Backpacks on Norrath

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    Every Sunday and sometimes on Saturday, we hit various low level areas with thick bear hide backpacks - 46 slots.

    This is our community outreach program. Today we are hitting all of the starting areas and their cities.

    when there is a festival going on, we will hit those areas on Saturdays- each major city involved - like right now, Qeynos, Freeport and New Halas.

    our guild, Rings Within the Circle is a tier 2 hall in Freeport - /waypoint -14, -18, -261

    We have an open door policy and encourage people who come to craft to contribute to the harvest depot and fuel depot when they can. but no obligations. We also accept donations and will put those towards our outreach program.

    Our goal is to help people who are new to the server get decent bags and encourage them to have more fun. we also will give a guild invite if asked. we do encourage you to pay it forward by helping others that you see who need help.

    we are level 80 with most of the major ammenities.

    so watch for us in chat. we try to get on between 9 am and 11 am cst. sometimes we don't get on as early as we would like to. we usually stay in each location for about 20 minutes unless we get a tell asking us to wait.

    to get your backpacks, just open a trade window with the representative who is on at the time in the location.
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  2. suka Well-Known Member

    To make up for missing last week, we will be hitting all of the starting areas on Saturday this week (tomorrow) and the cities on Sunday. watch for us in chat.
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