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  1. Terrogaunt Developer

    Test patch notes (not on Live yet, waiting until after f2p stuff for testing reasons):

    Bag Sorting:
    • Added Fuel, Food, and Drink filters.
    • Added Tier sorting method "/sort_bags tier".
    • Added Ascending and Descending parameters for sorting called with "a" and "d" respectively (ie: "/sort_bags tier a").
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  2. Eshaac Active Member

    Wow, this is going to be awesome.. Great, Great Work Terrogaunt!!!

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  3. Rynada New Member

    Awesome you guys are the best. Thank you
  4. EQ2NOOB New Member

    Status items, Fertilizer? This question was brought up by Vagar and was never addressed (and no the misc filter does not work). Also pelt drops from animals don't filter either.
  5. EQ2NOOB New Member

    Vagar's report was back in January...
  6. Majorhazord New Member

    1- Equipment Bag would be nice. We constantly equip and un-equip items, then have to look for our equipment items again. Please allow a bag to be designated as equipable items only. Maybe even attuned and equipable, that way only items actually used before would be included?
    2-For Sale Bag would be a time saver. Sell the whole bag of trash items or attuned items to clerk for one total price!
  7. Lodrelhai Well-Known Member

    Attuned is already a filter - problem is no-trade gear isn't under that filter, since it doesn't need to be attuned. And even if it was, there's a lot of quest rewards that are no-trade that would not be things we want to swap out, so we wouldn't want them sorting with our attuned stuff.

    With gear I swap, I stick it in a bag flagged "Skip" Then everything's always easy to find, and most other stuff doesn't end up in that bag unless other bags are full.

    I am noticing that some stuff is going in my "skip" even if the bag its supposed to go in isn't full - however, if I put those items in a random other bag and sort, it all goes into the right bags. Status items, fertilizer, and dungeon maker stuff all loot into the skip-flagged bag, but sort as miscellaneous if I manually move them out of the skip bag. I think a damaged low-quality snake skin ( \aITEM 1818901842 -1476400509 0 0 0:[a damaged low quality snake skin]\/a ) did it too, but can't remember for sure now. All of these were T2 drops while questing in GFay.
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  8. Terrogaunt Developer

    Misc is a net that catches anything that wasn't already covered by the other sorting options. When you have an item enter your bag, it's trying to find if the bag prefers such an item. Since the "misc" filter is basically a safety net, I can't accurately check against it for the sake of distributively looting. That's why that happens. When I get time to go back, I might see if there isn't a logical way to solve that problem.
  9. Kickya Active Member

    I like the sorting feature a lot so great job on that BUT ....

    Is it not about time that their was more then 1 icon for a backpack ? after all their are so many backpacks available that to have an icon for each would be a lot a simpler fix would be something like

    Icons for handcrafted, master crafted and then just do the usual SoE thing use a different crayon to colour it in lol

    personaly id like the player to have the ability to colour his bags or select from a dropdown say an icon to put on the bag similar to tags used in groups or raids like a pink star or yellow sword

    hmm come to mention it, we have the player studio. So have some feature of the studio to be able to submit this sort of thing

    Icons for weapons, armor, BACKPACKS, potions, Food, Drink, spells, abilities

    you get the idea i think
  10. adolf102 Member

    This is very useful feature. Would be great to have option to autosort and auto-inventory shared bank.
    I like to keep harvestables there so I can share with alts and sorting them out manually is a pain now since I saw how good auto sorting works ;)
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  11. Muppethero Member

    Any chance of sorting bags in bank?
  12. Petrofrog New Member

    Hi, bag sorting is a such great feature and thank you devs for implementing it.

    I was just wondering if there is a way to replicate bag sorting preferences to my other characters? So I only have to do it once, then "load" the preferences for all my other toons.

    I have about 12 characters. It would save so much time to be able to set them all up with the same preferences by this method rather than manually setting each bag x 12 toons.

    Also, every time you upgrade your bags you wipe the preferences, it would be good to be able to re-load them.
  13. Barbarosa_Rex Member

    With Jakenn on stacking.. Have wanted this ability from launch.. would love to see this added at some point.. thx
  14. Gossuc Greygranite Member

    I'll put my vote in for bank sorting as well, I also liked the idea of saving bag sorts too.
  15. Alenna Well-Known Member

    I just lost on live a bubinga strong box and its contents when i tried to move a frostfell shopping bag into the frost fell shopping went into the shared bank slot the bubinga strong box was in and the bubinga strong box disappeared completly it is not in my inventory or bank or shared bank. I was moving the frostfell shopping bag from a strong box in my characters bank to the strong box in my shared banks slot number 7.
  16. Mermut Well-Known Member

    When you relog it will probably show up in your overflow
  17. Alenna Well-Known Member

    actualy it showed up in teh slot 7 of my shared bank when I relogged onto the character it happened on I hten moved everyting to another box and have it all.
  18. Avianna Well-Known Member

    Is there a command or can we add a command to sort stuff in your bags by level?

    Please and thank you, I tried </sort_bags tier> but that did not seem to work
  19. CoLD MeTaL Well-Known Member

    I wish when you dropped a bag on another that like items would 'stack', seems weird they don't.
  20. Hordolin Awanagin Active Member

    /sort_bags level
    /sort_bags name
    are the available options.
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