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    No I did not had illy group or troub - we have dirge-defiler-SK and warlock-wizard-necro. Refoging is just adding edge no argue in that and no I don't particular attached to spell casting speed .. I just looked if I can get AMOD from reforge or not - in most items I can't or of course I'd happy to reforge spell casting into AMOD ... Reforge into POT have really small yield no matter what you reforge spells casting or something else. I am perfectly aware how our spikes work - everything comes down to get 180 everything by time FC is up and building 180 on trash is really no brainer either (where is no rocket science in hitting Cata/Dark Syphoning as soon as they up) on the trash I can build 180 in 45 second or so.
    I did not ACT with PUG - everything (kind of lazy) - everything dies way to fast except for names from my account I had time to drop 3 FC (got lucky with Apoc reset). I 'd probably squeeze more on named if I'd time better TA release (I can do 1 extra TA release between 2 FC cycles and still get to back to 180)
    Since I started run PUG I'll check ACT mostly to see is "barrage" items actually better then individual buff items
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    Yes I do keep Acid and Pyre both 100% of time running and trying to hit gift as soon as it up (same goes for E.Damnation) I don't do distortion as it kind of to slow casting - but I run 100% of time infestation (tend to refresh DA very quick) and often Acid storm. Dumbfire pets actually not bad. Also I am circling Eci's. Encase and Flames goes only then I really need to hit something and nothing yet refreshed :)
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    It is not "just". It is absolutely essential, everything above soft cap and hard cap can be reforged into tens of thousands of ability modifier. Excuses that you can not reforge your gear... Give us link to your character on EQ2u. Everyone runs with full bags of armor pieces and there are definitely most of them with attack speed, from which you can reforge 6k AM, 4k AM... etc.
  4. Lare Active Member

    Mrwashek, do you have 350% cast speed currently solo? ,

    There are still benefits to casting your FC rotation during TW in raids and not having to use say the 24% sda wrist and drop ur SDA down to 80%. In fact you can do more DPS by dropping it as we are still a spike class with crap fillers in between and the difference between having 80% SDA while using ur fillers spells and 100% still is not enough a difference compared to the spike dps u get with another wrist. Another reason to get your wand damage going as it does more dps than most fillers spells.

  5. Lare Active Member

    completely agree with this!

    Mrwashek you are coming in a conversation that has been going on for months over different threads and he still doesn't get it.

    He was asking stuff like this when he was like level 78 focusing on the minute and missing the bigger picture.
  6. Azian Well-Known Member

    Regarding Early Advantage in particular, the flip side of that coin is the lower your overall dps the higher a % of your parse that proc will be. I'm embarrassed to say how much of my parse it does on my crappy mystic but it's a much lower % of my total on my raid brig (or any of my actual dps classes for that matter). I think he'd still benefit greatly from that proc even if it cost him some ability mod. Oh, I did reforge INTO 3.7k more mod on that staff myself so I'm guessing that wasn't being accounted for when he reported the possible downside.

    Lol, hopefully it was a girl and not a g.i.r.l. (guy in real life) and or someone that you knew. :) You could have used that staff though to great benefit to your character.

    I'm honestly not sure where you are seeing Mogrim completely abandon wand stats. If I recall correctly he went down some on wand stats in AoM in order to pursue ability mod but never abandoned it. Last time I peeked at his character (a few weeks back) he had over 1000 dps mod. As Lare said, 10% is big. Not many other abilities on your overall parse will beat that number. More importantly from my perspective is that with the itemization as it is now in ToT, you get to have your cake and eat it too. In other words, you get to spec for both with little difficulty.

    In my opinion, until you have exhausted every other means of overall dps boost, do not reforge into potency. The return is just terrible. If I were you, I'd consider doing a clean slate reforge where you dump every single reforge you've done and start fresh. The two stats I try like heck to avoid reforging INTO are casting speed and AE auto attack as it costs a ton to do so. Reforging OUT of them on the other hand is uber.

