Audacity (on Kaladim)

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Kittik, Feb 11, 2020.

  1. Kittik Active Member

    If you are looking for a less stringent or a no requirements to attend raid guild, feel free to hit us up.

    Our guild already has all the classes we need to raid, but with our more casual requirements it's likely people will not always be at every raid, so we will always have room for more.

    We're pretty easy going, often offering groups of all levels and are here to enjoy the great game that EQ2 once was and Kaladim is very close to offering that experience.

    Our scheduled raid night is Saturday evening beginning at 8:30pm EST and we'll also have another "random" night (Thursday) of putting a raid together.

    So feel free to check us out. We have no guild hall because someone made the extremely uneducated decision that Guild Halls won't be incorporated on this server. (Who do I pay to get that changed?)
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  2. Ryonyx Member

    10charlimit, annnd this guild is good. Guild leader friendly and helpful, he'll give you the cloak off his back if you needed it. Active crowd leveling of all level ranges 1-70. Check 'em out!
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  3. Mastary Member

    Why would they bother to put GH on a sever they plan on shutting down eventually TlE servers only go for so long. I mean this isn't the first one we all know how it works eventually your toons will be on a live server anyway so if u want GH just go where your gonna end up anyway LOL.
  4. Ryonyx Member

    LOL how hard is it to implement something that's already in game and allows a bigger community aspect to the game which would help retain players... could also make main Hub areas and cities desolate, so I can kind of see why they aren't a thing...

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