Awuidor, the Dark Fathoms: This PQ is nothing but a Fail

Discussion in 'Zones and Populations' started by Hiza, Jul 10, 2019.

  1. Hiza Active Member

    Awuidor, the Dark Fathoms
    • Fathom dwellers can no longer be pulled across the zone.
    This is a ridiculous change. These PQ's are already jerking the players around requiring them for the coins to start with. Water PQ was the lesser painful of the two PQ's. This change makes it utterly worthless to even bother zoning in.
    This change should be immediately reverted back.
  2. Mermut Well-Known Member

    At the very least increase the leash distance. It seems like the mobs can barely be moved before they turn around :(
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  3. Gharyn Well-Known Member

    Yes, it was annoying the first couple of days after the change but people are adjusting. And the lag has decreased a lot which I'm sure is why they did it. Probably cuts down on people crashing and/or not getting rewards which would be MUCH more annoying.

    Last one I did took 2 mins longer than before. In a few more days it will be finishing in the same amount of time as before the change.

    I do agree that the leash distance could be let out a little bit.
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  4. Zartayn New Member

    You dont have to do PQ to get enough coins for fully gearing, so just dont do them if you hats them that much Hiza.

    As for the change, i totalle disagree. This change improves the lag issues alot.
  5. EmJay Active Member

    A lot less laggy now. I approve of the change.
  6. Beee Well-Known Member

    Spitting the mobs rises the duration of the PQ. If less Mobs take less damage it's logical they produce less lag

    But it does not make the PQs more enjoyable
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  7. olleran Active Member

    Definitely a lot less lag and it takes about the same time to complete , not sure what problem people are having.

    Still get unplayable lag if there are 77+ players in the PQ, personally i would like to see the PQs have a cap of 48 players
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  8. Obano Active Member

    Personally I would rather see public quests done away with entirely. They were nothing more than gimmick from the get go. Bring back contested heroic dungeons like Sanctum of the Scaleborn and Chardok. That is the kind of content this game needs... not more laggy public quests.
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  9. Gregore Active Member

    I can barely do the two a month required for the Celestial, and now have to do at least one a day on my raid main to try to max my coins to not only buy the armor, but the spells and such as well. I call it a necessary evil, but an evil nonetheless. PQ's are one of the many things that suck the life/fun out of this game, and will cause me to abandon this game, a game I've played since launch, as soon as Pantheon or another EQ2 killer comes along. This game has soooooo much potential that is being wasted by DEVs who have lost touch with the player base. Greed has replaced logic it seems in a lot of situations. A lot of the decisions are complete head scratchers for us gamers.
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  10. Bludd Active Member

    sounds like you're on the wrong server, man. at least on Skyfire there's a lot of people doing the PQs
  11. Gregore Active Member

    Yes, a lot of peeps are doing the PQ's now, but only because they get ethereal coins, and a ridiculously small chance at getting an earring or weapon that's marginally useful for raiders. It still doesn't mean that PQ's are fun to do. They are a complete lagfest. Then the DEVs make unpopular decisions to try to fix the lag, only to anger us further by making the slightly less painful PQ more painful. Why not just admit that PQ's were a mistake and take them out of the game altogether?
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  12. Gregore Active Member

    Yeah baby! Bring back contested dungeons! Soooo much fun!!!
  13. Meilay Active Member

    Move the PQ zone in, to the BATTLEGROUND server, so those that want it can hang out there, and not lag us out in the library every 3rd hour.....

    PQs by design are /meh anyway... most IMO aren't doing them for the enjoyment they bring, or the bountiful upgrades.... merely 2 additional tokens per day... yes the 105 ear...or 157.5 (IIRC) are nice for some... but...less hassle and more likely rewards to go kill COIRNAV and skip the lag fest, and deadbeats that lurk in PQs on auto follow...
  14. Bludd Active Member

    well that's a totally different point, what I gathered from your OP was that nobody did them and that's not true. 51 did 9 am pq on skyfire just now

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