    Lare and Mando can pick this apart as they are more focused on the lock than I am but I don't think this will lead you too far astray. I did this type of a clean reforge on my lock just recently. My priorities were Ability mod as high as it can go (thanks, Lare), casting to 200, reuse to 100. Getting those stats in place, you will likely still have many pieces that can be tweaked to get your wand stats in order. By that I mean you have 200 cast and 100 reuse established and an item that already has ability mod on it so you can't reforge into it. Why not move your excess casting speed, reuse, attack speed, etc. into something you are really low on like dps mod? Also,be smart about your purple and white adorns with reforging and soft caps in mind. Others may not like this but I did take off 2 power runes to put on purple AE adorns with one in my forearms and one on my legs. Between those two and screams of battle war rune that gave me 52% AE auto right there. It only takes a couple pieces of gear to be at the 100 hard cap (over that can be reforged out of). In the meantime I was shooting for the soft caps on dps mod (600) attack speed (200) and MA (118). Oh, I also still had a bit of room to reforge into a a some accuracy to try to make sure the wand hits as often as possible. I ended up at 24 accuracy but would have been happy with anything between 15 and 30. Only after reaching all these various numbers would I start to consider reforging INTO potency due to the poor return on reforging it gives.

    If you don't like the idea of a full, clean reforge, I do still see several pieces you are wearing that can be reforged into ability mod. Chest, hands, and waist to be specific. You have a number of other items with reforging potential into dps mod which is quite low for you.

    The wrist item being referred to earlier is with the soulsiphon ability on it. The downside is lower health and occasional damage but the upside is a boatload of double cast. I THINK that is one of the possible rewards from doing the daily or weekly advanced solo quests. I don't think it is zone specific from a particular named mob. I've had quite a few drop over my various characters but have to admit I didn't pay attention to how it came to me. I probably have several in my bank ready for muting I'd gladly give you if they were tradeable.
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  7. Lare Active Member

    Not having ACT up is the issue. If you get a chance turn it on and see how u are going because if your ever in a grp with reasonable players the healer prob will be out parsing you and only then may you decided to listen :)
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  8. Azian Well-Known Member

    Speaking of off topic...I do have a question I'm hoping you would clarify about what you posted above. You are stating that Unda (or anything for that matter) benefits from going over 100% doublecast? I was under the impression that was a hard cap. Also, what exactly does TW do to increase procs? (Makes them DC? Makes them proc twice as often? Something else?) Apparently I've been focused on my scouts for too long and gotten behind on some caster mechanics.
  9. Yards Well-Known Member

    I also consider acid and dark pyre fillers, I don't try to keep them up all the time. I cast them if nothing higher in my priority is available as there really is no set "cast order" it's more of a priority order. I never cast encase it's not even on my hotbar, rarely do i have to resort to flames of velious. I'm not sure what Eci even is so I probably don't cast that either.
  10. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    Meh, no one in PUG beat me on AoE fights specially if we have more than 8 targets and yes I do listen I just for some reason do not see an option to reforge into AMOD any stats this matter
    Ok here is another question - how mix Molten Detonation with AoE attack?
    Say I hit with AoE - 4-8 targets - does Molten proc on every one of them as 4-8 separate proc or it may proc on random amount of targets or it limited to proc on single target? Same about Neural Lash
  11. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    Another thing :) - my coffers full of things I haven't tested yet .. .like those soultrhrist wrist plus track load different furious (earring) and other barrages (wrist). In the group I don't see a reason to drop of searing earring but other one with Finisher V is in question (I have one with identical stats just with furious barrage)... Wrists ... well ... question you experts - is this "clicky" worth loosing permanent effect of uplifting soul? (37.5 PoT/CB). Also doest vigor effect worth of using? (yeah I know charms must be replaced with some useful clicky POT/CB or similar)
  12. MrWashek Member

    I sit at +/- 217% cast speed self buffed. I said that TW is now mainly used as trigger amount booster, not that it is useless :) 80% DC is correct, but that is in "idle" mode. In raid with procs and temps you will be close to 100%.

    It is possible to get something like 140% SWDB self buffed without sacrificing AA choices and using that crappy 57 SWDB effect jewelry. Truth is that you (non enchanters) benefit more from autoattack thanks to basic multiplier, so it might be worth wearing. I am not entirely sure how close to hard cap I get in raids but I think it is 260% ish at glance.

