Backpacks on Test: Now Bigger

Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Xalmat, Nov 6, 2009.

  1. ARCHIVED-Meirril Guest

    Calthine wrote:
    What they are talking about is how long a node takes to respawn. And no, they all take the same time to respawn. It is just the area Kigneer is talking about doesn't have the same density of wood nodes as the other area does dens, so he's making a logical falicy about respawn time when he should realize its the density/number of nodes. Its an easy mistake to make and quite frankly the difference wasn't worth pointing out. I thought it was better to point out there are better areas to harvest wood.
  2. ARCHIVED-Kigneer Guest

    Meirril wrote:
    Ah, no, Meirril. The redwood nodes in Outer Seb don't all respawn at once. Nor do they respawn at the same frequency as the dens. The dens will respawn at once, thus producing more pelts, simply due to the frequency of the node repops.
    Anything else is more drama from someone looking for trouble.
  3. ARCHIVED-Kigneer Guest

    Bratface wrote:
    More the devs know of what players want/need the more they can cater to everyone. The key here is EVERYONE. Not one group. Not one clique. Not those with controlling personalities that they think they own EQ2, or believe they're some god to dictate content.
    Appreciate various opinions around here as some do offer some good suggestions, and suggestions that could be expanded upon. What I don't appreciate is the tendency of the forum dinosaurs of shouting down any suggestion other than their own, then hijacking threads to make them into soap operas.
    EQ2 game is for everyone, not just who screams the loudest.
  4. ARCHIVED-Wilde_Night Guest

    Kigneer wrote:
    You keep using that word. I do not think it means, what you think it means. ;)
  5. ARCHIVED-MurFalad Guest

    Bratface wrote:
    I guess I'm an exception, currently I have 6x24 slot bags, and when I clear them out I've got something like 60-80 slots spare, and that is only because I'm unsure on a handful of old quest items that probably could be chucked out along with still carrying quest starting items that went grey 50 levels ago. Oh, and one bag 1/2 full of buff items that I can't bare to throw out, but I never bother to actually use.
    So for me if the next tier is just larger bags I'll probably not bother buying them myself, its already a chore to clean out 144 slots worth of bags after a long days adventuring, cleaning out 240 slots instead wouldn't be any more fun.
    Reading this forum though I learnt about the 34 slot harvesting bag, and even though I rarely harvest that's one bag I'm definitely in the process of getting for all my characters because it means that every time I harvest I know exactly which bag the item went into, something I put a premium on.
    Bratface wrote:
    That's find for you, but personally since the largest bag went way past what I felt was needed I'm in the market for something different instead, for example I'd quest for weeks for a bag that would automatically collect all my in-quest items.
    Right now I often have to stop and sift through the bags before I get to my destination to make sure I have the item I need to use ready, as its awkward trying to root around for it while being bitten by wolves. In this case simply having the ability to assign certain bags for certain items only (or first priority) would be enough for me, although speciality ones would be fun too.
    A simple menu for the bags would be to right click and get each bag along with a spinner next to it, e.g.
    Bag 1 - <General>
    Then have the option to change a bag from <General> to <Potion>/<Tradeskill>/<Transmuting>/<Armour>/<Quest item> etc, dedicated bags would just have this option greyed out. That would make organising bags really much simpler for me.
    Bratface wrote:
    I'd disagree, finger wagglers shouldn't be as strong as warriors so from a role play perspective they should have to think about how much they can carry and put a premium on better ways to carry items.
    To change the game otherwise is going further away from a role playing game and more into a generic game that for me has a much less involving world, one where every class and profession is equal to the other sounds fair but makes things feel samey, and I've certainly experienced that in other MMOs.
  6. ARCHIVED-Bratface Guest

    MurFalad wrote:
    Yes you are an exception, in fact you are the ONLY person I know that claims to have excess space and could downsize thier bags happily....
    I have played this game since launch, I have accumulated a lot of stuff, I will keep on accumulating stuff every_single_day because that is the nature of us packrats and tradeskiller and quest-O-holics.
    I have on toon just for pages that I have collected and might give to an alt that needs, and that more than fills up her redwood boxes in her bank, I have another toon I have the shinies fromKoS and DoF on, and another for EoF, then another for oldworld shinies. The there are the ones that store holiday items and decorations, and another that stores holiday crafting supplies liek love notes and tinkerfest tokens.
    I carry around stacks of cure pots, even my healers do because someone always "forgets" they pots for a raid, all my toons carry these and well as a lot of other things that make life easier if you don't have to go back to a bank or broker to get them, my bags are sometimes so full I have to use tinkered mail to send stuff to alts just to make room. And those tinkered mail items take up spots too.
    That's me and I am not alone, if you dont suffer from these problems then bully for you, but don't try to impose your minimalist style on the rest of us, more room won't hurt you, just don't use it, but less will hurt me and others like me so don't set your limits on us please or expect us to change our gamestyle to be like you in order to have empty bags.
  7. ARCHIVED-Domino Guest

