Awakened Abilities Drop Rate?

Discussion in 'Tradeskills' started by Doomravin, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. Doomravin Active Member

    What's the drop rate on this recipe book?

    It seems to be abysmal atm
  2. CoLD MeTaL Well-Known Member

    I thought it was only attainable by a crafter who had completed the epic weapon on the twark daily crafting and the chance is still very low
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  3. Ellah Active Member

    It is certainly rarer than the adornments book. I have 2 KA crafters doing all available quests and have had 4 copies of the adornment book and one awakened abilities book.

    Also, sadly, the products are no trade and not heirloom, so I can't make upgrades for my own alts but have to find someone else to make them for me.. this seems wrong!
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  4. Ratza Well-Known Member

    Rarer than rare for me....I have 2 toons with their epics and so far none of these recipes. I know several who got recipes on their 1st crafting session after getting their's been weeks for me and nothing!
  5. Scrappyz Well-Known Member

    lol join the club.. 3mos and still no book :(
  6. Ratza Well-Known Member

    IMO....we should be allowed to buy these recipes from the crafting merchant in Twark instead of depending on this stupid "chance" of does the game coding decide who gets the recipe and who doesn't? I'm sick of bad luck!!
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  7. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    Folks allow me to share some trick for that
    Yes Epic ability book looks a lot more rare than Sarknak Adornments book (got already 4 of those) but I also have my Awakening ability book took
    Get all your Weekly/Daily in Twark completed but always turn ALL of them at once (so always make sure you first pick all 8 quests)
    From my experience all "extras" comes only from daily never weekly thou.
    Once I start doing everything at once - I am pretty much guaranty that I get 1 extra item from ALL 8 quests. I am literally getting every week this stupid sarnak adornment book and I got once in 5 weeks - awakening ability book
  8. Ratza Well-Known Member

    Doomdrake - that is how I do mine each week on both toons that have their epics. Maybe you can spread that luck around. :)
  9. Udonn Member

    Wondering if the Awaken Abilities book drop is broken. I've also gotten 4 or 5 Satherian books, and have yet to see the abilities one.

    Suggestion to devs: Put both books on the twark crafting merchant, with the cost being 1 or more of the other book. You still have the rare drops, but you get rid of a LOT of player frustration in seeing only the Satherian book.
  10. CoLD MeTaL Well-Known Member

    I'm on 8 Sathriian books, and no Awakened Abilities book.
  11. Mensa Member

    I'm in the exact same boat. Two crafters (almost four) and zilch, zip... nada! :confused:
  12. Mensa Member

    Actually... if having the epic tradeskill offhand is the only prerequisite then yes, I have four crafters and no books.
  13. Celan Member

    No, unfortunately you need to have done your adventure class epic 2.0 before the books will even have a chance (however small it may be) to be rewarded to that specific character from the KA crafting dailies. Any alts/more mains all need to have their own epic 2.0 done too, the "achievement" is character only, not considered server- or accountwide.
  14. Anaogi Well-Known Member

    One eligible toon (who has time for more?), 3 Sathirian cyan books, 0 Awakened books. Frankly I'm wondering if it's even on the table for me. (Worse, I only have one adorner, the second and third copies for the cyans are utterly wasted!)
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  15. Snikkety Well-Known Member

    Umm excuse me... the Sathirians are Iksars :p
  16. The_Real_Wurm Well-Known Member

    That the recipes (and the scrolls for ascension) are RNG is pretty sleazy.
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  17. Semperfifofum Active Member

    I've been praying to Prexus, I had a nightmare that they all fell into the sea, and a giant octopus was spooked on the way down and inked them, so they will be unreadable even if recovered. :eek:

    The prayers are as effective as anything else.

    But seriously, why do we have two skills per ascension class - that both buff potency - and one of them is much lower than the other? Can you imagine anyone bothering with the lower one? I sense the sweet smell of unnecessary work.
  18. Hellfiren Active Member

    Hello if the titel of this post is right its about the Spells from the Epic 2 Weapon not Ascendent so some people are copareing Apples and Eggs here.

    EPIC 2 Awakened Spells arent the same as Ascendent spells these spells tow different pares of shoes.
    EPIC 2 depends on the Class you are playing.
    Ascendent is the Damage Subclass wich was added with KA Expansion for e.g. Etheralist / Thaumaturgist etc.

    The papers which the most of you are talking about are the damaged pages to carft Ascendent Spells.
    The Epic 2 Spells have other components like the Planar Energy Fragments and Super Rar from the KA TS Timeline Plant which could be placed in your house.

  19. Udonn Member

    Most of us are talking about the Awakened Abilities book that is a rare reward from the tradeskill dailies to make our epic 2.0 upgrades.

    Notes said drop rate was upped last update. Didn't get any book this last go around after update, so hoping this week I will get the book.
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  20. The_Real_Wurm Well-Known Member

    Apples to Apples I'd say, both are (too) low drop rate RNG items that are needed to improve your character.

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