Auto-Attack Multiplier and Weapon Damage Bonus

Discussion in 'Fighters' started by Crookedsky, Dec 3, 2018.

  1. Crookedsky New Member

    I hope this gets to the person in charge of the Guardian class. As i play a Guardian. I want to know how i can max my auto-attack multiplier and what is the cap of this stat? I know there is a AA skill in the Guardian prestige called Vitality to Strength which increases Weapon Damage Bonus (WDB) by .3%..... soo generous! =) I have seen this stat maxed (blued out) at 300%, while under the influence of Fount of Power, so that is my aim is 300%. But you guys and the gear you create is very stingy on giving WDB stat increase. How can i do it? Cant re-forge into WDB or re-forge into Auto-Attack Multiplier...
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  2. Mermut Well-Known Member

    Auto-attack damage does a very, very small portion of your dps...
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  3. Earar Well-Known Member

    though yeah auto attack will never be big part of your damage

    if ever u wanted to make an auto attack centric spec, you'd need maxed WDB, celestial rune of embers, new adorn of glory or juxtaposition (VII).. it gives also WBD overcap.

    u need to reach an insane number on dps mob

    and still keeping nice potency, cb, DC and so on

    check some inquisitors, since a lot do focus on auto attack. So another way to boost auto is to be best friend with an inquisitor :)

    but with all that spec I don't even know how much % of your total dps it would do.

    Now as a guardian, you'd really need a second set of gear, because most of the WDB gear isn't tanky, so u couldn't tank with that setup ..or could u ? :)
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  4. Crookedsky New Member

    WDB is in addition to the Auto-Attack multiplier which increases all damage across the board. Doesn't matter what class you are.
    I am more interested in increasing the Auto-Attack multiplier.
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  5. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    They nerfed the heck out of autoattack-based damage a while back. Instead of worrying about auto-attack, you'd be better served getting more potency, crit bonus, etc.
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  6. Cunning Member

    As has been mentioned, only a geomancer (more specifically an Inquisitor or someone who regularly groups with one) is going to get reliable auto-attack numbers. WDB is hard to get but it is possible to push into the 700+ range. Or at least it was in pop, haven't seen as many good items with it yet for CD.

    Now the base multiplier is only boosted by a few things. AA(0.3 I think), a proc on an hq earring(1 or 2 at most I think), Terrene Destruction (103 and a stifle at ancient), and a buff from the aforementioned Inquisitors(15.15 for the group at ancient) At least that's all I can think of. Might be part of fount of power buff too, but since I don't how how to see the actual amount active in-game I'm not sure.

    Also important to note that double cast isn't the only thing mobs are buffed against. They also ignore a similar amount of flurry, plus a bunch of multi-attack and dps mod. While you're at it you'll need the cap ae, strikethrough, and accuracy. Plus keep snacks running to get your weapon skills higher. Can't afford to miss attacks if you already went this far...
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  7. Ogdinmar Active Member

    I've seen a lot of good pieces with wdb on it. Not to mention the new jux rune has 80 on it. Embers has 75. Also terrine destruction has no stifle if you got the ethereal rune this last time around, then add trained in battle to get 150 critbonus on it too. Guards get auto multiplier on their focused offensive from the new class rune.
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  8. Cunning Member

    There are some yes(usually with spell skills on them because'reasons') but getting up higher takes some big boosts. 20 per piece even with jux, embers and a group buff or two can still leave you under cap. I used to keep an earring with 80+ on it just to push cap on my Inq. And using the rune on Terrene drops the mod 20%. Removing the stifle is great, but it does weaken it noticably.