    Bratface wrote:
    Actually, despite having an 80 carpenter and only a 50 tailor, I don't have a single character who carries all strongboxes in inventory. Not even my carpenter (unless she is lugging all her harvests between the bank and crafting stations). And with the majority of the characters I play level adventure 70 or higher, the illusionist is the only one who might even have a slight problem with the weight of strongboxes. I'm just well aware that my pack rat inclinations will easily expand to fill any amount of bag space regardless of how much we are allowed, therefore I choose to use backpacks as a way to force myself to stay organized and stop being such a pack rat. :D I'm sure I'm not the only one, you might be surprised. :D
    However, I also don't favour the argument that making bags the same size as backpacks makes all the classes feel "samey". For one thing, mages are still weaker than fighters and that isn't changing, the fact that tailors can now make bigger bags doesn't really have anything to do with the strength of mages. For another thing, the weight on containers is already so meaningless that really it's not a matter of classes feeling different from each other, it's a matter of mages (and particularly enchanters) being weak and everyone else already being the same. My wizard can happily lug around 6 strong boxes if she wanted to, although she chooses not to. That's already just the same as how strong my dirge and fury and monk are. Allowing my illusionist to use bigger bags is not going to make her feel anything more like my other characters. It's already not a real difference so I don't think this will have the slightest effect on how different or not the classes feel.
    There's been a lot of useful discussion in this thread and it's been very helpful in drawing what I hope is the best conclusion from a very diverse range of opinions. At this point I think there probably isn't anything more to be said, at least until the change goes live, so I'm just going to say thank you all for taking the time to express your opinions, but I probably won't comment on this topic again until it does go live and we have some real data to look at.
    Thanks again! :D
  8. ARCHIVED-Kigneer Guest

    DominoDev wrote:
    When folks are getting to the point of pointing out words to mean what they don't mean, the thread is about closed anyway. lol
    The "live" data is all that really matters.
  9. ARCHIVED-bks6721 Guest

    my standard operating procedure has always been:
    1 strongbox for items always carried, ie horse, harvest tools, manastones.
    1 Artisan satchel for harvesting
    4 Backpacks
    I've used this arrangement on every class I play. I works well for mages mentoring down and not getting burdened and allows a boatload of space.
    I have never run out of space with this setup but I definately look forward to the changes coming.
  10. ARCHIVED-TheSpin Guest

    DominoDev wrote:
    My main is a brigand, and I really need all 6 strongboxes. 2 for loot, 1 for tinkered item, 1 for poisons/potions, 1 for quest items/house rewards etc, and 1 for other clickies and spare loot.

    I'm not a pack rat in my opinion, I actually use all the stuff, or at least need it in my inventory.
  11. ARCHIVED-Bratface Guest

    DominoDev wrote:
    You know, I don't even know why the topic of classes not feeling like themselves ever entered the discussion, I have never thought that a stat that applies to a certain class better than another shoudl eb the determining factor in what we can carry though either, I have always, since day one, thought that there shoud be a different parameter by which to determine the amount you can carry on your toons.
    I have 14 toons, 6 level 80adv and of those 6 are 80 ts, plus a toon farm of misc alts that I play with. My husband has matching toons to all of mine, making our grand total 28 (12 80 adv 9 80ts) not counting the ones on test.
    My husbands Wiz can also carry a ton of stuff easily but my Illusionist can't, why is that? They are both 80/80/400 but my Illusionist is hampered by her str stat that is very low without every str adornment and AA. My Illusionist is not more of an Illusionist because she is weak, nor is my husbands Wizard more of a Wizard because he has high str, this should have zero effect on the class and for people to say otherwise is a silly notion. My Warden can't carry what my husbands Shaman can, same thing, makes no difference in the class feel, just an annoyance.
    Since this game launched there has been an imbalance of weight carrying abilities, the str buffing classes are always favored for alts because they can hold more storage because they buff str, class should never have been a determining factor for storage and ability to carry boxes and bags, it made it totally unbalanced for those who do not buff str. Personally I play classes I like, but for storage I roll shaman and other str buffing class just because its's less hassle. it's a sad thing that my 25 Shaman can carry more than my 80 Illusionist.
    No matter what you do Domino I will cope with it, you are by far the best Dev here and always have the best interests of players at heart imo, but I do see that by your own admission you don't suffer from the same inventory management that the some of us do and therefor might not see how this can affect players that have different issues than your own. I wish I didn't have to be such a packrat with things but the times it has saved us from a lot of doublework has more than paid for the irritations of having to manage it all.
  12. ARCHIVED-Calthine Guest

    DominoDev wrote:
    I have 2 slots in my main's *regular* bank that have no boxes in them. And only 2 boxes in my shared.
  13. ARCHIVED-Wilde_Night Guest

    Kigneer wrote:
    Bah. I was just trying to inject some levity in the thread with a quote from The Princess Bride. :(
  14. ARCHIVED-Kasar Guest

