Autoattack 0 doesn't stop autoattack

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Leibnitz, Feb 22, 2023.

  1. Leibnitz Member

    Been trying to make a Mez macro to turn off autoattack when mezzing but the only way I have found is to use the togglerangedattack command.
    Obviously that's only good if 1. I'm already in combat and 2. Not using melee.

    What happened to auto 0 and is there another way to do what it used to?
  2. Moss Well-Known Member

    This is the macro template I've used for years for my mezz and charms:

    setautoattackmode 3 --> auto attack mode to none
    auto 0 --> auto attack off, so no auto attack is done while I cast the mezz/charm
    useability 4163129480 --> ex. cast Mesmerize IX, casting an ability enable auto attack on
    auto 0 --> auto attack off again in case there is a resist and to not break the mezz

    And I've two different macros to activate ranged/melee auto attack mode:

    setautoattackmode 2 -> auto attack mode to ranged (replace with 1 for melee)
    auto 0

    I use those macro when I've finished doing mezz/charm or when I'm ready to activate the auto attack again, as there are other fight were disabling auto attack help

    Note that I use the "auto 0" in those macro too, because I also use it after any fight were my auto attack is stuck active (that happen a lot), the auto attack will activate itself on the next offensive ability
  3. Leibnitz Member

    Thanks Moss, I had a similar macro, but it doesn't work anymore. It seems to me that auto 0 no longer behaves as a switch.
    Could you please confirm your auto 0 commands are doing what you expect?
    You include a setauto which I tried too, but once autoattack is active that doesn't turn it off either.
  4. Moss Well-Known Member

    setautoattackmode, does not switch on or off the auto attack

    it only change it from auto/melee/ranged/off, you could check under to character window > options > auto attack mode
    setting to off only prevent the auto attack to not activate itself while casting an hostile ability, it does not turn it off
    it is not a toggle to set it to on or off, so it is way more reliable than toggleautoattack

    autoattack 0 (or auto 0) is turning off the auto attack, but if you cast any hostile ability it will turn the auto attack on again
    except if setautoattackmode is set to off

    that is why you need both macro to stop the auto attack and prevent it to turn on again when casting the mezz/charm
  5. Leibnitz Member

    Wrapping the autoattack 0 to the top and bottom seems to have done the trick. Thanks Moss!