    How much is the base mod on the gaurd rune? Cause if it's less than say 5, but preferably 10, it's not enough. Base mod is the key. Inqs run at over 30 and even then, the real fun doesn't start till you pop Terrene.
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  9. Ogdinmar Active Member

    Auto multiplier on the guard focused offensive w/ new class rune is 3.0 which is up from the 0.35 that was on there. It more than doubles the auto attack damage spread in the character window when activated. TBH with only a one maybe two pieces of wdb gear I can get to almost 500 wdb plus the buff from focused offensive it takes the auto attack to 500k-1m mil spread which is about as good as a low end ca. Not to mention when I use terrene destruction with the new rune pushing it to 6.6m -16m spread.
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  10. Meneltel Well-Known Member

    Wouldn't it be better to just play a spellcaster class instead of a wanna-be spellcaster/melee class? But then, I shouldn't talk, I play a dps SK. *slinks back into the shadows*
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  11. Crookedsky New Member

    ya a couple things said in this thread and after some further experimentation i agree with.
    Auto-attack damage does a very, very small portion of your dps… as Mermut said. Cunning said, "
    While you're at it you'll need the cap ae, strikethrough, and accuracy. Plus keep snacks running to get your weapon skills higher. Can't afford to miss attacks if you already went this far..." What is the cap Cunning of Strikethrough, AE and Accuracy? Mine currently are at 110% Accuracy, 105% Strikethrough and 71% AE auto-attack.
    So with that in mind can you guys look at this cap breakdown and tell me if it is current?. Here is the wiki link.
    So now that my investigation of base auto-attack multiplier has been done i have moved onto mitigation. The 1st question that comes to mind is if my mitigation against a 110 mob is 75% then what is my mitigation against a 118^^^ and what does my mitigation need to be to be at to have 75% mitigation against a 118^^^? My current Mitigation is 32692.

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  12. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    As that wiki page notes, it is way out of date and needs updating.

    If you want to see caps and info about what each stat does, look yourself up on and hover over a stat... the popup will show you soft cap, hard cap, and some info about that stat. If no caps are listed, there is no cap.

    If you hover over a mob's buffs and maintained spells, you will see that a number of mobs debuff a bunch of things for you. Mobs can have crit chance avoidance, doublecast avoidance, etc. I discussed spell caps and described some of what the mob debuffs are doing in an earlier post:

    It's pretty straightforward:
    • Solo encounters have no resolve requirements
    • Heroic Tier 1: 1060
    • Heroic Tier 2: 1334
    • Raid Tier 1: 1512
    Mastercrafted gear comes with 60 resolve. If you have 21 pieces of MC gear, that's a Resolve of 1260, which is more than enough to get you into heroics. The solo overland collections rewards have 40 Resolve. The solo instance collections have 50 Resolve.

    The problem is that as you were getting all this Resolve, chances are very good that your other stats, Potency in particular, dropped like a rock. Try to get your Potency back up to 60,000 or better. As you're trying to raise your Resolve, typically the new gear has less Potency. Ways to achieve this goal:
    • AA lines and Ascension Forms were changed with this xpac to replace Potency buffs with Fervor, so carefully reevaluate your AA.
    • White Potency Adorns
    • Potency Infusers (you can use infusers from from Thalumbra forward, many can be crafted)
    • Deity Infusing (aka plat infusing)
    • Better gear that has both the Resolve and Potency values you need (which we probably won't see until we're getting heroic loot)
    Other stats to consider. (Note, I'm using cap values that were accurate during PoP, and I won't swear they haven't changed):
    • Ability Mod should ideally be half of your biggest hit. Reforging, adorns, and infusing can boost ABMod.

    • Crit Chance 2,500 or better. Crit Chance is how often you will critically hit with spells, CAs, and/or physical attacks. This value is often heavily debuffed based on the specific monster or zone. You need 100%, plus however much is being debuffed, so if the mob is debuffing 2000% crit chance, you need 2100% to get a crit hit every time.

    • Crit Bonus 4,500 or better. Crit Bonus is a multiplier to the damage done on a critical hit or healing on a critical heal. The hard cap, as far as I know, is ~4266.

