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Discussion in 'Test Server Forum' started by Terrogaunt, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. Terrogaunt Developer

    So partial dumping then. Yeah, I can make that happen.
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  2. Mermut Well-Known Member

    What I was asking for is a way to put an empty bag, as an item, into a different bag. Currently I can drag an empty bag into the open bag window of another bag and the bag gets removed from the slot in the character sheet page and put as an item in the bag whose window I dragged it into. This is the functionality I'm was specifically asking about.. putting a bag (not it's contents) into another bag as an item.
  3. Silzin Active Member

    You will need to drag the bag into a slot in the bag, not just over the closed bag.
  4. Thorine New Member

  5. Mermut Well-Known Member

    This is how I"m currently doing it.. just want to make sure that functionality is preserved :)
  6. Guiscard Active Member

    Can you make this work for boxes in our banks? And House Vaults? I mean dragging a bigger box over a smaller one to swap boxes out.
  7. Eshaac Active Member

    Lol Terrogaunt... I bet there is a smallll part of you that really wishes he had not started this whole bag sorting stuff... .. You can leave a little "chuckle" if ya want.. I understand not wanting to let loose. lol
  8. Terrogaunt Developer

    Nah, I absolutely wanted bag sorting. It's something that I personally couldn't live without since I refuse to sort my bags by hand lol. I'm also more than happy to work on it and add new stuff for it. It just doesn't help that I'm working on a pretty big, unrelated project right now :p
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  9. Lodrelhai Well-Known Member

    Okay, I had to get a visual to go with the description. Tell me if this is right please?


    1) Bags 2 and 5 will swap places, each keeping their own items
    2) Contents of Bag 1 will be dumped into the empty bag (Bag 3)
    3) The bag inside Bag 6 will replace Bag 4, and Bag 4 and all contents will end up inside the new Bag 4
    4) The bag inside Bag 6 will be put inside Bag 4

    Oh, and while playing with this, I used the 3rd function to replace a regular backpack with a meager harvest bag, and the backpack disappeared! Neither zoning nor camping restored it. Finally I dumped the contents of the meager harvest bag into another bag, then put the harvest bag itself in the other bag, so the character-window inventory slot was empty. Camped out and back in, and the backpack was in the empty inventory slot. I suspect the issue was the backpack could not go in the harvest bag, but then it should've gone in the first available spot (bag 3 at the time). Filed a bug report as well.
  10. Acid Rain New Member

    I had the vanishing bag act as well on Test, but i wasn't sure if i was just tired or it really did vanish. it took a camp out after making room for a bag in my character inventory for it to come back.

    Lodrelhai!! put those collectibles in the depot! ::flog flog::
  11. Terrogaunt Developer

    You're right. I totally broke the ability to unequip the empty bag lol. Let me get that fixed before these changes go live ;). All I have to do is make sure that the bag has contents to use the dump. If not, default it back to the old functionality.
  12. Lodrelhai Well-Known Member

    Got a couple specific items misbehaving:

    Hrath's Journal is sorting as Misc, and it is technically a quest item (until/unless someone turns it into a house item).

    a D'Morte insignia band is sorting as jewelry. It is no-trade (and heirloom, what the heck?), so it should probably go with attuned items. Alternately, with quest items, since it is also used to start the Bloodline Chronicles line.
  13. Jarth New Member

    Fist off, i love the new Feature.
    It would be cool if it worked on the shared bank. :)

    Also.. I have had some problems, that i had to change the option 2-3 times, before it registered. Not surre if its cause of using an addon. (Fetish).
  14. Eradani Well-Known Member

    it's a refresh problem and has been like this as long as i know about.

    when you change the bag options, they don't refresh the bag name on the open bag window or anything on the options window until you do something with the bag (ie: move it, mouse over the slot with the bag in it, set the options again, or iirc add/subtract items).
  15. Councellor Member

    Wow, we can only say THANKS for all your efforts to please us Terrogaunt :):). You've seemed to have gone well above and beyond on this one and I as just one player am VERY impressed and VERY pleased!
  16. Eradani Well-Known Member

    looking good except for a slight issue

    was trying to get a harvesting bag into slot 2 and couldn't unequip the bag. (i see you've fixed that already.) had a [Harvest storage bank box] and forgot it was a bank box. dragged it to inventory, unpacked - dragged the box over slot 2 (empty 16 slotter) and the 16 slotter vanished (i saw that issue above also) BUT the [harvest storage bank box] is now equipped in slot 2. also the weight (see item desc) seems gone and i'm running full speed.

    and i still can't dump the contents of bag 1 (all harvestables) into the [harvest sbb]

    on relog the 16 slotter is still gone.

    btw: i really like the idea you came up with for dumping the bags. it's really easy to remember since you have your bags all open when doing stuff like this.
  17. Cyliena Well-Known Member

    Minor sorting issues I found (sorry if repeats but I'm not reading through 10 pages):
    • "etched leather pelt" \aITEM 545059970 -156022390:etched leather pelt\/a (the junk version), "fragmented bloodstone", and "a damaged high quality snake skin" all went into a bag only marked as harvests instead of my junk bag (junk bag is the first bag and is not overflowing).
    • Beeswax Sealed Document went into a bag I have marked for Miscellaneous. Ruby and Opal Scrying Stones went into the bag I have marked for harvests. My hubby had a Feysteel Relic go into a bag marked as Miscellaneous. Is status loot supposed to be Misc or Harvest?
    • "a whipcracker ringlet" can be examined to start a quest, but filters into Misc instead of Quest Items.
    I'd really like Lore and Legend items to have their own sorting category.. I don't want them in my Quest Item bag.

    Thanks for all the hard work on this!

    Adding more to this list of bad sorting:
    • Fertilizer is going into Junk instead of Misc. Specific examples are "large polished bone", "flask of fresh water", and "small bag of diatomaceous earth".
    • I had a creature spawner and an avatar activator go into a Junk bag. That'd be awesome if they had at least a 1cp sell value. Not sure what category they should go in, maybe make one for spawners/activators.
  18. Laiina Well-Known Member

    I think the error there is not the bag sorting code, but the description, ID type, or tag on the items themselves. For example, "Totem of the Otter" is a Bauble, but "Totem of Escape" is not.

    To me, "junk" is anything of no value or use for anything, and I am not sure that such even exists in the game except for something like obsolete quest items. "Misc." would be anything else without a specific category - again, a bit ambiguous.
  19. Cyliena Well-Known Member

    You're probably right, that the items themselves have been flagged wrong over the years. :) Nothing like the present to correct that now that people are finding the errors! :D

    I play a couple of other MMOs that have "sell all junk" buttons on merchant windows. The junk on those are not no-value items but simply items that exist only for making some coin at a merchant. Since my first bag is the only one that I allow items to be sold out of, it would be nice to only have items I wish to sell to go into, not other random mis-flagged items as well. Fertilizer is definitely not junk either way you look at it... that should go into Misc or Harvests IMO.
  20. Cyliena Well-Known Member

    Yes, I'm being classy and replying to myself. Since I just had this discussion with another player that saw this post, let me state now that I understand that "substitute" items used to be drops to use in crafting, and that all of these would be under that, hence why they went into my harvest bag. Let's get realistic though... it is likely extremely rare that any player does anything other than vendor these types of items nowadays.

    Here's what I expect from bag sorting a "Harvest" flagged bag... I expect only items that can go into my guild's harvest depot to go into a Harvest bag. I tried to place the above mentioned items into my harvest depot, and lo and behold, they would not go in. Please don't put outdated junk into my harvest sorted bag is all I'm asking. :)
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