
    L&L pieces: a goblin claw, a goblin eye, a goblin spine
    vendor trash: intact chokidai armor plate, sabretooth skull, plain carapace fragment, intact trakaraptor hide, bloodstained bat fang

    items that did NOT automatically go into the same bag
    Emerald Fragment, Sacred Powder

    My 'harvest' bag is in my 5th slot. Bags 1-4 have the default 'all items' settings, bag 6 is set to skip.
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  9. Eradani Well-Known Member

    Made a couple of toons on Test on my silver account to test this out further.

    - dragging bags in inventory seems to work, except when it doesn't

    - dragging bag from personal bank to inventory where there is an empty bag puts empty bag into the 1st bag

    - testing with bags marked
    - Harvest
    - Collections
    - QuestItems
    - Misc for everything else

    harvesting nodes:
    - Harvest:

    - Harvest: bought off broker

    orc (halas) body loot
    - Harvest: L&L, vender trash
    - QuestItems: starter for language quest

    sporetenders (halas) body loot
    - Harvest: status items
    - Misc: pengent fungus spore - vender trash

    quest: repelling little creatures
    - Misc: quest bauble [crustose repellent prototype] and [crustose repellent]

    quest: if i had a hammer
    - Misc: fuel for quest, recipe

    - at bank: sold vender trash from Harvest bag and tried to dump the contents, by now all real harvestables, into the [Harvest Storage Bank Bag] and "The item is not allowed in that type of bag"

    - changed bags to
    - Harvest
    - Quest Items
    - [meager harvesting bag] marked All Items by default
    - Misc for everything else

    - cannot dump contents of bag marked Harvest into [meager harvesting bag]

    - the only way harvests go to the [meager harvesting bag] is if it is in a lower position than the bag marked for Harvests

    - cannot dump contents of [meager harvesting bag] into [Harvest Storage Bank Bag]

    sablevein (dlw) body loot
    - Harvest: vender trash, L&L

    wolves (dlw) body loot
    - Misc: [canine saliva]
    - Misc: DM spawn

    untamed spirit (dlw)
    - Harvest: [a vial of spectral essence]
    - Harvest: L&L

    alternative liquids: it used to be the case that [vial of ...] could be substituted but apparently you can't anymore. still, why did 1 go into Misc bag and the other into Harvest? i thought it may be that sentient mob body loot is all going into Harvest but the sporetenders dropping status items contradicts this.
  10. Terrogaunt Developer

    Believe it or not, it's been using the "eig" classification this whole time. I can give it a good once over soon though, just bogged down in another assignment for a little while. If you have any specific examples, it will help me track it down and fix it sooner.

    Also, I found the issue with the harvest bag. It was using some broad classifications so I'm just going to change them to being the same classifications that the wantia bag uses. Two birds, one stone.
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  11. Thorine New Member

    I hate that I can't swap bags in my inventory. For 8 years I have had my own "sorting order" and I want to keep that.
    I have never had problem to know in what bag to search for some specifiq items.
    I know people have asked for this and I'm grateful for the option, but please give us an option to disable the bag sorting.
    For me this is just very annoying.
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  12. Guiscard Active Member

    Maybe I don't understand how it works - but if I have a large Swamp Ash box in my personal inventory - I cannot drag it over a box of lower capactiy in my bank and have the contents replaced like I can with my bags. I want the ability to use the larger boxes to swap out small boxes in my bank storage and in my storage in the shared bank as well and also the house vault.
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  13. Terrogaunt Developer

    Hey guys, some people are getting confused with the Bag Sorting when they set a bag to prefer it and have another bag set to All Items. Would you rather have any bags with "All" be sorted to after the bags with preferred items?

    Oh, and I added some new stuff.
    /sort_bags tier (and an "a" or "d" after each type to say whether it's ascending or descending. defaults to ascending)
    "Fuel", "Food", and "Drink" filters
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  14. Silzin Active Member

    I can not speak for every one, but i think it would be better to defaultff item to a bag flagged for them over an ALL bag.
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  15. Darqmyth New Member

    My crafters thank you for the newest filters. :)
    IMHO having the "All" bags be after the preferred sorted bags might be better since it should be the last one to take effect, not the first. I've only had two chances to play with the new sorting system so please don't blow me out of the water for slotting in my two coppers worth.
  16. Mermut Well-Known Member

    Yes... definately prefer items to go into 'specific' bags before into the 'all' bags
  17. Terrogaunt Developer

    I checked it all in last night, so the changes will most likely go into a patch next week if they're bug-free.

    One of the changes I made was completely re-writing the code for bag dumping to reinstate the old bag swapping methods. Now you drag the bag inside of the bag window to dump the contents. Should be a little bit more intuitive too.
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  18. Mermut Well-Known Member

    How will this affect putting empty bags into other bags? I currently drop empty bags into other bags by dropping the empty bag from character screen into the open bag window.

    ps We aren't REALLY trying to be difficult, though I'm sure it may seem otherwise ;)
  19. Terrogaunt Developer

    I tried it several different ways.
    Dragging equipped bag on top of other equipped bag = swap locations
    Dragging equipped bag into bag window of other equipped bag = dump contents
    Dragging bag from within an inventory bag onto equipped bag = swap bags
    Dragging bag from within an inventory bag into a slot of another bag = simple item move
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  20. Silzin Active Member

    can you also make it work if we have 2 bags that are over half full and i want to dump as much of the contents in bag 1 into bag 2.
    does that make any sense?