    • Fervor multiplies the total spell/CA values after all other formulas have been applied. The hard cap is 230.

    • Reuse and Recover Speeds both hard cap at 100.

    • Casting Speed is how fast you can cast spells/CAs. The soft cap is 100, anything over that adds to Spell Doublecast.

    • Doublecast caps at 100%, however if you look at the buffs on Named mobs, they often have a buff that increases their Doublecast Avoidance, which means you need 100+that avoidance number vs. that mob. For PoP T1 raid mobs, their Doublecast Avoidance was typically 80, so you'd have needed 180% Doublecast to actually doublecast every time.

    • DPS Mod affects the damage of physical attacks. It has a soft cap of 600.

    • Haste affects the speed of physical attacks. The soft cap is 200, anything over that value adds to Flurry.

    • Flurry affects the chance of hitting multiple times on a physical attack.

    • Accuracy adds to the contested formula (weapon skills and level vs. defense skills and level) to hit a monster. This is not used against the target's parry, dodge, shield block, or deflection. There is no cap.

    • Strikethrough is the chance to prevent a monster from parrying or dodging an attack.

    • Multi Attack affects the number of weapon swings per physical attack. It has a soft cap of 200.AE Autoattack (AE Auto) is the chance for physical attacks to hit multiple monsters. It has a hard cap of 100.

    • Weapon Damage Bonus is bonus damage applied to all weapon autoattacks including melee, ranged, and spell weapons. It has a hard cap of 300.
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  13. Cunning Member

    Accuracy and strikethrough seem to only help to about 100% so you're good there. Are you'd want ae at 100% to hit everything. You can bet the dps in your group are hitting things you're not targeting directly so hitting them is always gonna be helpful.

    Additionally I suggest running both the 10 and 30 minute snacks. Having the higher skills is very helpful to keep hit rates high.

    For mit.... More...just always more. I've never gotten to a point where more was not lowering the incoming melee damage. 32k in particular is too low. I run over 40k in offensive on my SK and that's really less than I probably should have.
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  14. The_Cheeseman Well-Known Member

    Just a quick correction, Strikethrough does not affect dodge rates, only block, parry, and riposte. Also, if your attack would miss normally, but the MOB rolls a successful dodge, it will show as a dodge, not a miss (the devs thought it would make the feedback look more interesting), so you will see more dodges than you may expect, and it can obscure your actual hit rate.

    Avoidance mechanics in EQ2 are ridiculous.
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  15. wiouxev2 Active Member

    I don't really miss auto doing a bunch of damage, but wouldn't it be cool if it did enough that it was worth timing your skills in between your swings? The good ol days.

    I'm still curious what a maxed auto spec with Terrene destruction would be capable of.
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  16. Chillispike Active Member

    The hard cap is 4000 without deity, gear, food, aa and prestige. Most common is the increase of the crit bonus cap is the crit bonus deity and armor with "Crit Bonus Overcap" stat.
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  17. Lizerd Keng New Member

    It's 0.3% times your stamina. So for example, I have 84712 stamina. 84712 x .003 = 254 WDB. Atleast for the zerker it says 0.3% of stamina. but why anyone would give up any other tree here (the potency, hp, crit bonus, or 5% spell damage reduction) would be crazy!
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  18. DaimonosLucifer Active Member

    When that happened it wasnt even in the patch notes. They were going to fix TLE auto-attack which fixed the other servers too but then broke again without mention anywhere. at level 80 i could solo WoE, at 90 now with 1/5th of my dps i had at 80?? makes no sense.
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  19. Mermut Well-Known Member

    The 'change' to that made auto-attack mostly irrelevant wasn't 'in the patch notes'.. it was a feature of the Kunark Ascending expansion.
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  20. Snikkety Well-Known Member

    Most likely a prenerf to Terrene Destruction inquisitors. With the ember rune they could parse T1 with auto attacks, cant imagine if it wasn't nerfed.
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