Back after 5 years, where to start?

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  1. tantrix New Member

    I have a 70 fury on Nagafen and 55 Mystic on Antonia Bayle. I would really like to do group dungeons and eventually raids , and maybe also make a new alt and play trough some group dungons again if possible.
    Im in Europe time zone.

    What would be the best server to start back on at this time , also is there any guilds that focus on level 30-70 group content?
  2. ArieswarEQ New Member

    Splitpaw is the European Server as it is atm. runnyeye and Splitpaw got merged i belive looking back at news.

    If u dont whanna play on Eu servers i heard that there is a good RP server alot of people play on thats a (US server however)

    and to start on EU servers make sure u change the Region in the launcher before you Press Play button.

    Sorry for the biG<-- letteRs this somethinG is wierd with my keyboard Lol
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  3. ArieswarEQ New Member

    I play on Splitpaw btw good people :)
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  4. Terrorpeutic New Member

    I believe Antonia Bayle has a few progession guilds that do lower contents, at least I saw them a couple months ago.