    Pauly@Befallen wrote:
    But that's half the fun, mentoring down into the teens and suddenly everything... slows.. down...
    Other than the harvesting satchel, I think I have 20 toons carrying all 36-slot boxes.
    I'm looking forward to more transmuters, really.
  15. ARCHIVED-FalseCourage Guest

    DominoDev wrote:
    You truly have one additional possibility that may not necessarily be favorable, but it is still a possibility that might be able to appease the tailors and carpenters: Creating new strongboxes that are limited to the bank and backpacks that are limited to equipping on your character while retiring the now problematic backpacks and strongboxes implemented at launch.
    Meaning, all the strongboxes and backpacks that have currently been created can be used in both the player's inventory and the player's bank storage container slots. However, from the time this change is adopted, the recipes that made the strongboxes and backpacks previously allowed in both the player's inventory and player's bank storage containers are removed from the game. They are replaced by recipes that create strongboxes that are only allowed in the bank storage container slots and backpacks that are only allowed in the player's storage container slots. This avoids the conundrum of having the player being slowed or having all of their items go into their container upon entering the game after this change goes live.
    Through implementing a system like this, tailors and carpenters will benefit since it separates the market. In essence, both tailors and carpenters retain a unique market share ensuring their services will be required. However, there are two downsides to this: In order to obtain storage containers, you must now seek out the appropriate trade skill class and carpenters have the advantage with more storage container slots being available for their product.
    The first factor, is miniscule in detail. This is mainly due to the fact that at this point in the game's life each player has several alternative characters and most likely contained among these characters are either a tailor or carpenter. Thus, there are enough classes to meet the increased demand with an increased supply. The price equilibrium will surely go up in the beginning since the demand will exponentially jump while the supply slowly climbs, and then lower out as the demand decreases while the supply will still remain moderately high.
    However, the exception to the first factor is of course the second factor: store container slots. Carpenters will always have a higher demand than tailors in the aspect of storage containers now. This is not necessarily a bad thing since carpenters have a relatively low demand currently since a majority of the player base is not concerned with acquiring items to decorate their house. Plus, the addition of repair kits to the carpenter's arsenal has been minimized now due to the launch of the portable mender. Thus, by making this change, you are guaranteeing carpenter's a definitive product that will sell though it may increase in price.
    So, from this point forward, modifying the weight or modifying the total slot number for backpacks and strongboxes becomes obsolete to balance the competition between the carpenter class and the tailor class. These two previous balancing factors now mainly become an issue of achieving the best possible performance on the backend.
    This idea is similar in content to:

    Crimsonblade@Crushbone wrote:
    And the previous precedents set by the development team by retiring tier six armor recipes that made overpowering armor prior to being changed. Meaning, the player was allowed to keep their overpowered armor and players that obtained this same piece of armor after this update received armor that was of the appropriate power.
  16. ARCHIVED-QuestingCrafter Guest

    Even my tank doesn't carry six strongboxes (though he can carry an Escalade's worth of weight). Even with two sets of adventuring gear, a full set of crafting gear, situational resist pieces, stacks of pots and stones, and assorted clickies and quest items, I don't see the need. I don't feel like I need 100 open spaces to adventure 'correctly' or in case the instance or raid suddenly drops more chests than Kelloggs has Corn Flakes.
    I think more than one backpack broke immersion, and I think six cargo containers -- I mean strong boxes -- is even worse. But, players want massive inventory, and designers appear to heed them.
    Personally, I'd love a well-announced-in-advance swap to -5% movement speed per strongbox. Like two months in advance. No market rushes or massive freak-outs to be worried about. Boxes for banks, packs for backs. And then people might appreciate some of the questable containers -- like Dirby's an Tinkerers.
  17. ARCHIVED-CoLD MeTaL Guest

    All of my characters except the conjuror carry 6 strong boxes. (conj just hasn't got the str.)
    With temp adorns, totems, resist gear, harvest tools, quest items, signets, relics, harvestables (and so dadgum many different types including rares), potions (by the stacks and different kinds for cures, buffs, shields) weapons, jewelry, and much much more. We still need more space.
    My bank on the other hand is empty, harvest in the guild box, everything else on the broker the only in the bank is what i haven't had time to place in the house.
  18. ARCHIVED-erin Guest

    CoLD MeTaL wrote:
    I thought you styled yourself as ubercasual? Even my occasional raid main doesn't have that much stuff, I carry 2 bags, 4 strongboxes and 2 of the boxes are perpetually empty.
  19. ARCHIVED-CoLD MeTaL Guest

    erin wrote:
    I am ubercasual, and I carry a lot of stuff around since I am solo most of the time. Nothing is more frustrating than selling something that you need for a quest that you can't get back, sometimes that thing has been a quest you can't delete and start over.
  20. ARCHIVED-Trellium Guest

    Aeviel@Nagafen wrote:
    Well, my wife and I got it!
    I would have posted a response, but my way doesn't always seem very sportsmanlike. Plus, I severed a thumb in RL so I am only the 4 fingered man and he didn't even get a mention!

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