Awesome Bonus Items for Purchasing Altar of Malice!

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  1. Shadowpuppet New Member

    Since you're getting mostly digital items with no actual value and overall little cost to Sony I believe they'll gamble and take those that will pay the money. If they were smart they'd lower it to 70 or 60 and still make more overall revenue that will otherwise be lost.
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  2. Heruaye Bronzebeard New Member

    if it were 60 for a collectors on day one i would buy it and stay around.
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  3. Cleaner Active Member

    "Three Gems of Armor Advancement
    Each magically forged gem upgrades one Level 100 armor item up one tier which improves the item attributes. This item can be applied to any level 100 Advanced Solo, Heroic, or Tier 1 Raid armor. (Two gems can’t be used on the same item.)"
    so people can pay to get armor upgrades now....I do remember them saying they would never do that. for membership, pay for xpac's .....and now pay to have nice gear.....this game is down trending faster and faster. Marketing suicide!

    something like that should be available to everyone, and save the "Fluff" items for the collectors edition.
  4. Jaenis Member

    /shrug. Not impressed with the content in the beta. Not worth the cost announced.

    Definitely not paying $90.00 for an CE expansion. Are you high SOE?

    And then be expected to buy a slot for the merc unlock? And then buy the new race? You're pushing well over 100$ now for pixilated crap with no overhead on your part. Get a clue.

    In fact... not even going to buy the expansion and just canceled my All access. Tired of SOE money grabbing on the back of its loyal fans. Time to put childish things aside and start a new hobby. EQ/EQ2 was a long run...time to move on.

  5. Heruaye Bronzebeard New Member

    well here's to wondering how many players are going to find something new ...i am going to bet you loose at least 1/4 of your currently dwindling player bais. my real guess is closer to 1/3 +.
  6. oldskool Active Member

    There will be no decline in players based on the CE price. Fewer people will buy the CE but they won't stop playing.

    In fact, when you consider the 10% discount for subscribers, the regular edition is LESS than in previous years.
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  7. Dethdlr Active Member

    Except for those of us who've had all access accounts for years and got bigger discounts than that in previous years.
  8. Nocturnus Member

    And yet, the standard edition remains the same price.

    Don't find value in the goodies that are offered in the CE? Don't get the CE. If CE Sales are less than they were in the previous years, i'm sure they'll evaluate what they put in the CE Next year.

    We've had to make judgment calls on collector's editions for games for years now. I, personally, might look at a giant duplicate of Wolverine's Claws and go "... that's not worth my money", and just buy the regular XMen Movie. Someone else might practically pee their pants at the opportunity and buy it.

    I guess the thing that blows my mind the most, though, is that people are threatening on quitting over a collector's edition price, when the standard edition is still there, still available, and still affordable.

    Reality check, people. I myself see no value in the CE's stuff either, especially for the price. But guess what? I'll buy the standard edition and be good.

    No need for such a big brouhaha. :p
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  9. Schnooky Member

  10. Brennin Active Member

    Feedback should be highly valued by a company with such a diverse playing community, especially when what's being sold is simply add-on content for a game 10 years long in the tooth. What SOE should be paying close attention to, is feedback about the $50 extra dollars for a few virtual trinkets which may have taken more than a few hours development time... but can be sold and replicated *forever* at no additional material cost to the company.

    If SOE fails to acknowledge that the vast majority of CE feedback pricing is negative, and fails to make some adjustment or concession to nudge the meter a little closer to the 'positive' side before launch, it will be the company's loss in more ways than one. As a business manager, I would be horrified to discover that dozens of customers had voiced concern over something and my associates had dismissed those concerns as an insignificant sampling of the client base.

    Personally my suggestion would be to offer a release-week-only special of 59.99. I'd be willing to bet that a LOT of people who have no need to buy anything but standard would be tempted to spend the extra $20 as an impulse buy. Yes, that's less than $50, but again, we're talking about VIRTUAL goods that cost nothing to reproduce, and it's twenty bucks more profit than would otherwise would come in. Having the special only available during the first week would also be likely to draw $60 from players who'd otherwise wait a while to even buy the standard edition.
  11. Hirofortis Active Member

    Nail on the head here. I would never pay 90 for the collectors edition. 60 is much more reasonable.

    Maybe SOE marketing failed there economics course, or a certain person higher up is trying to cash in on a golden cow. Wonder if they ever heard the story about killing the golden goose. Guess what, you don't get money from something that is dead.

    Maybe they are hedging bets on these new games that still have not come out. Bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush...

    Maybe they have not paid much attention to history. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it...

    All in all, upsetting your customer base is not a wise move. Yea, sure you will get some people who will buy no matter what. They have more money than, well most of the player base.

    Yea, I will buy the xpac as a raider, but I will not be buying the CE edition, so there is lost revenue. pages after pages of others saying the same thing, lost revenue. You now that they had this planned for awhile, that is why holly did not mention anything in any of the previous letters. They knew how much it would upset people. Well congrats SOE. You win the solid gold cutie prize.

    I will send you a virtual picture. Let me know how you spend it.
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  12. Ayumi New Member

    I too would like an isle of refuge house(Queen's Colony or Outpost of the Overlord turned into a house, which they have not done yet).
  13. Balbasur Active Member

    why not put up preorders even if you not doing a discount wth
  14. Balbasur Active Member

    Also, is the merc going to be as good as Kenny or?
  15. Mysstie Well-Known Member

    At $89.99 it wouldn't matter what was in the CE, I'm not paying that much. I haven't bought the CE's of the past several expansions. I think I stopped buying the CEs when they stopped selling boxed editions. With my play style I hardly ever use mercs as is and that mount I doubt I'd hardly use as I don't prefer mounts of that style.

    I'll get the Standard Edition though.
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  16. Faelynn Active Member

    Yeah, generally agree. There's some rage in the thread, but honestly, too much value in this game for most to truly ditch it like that. I know I'm not going anywhere...:D

    No, you're cheating here. If you're going to count the 10% discount ($9 off), then you also have to count the prior preorder discounts ($30 off). The old discount was definitely cheaper. If you don't want to count the discounts, then at best you can say the price has not changed. But either way, there is no way you can say this is LESS than previous years.
    Bah.. I just reread your post and you did say regular is less. Yeah, true, $36 vs. $40. Tbh I hadn't even thought about that -- most of the focus here has been on the CE price, lol. Good call :cool:
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  17. Knight Member

    as good as kenny? kenny was good when he first came out, but he got a nerf about 3 months ago and is worthless now...the city merc is better and perrin wanderhoof is tops now....kenny isnt all that anymore....sorry i wasted months getting him :-(
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  18. Knight Member

    wow....89.00 for it now when its always been 69.00? nahh, ill pass....looks like standard for me
  19. Loredena Active Member

    This year's vet reward is a Queen's Colony Isle of Refuge house. I toured it on beta, and it looks the way I remember it - and it even has two subzones, the cellar and cave!
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  20. Lodrelhai Well-Known Member

    Holly did mention, repeatedly, that there would be no pre-sale. The lower rates of past years were for pre-sales. The day previous xpacs launched, the price for CE became $89.99, same as is happening for this xpac. Nothing was hidden, nothing was suggested otherwise.

    Complain about the price all you like - it's certainly more than I wanted to pay, and if I didn't get the standard edition free for going to Live I wouldn't be able to afford the CE. But they didn't spring this on us out of nowhere.

    Question I have: since getting the CE for me means upgrading from SE, is there going to be a time limit on upgrading? And will upgrades for the difference in cost be available to all players who purchase the SE to start, if they change their mind later?

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