    For most of the abilities and spells, 100% hard cap is really the hard cap. Unda damage is multiplied by percent of doublecast you have. You can try to lure some nice illu and ask him to TW for you on dummy. You will see that when you get lucky with crits, Unda dmg will go bananas. I get Unda crits for up to 300M.

    Time Warp does increase the amount of triggers on certain spells (Theorems, Prismatic Chaos for illusionist, other classes I suppose spells that have set trigger amount, not dots). The number of additional triggers is not easy to determine and you have to test it out. AA choices, gear may already cap you on trigger amount on that particular spell so it is not beneficial to cast while Time Warp is active. For example if you are wearing illusionist class cloak, you no longer get extra triggers on Prismatic Chaos as you are already capped at 9 triggers per cast. By default the spell has 6 triggers with Time Warp 9 triggers.
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  13. Azian Well-Known Member

    Good to know about Unda.

    I think your use of the term "procs" in what I quoted is what threw me off. I did know that TW increased the trigger counts on some reactives. All good. Thanks for clarification.
  14. MrWashek Member

    Sorry, I just use procs for everything that is not direct cast hehe :) My bad.
  15. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    Eci is right side spec... 4 increment 4 skulls - boost your Pot by very notable amount, once you got 3 - 4th cast blew them with decent AoE damage... Eci's basically worth to keeping them up all the time (for potency boost)
    Speaking about casting order - it ready depends on solo or group... in the group it depend on AoE or boss :)... but in general
    on AoE pre-cast on pull Gift-Damnation-Darkness - hit on incoming with Dark Siph, hit at 19m with Unda, hit in 17.5m with Cata - by now I have enough increments to fast hit with Apoc and Rift if crop still alive hit things with Blast (in principle it worth to hit pack with Absolution while Damnation is up because it +30% damage)
    On the single boss - same precast - on incoming Aura of Pain - FHS-SB-FC-PB-Rift-Apoc-TA-(DA if up)-Chains-TClap, after chain Acid-Pyre-Infestation-Acid Storm-Dark Siph (all for faster increment build) - as soon as I hit 180 - Rift-Apoc-TA release (so I can get another 180 before FC up) DA as soon as it up... And keep Pyre-Acid running (I speced for maximizing output of Pyre) and dropping dumbfire pets and auras as soon as they up (as a fillers) and oh yeah Dark Siphoning up 100% time
  16. Azian Well-Known Member

    Testing those is worthwhile in the long run for you. However, in my opinion, until you fix the basics as Lare and others have been trying to tell you, it really won't matter whether you wear finisher V or barrage or uplifting soul or vigor.

    Really, what's the worst that can happen if you reforge as we've advised and don't like it? You change back. That's at a cost less than selling one of the dirt-encrusted keys that you have mentioned and a bit of your time.
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  17. SacDaddy420 Active Member

    Run ACT all the time. Learn how to read it proficiently. #1 step to improve parse.
  18. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    Guys - I love all :) - I will reforge if I have something left to reforge into AM - apparently not every piece allow it or better say not every set have an option to reforge even cast speed into AMOD. As for restoring/reforging it's really not a big deal giving fact I am (thanks to insanity with dirt encrusted keys) shopping for gear in range 10-20k a piece
  19. MrWashek Member

    Anything without AM as default stat can be reforged into AM.
  20. Lare Active Member

    I do the same but I don't have aura or flames on my hot bar either.

    how do you know you never have ACT up? and if you do what sort of numbers are you doing we now need to talk numbers to explain how you have reforged is hurting you. Your focus is wanting to retain the 350 cst and 165 reuse.

    its not about reforging what it left its about what you have already reforged and redoing it with a focus on AB and dps wand skills. picking the best one to reforge that gives you the higher returns for you cloth that is casting speed. but it is a bit like a jic saw puzzle
    Agree with this!
    are you talking about skull Focii because it has great uses for building increments on AoE fights too and it has 3 triggers not 4.
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