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  1. Feldon Well-Known Member

    I know those "substitute" items were put in for flavor. Instead of just "etched leather pelt" you can use "damage snake skin" et al but the problem is, those substitute items don't have the "This item can be used to craft level 50-59 items" tooltip and they just clog up harvest depots or other type containers. It would be nice to see a silent script run behind the scenes that changes everyone's "substitute" items into the standard item.
  2. Guiscard Active Member

    I just lost some Embroidered Coldain Prayer shawls on 4 alts as a result of bag sorting.
  3. Cyliena Well-Known Member

    Or better.. take them off the loot tables.

    Lost... as in they poofed, or moved into a bag you weren't expecting and you had to /finditem to find them?
  4. Guiscard Active Member

    They poofed -- had to petition to get them restored.
  5. Terrogaunt Developer

    Their are some items that meet the harvest bag type classifications but don't meet the depot. Such examples would be any item flagged as heirloom or no-trade.

    No items are created or destroyed in the process of sorting. If anything, they'd just lose their placement and come back after your character gets re-loaded from the database. So if you come back a day later or after a patch, they would probably be in your overflow.
  6. Avianna Well-Known Member

    I know that this is slightly off subject but could you flag transmuted items as adorment material or some such name to make all the adornment mats have the same tag and then add that tag as a filter to both the bag sorting and the depots. that would be a huge help. and also yes please sort things to filter bags before all bags. thanks.
  7. Math New Member

    For the level 80 and 90 mutes, for some reason the Frozen Fragments get sorted into my bag marked for crafting mats, but everything else goes...somewhere else in my bags. Agreed that either bundling them all with TS mats, or (better) giving them their own option would be great!
  8. Councellor Member

    Plainrider's Amulet didn't sort into the Armor bag like it was supposed to. This was a quest reward if I remember correctly.
  9. Terrogaunt Developer

    A necklace would sort to Jewelry, not armor. Check that it isn't sorting to that one :)
  10. Louloubinks New Member

    forgive me if others have said this already but a few extra options for bag sorting are needed
    * NO Trade
    * Status items
    * Lore and Legend need there own not in with quest items
    either class adorning componets as harvestables or adornments so they can be sorted
    Also the frost-fell harvest items are not classed as harvests

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  11. Louloubinks New Member

    also could items that are the same stack when bags are sorted?
  12. SandsMans Active Member

    This is sort of related to bag sorting/swapping, I think.

    Would it be at all possible to say, drag a bag/box on top of the broker and have it dump everything in there that is able to be sold into the window?
  13. Terrogaunt Developer

    Maybe in the future, but not right now since I don't have the time to handle that correctly.

    Yeah, expanding on bag dumping is something I plan on doing in the future. If I get my way, I want to make it so you can drag an entire bag onto a merchant to sell all of the contents. I can't say for certain if this would work with the broker, since that relies more on messages between servers for each item, but it's an avenue worth exploring down the line.
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  14. Eradani Well-Known Member

    in the meantime, could it be possible to put a box of 44 bags on the broker and have it stack them so there's 1 row of 44 and not 44 rows of 1?
  15. Thorke New Member

    Hi all, I was trying to figure out how to take empty boxes from my bank and character inventory and place in my shared bank and it wasn't working. I grab a box with some misc in it and placed it in a box in shared bank, there was NO TRADE items that transferred into my shared bank. Just to see what it was doing I put my attuned armor in a bag in inventory and took the bag and placed it the box in shared bank... all of the armor went to the box and I could remove it from there and place in another toons bag. I could not manually place it in the box in the shared bank but I could take it out.. Just a heads up!!
  16. Councellor Member

    Bug - When making a change to the bag sort screen and clicking "APPLY" I reopen the sort screen and the change I just made hasn't taken hold. I re-do the change and hit "APPLY" the second time and the change saves. I'm having to make a sort change twice and save it twice just for the change to take hold. This is happening on other player's accounts as well as alternate characters.
  17. Terrogaunt Developer

    It's just a cosmetic issue. The sorting options are saving, the window just isn't receiving new information by the time you open it again for you to verify that it took hold.
  18. Moose9 New Member

    This function would be great to have. So many more bags to swap out than just on your player inventory.
  19. Eradani Well-Known Member

    the way swapping was previously implemented was:
    - drag a bag with contents onto another bag slot = swap bags regardless if the 2nd bag had anything in it
    - drag an empty bag over another bag slot = empty bag becomes contents in 2nd bag

    i like your addition of:
    - drag a bag over an open bag and dump contents

    yesterday on test it was dumping in inventory and swapping from the bank - except when it wasn't. the only way to unequip a bag was some contortions involving the bank. it would rock if all the slots were treated consistently.

    give somebody a poke that can deal with the items not stacking with previous stacks in the destination bag. i dumped a load off my pony into the mats bag and none of them stacked so i still had to move them around only now the were in some weird order. i wish i could use it properly, it would be really useful as well as saving network traffic ;)
  20. Rynada New Member

    I did not read all 11 pages so if this has already been mentioned I apologize. I would like to see a Food sort function.