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  1. Lare Active Member

    Dragon Armory is wrong that simple. You want your amod over 100.
  2. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    how you can get AM that high w/o sacrifice SDA/CB/PoT? Reforging give very limited option what can be reforged into AM....I do understand thou that with infusion it should be possible
  3. Lare Active Member

    I sit on 118k self buffed solo. Most of the AM on cloth has been reduced but you can get more on weapons and Jewelry and the new mount.
  4. Vasco Active Member

    Would you mind giving us a link to your character Lare? Having a hard time squeezing out that much ABmod with current itemization.
  5. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    Well here is my problem .. (perhaps I read Morgim to religious :))
    My primary on blue stats - get on items CB/POT/SCS with AM is optional (in other word I did some sacrifice equipment pieces with say stupid haste/DPS/AOE and AM in favor to have say 15-20% spell casting speed and % of health increase (but this for molo setup). I am hesitating drop (for molo) my uplifting stamina earring (-250k HP easy) but I can certainly in the group/raid replace it with my Finisher V one). I am trying to decide where spell casting speed is enough and will give diminishing return (I am around 350 or so). I do understand that bulk of SDA nowadays comes from neck, belt and cloak (with raid quality of gear its probably should clock 65%+ - I am clocking around 54-55% and rest 20-25% comes from excess of SCS and skills) but what is the objective?
    Another thing - CC - again I do understand this come in huge chunks but how high one should target? to maximize higher quality crits?
    Next thing effects? - I do not like procs - they seems not reliable, amplifiers require group share same effects and stands take time to build and clicky not last long :) - what the best choice? - so far for molo I stick with stances - freeze for a minute or so (to keep increments) in the short enough distance and then fire FC chain...
    My other question
    It seems that our hardest hitter is Unda does it worth while include it in FC chain?
    My chain normally look like that - Free Hand - Spell Bind - Focused Cast - PB, Apoc, Rift, Toxic Assault, Chains, TClup. Yes I am a little to close for Unda (I need 17.5 for Rift) but still does it worth to use in chain?
  6. Lare Active Member

    Doomdrake whats the name of your lock, im sure I have said this before to you but 350 CST is way to much diminishing return on SDA.

    SDA is not king esp for locks as we are spiked dps. would suggest reforging more into amod you will see your dps going up far more even with as little as 60 SDA.

    What green adornments are you using now?

    Clickie pot and CB charms are king for spike dps.

    Macro Freehand to Toxic Assault or PB or Caustic Det. one less thing to worry about in your rotation.

    With full increments both Apoc and Rift are instant cast so really really worth it. without full increments don't cast rift.

    mate even in AS zones I never consider STA earrings guess i'm lazy just run the pally merc and mass pull stuff and blow it up!
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  7. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    Currently I am using cheapest ToT greens (aramech stone or something like that) I have 1 begemoth rage that need to be rebuilt
    My lock nick Dreamtwister I am on Halls of Fate. I been off game and off raiding for 10 years so currently geared with AS legendary/quested/gold/platinum/umbrite chest things + few items from collections. Again I still hesitate but don't see much other choice but do mass key selling to accumulate enough plat to buy for myself winds of obol war runes (9k ea .. ouch..) I can easy push from 1200 POT to somewhere 1500-1600 but at cost CB which again I hesitate to loose ... If I have enough time for targeting I can be really close to 2k CB under FC.
    About Unda .. I was thinking about getting War Rage rune (that should bring distance for Rift to near 19m) and include Unda in FC chain is it worth it? or it's way too unpredictable?
    Oh yeah about AS ... may been a little over caution, I am running vet SK (for mass pulls), lizard tank well for me and the only place where simply still fail to grasp how to beat encounter is brawl bar brothers (not to saying molten detonation = very bad idea in bar :)). I am certainly looking to replace 15s nuking 2M charm for something else and I have rather wide choice but it's mostly healing, warding, pets charms
  8. Lare Active Member

    OK having looked at your stuff , here is what I would do. As you gain plat..................

    Buy expert Spells, GM acid over Absolution!!!!

    AA's is fine but I noticed you put 2 points into grasp of bertox, better off putting it into encase. I use it as a filler spell and will nice to stun stuff if you are running a AS and need time etc but its not really a big issue.

    Focus choices I prefer Dark pact as I like the accuracy over a bit more Pot so would change that and drop Potency choice.

    buy cheap white adorns and get as much int and Magical adornments on your cloth, CST too. With the gear you are wearing would not hurt putting on the SDA Wrist.(but reforge out of you all that CST) On your ears buy the Amod earrings. You wont need alot of resists for groups and AS.

    Reforge your gear (for AMOD) so that you only have about 175 CST, 80 reuse, minimal recovery 120 multi attack, keep your dps mod. but look at what reforges better and reforge that one. Buy the temp adorns that u can put on ur wpn and chest to make the difference up.

    Have you considered doing a few last tier AS and get enough ferrin and buy a blank rune which I guessing would be cheaper to buy than an actual war ruin and find someone to make it for you?

    Would suggest Bolster Attributes as your first one so you can drop your HP earring and put Finisher earring or Furious barrage earring on it proc's all the time!

    Farm AS for purple adornments...... look for power ones and keep all the dps mod ones, sticking anything in ie Potency CB ones until you can get the power ones or dps mod ones.

    just my suggestions
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  9. Lare Active Member

    buying expert spells will change your dps enough that you will understand why the dps charms are meh. Also a bigger effect with Amod.

    In AS with a lot of adds i run with my full increments up and use rift, unda, con blast and fast casting spell like Thunder clap and even bewilderment to kills stuff on the run! With a pally merc I have the 10 year vet one it just holds them while I unload don't get hit much but if I do I just use a regen pot if I really have too.

    Don't buy any war runes that don't increase your dps a ranged war rune is just is a waste of time. You can always use Volitatlity if you have too.

    Do you realize thunderclap should be in your FC rotation too?
  10. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    Thank you Lare! I did not know that AoM AS can be useful for something (I wonder how much ferrin cost blank runes? - and how I can make out of blank something useful for me). I actually never seen SDA wrists (not even for SLR auc) - I was always under assumption that SDA comes from 3 pieces - cloak, belt and neck (neck actually from uplifting fury). I was keeping partially previous tier masters for spells because experts do not give much gain in terms of damage (say compare Apoc 90 and Apoc 100 - difference about 10% but if you look on resist masters are harder to resist compare to experts so I call it in the end even :)) - but yes I been looking get all vitals for last tier on master level (btw where the hell cata/apoc/rift 100 masters drops???? - I have pretty good idea where to get 91-95 masters - Looping planes/Church instances)
    As of betrox - I am heavy using this one on AoE - Nether realm, Betrox, Darkness can proc for a lot - basically I rarely seen picture when I hit target with Dark Syph, Nebula, Absolution, Apoc and no ToT AS group can survive that (and if it does .. I have for close combat Cata and Blast). Nowadays I rarely use Encase even as a filler - if we are talking about single target - Chains work like a wonder - I can throw Flames too (for snare piece only). Actually I found myself using Cata very often as filler
    I have little problem with reforge - I happy to reforge but ... when I look for reforge I have no option to get AM - thus I have few pieces not reforged. Bolter Attribute actually cheapest rune to buy - so I start with it
    Speaking of resist :) - my outfit for molo :) - for ... well tougher environment (someone told cut off is 200k) - I have rings that take me to the 210-215k :)
    All in all - thanks a lot! I certainly will play down SCS (or at least replace white adorns with 10% CSC with something like Int or Magical skills or PoT)
  11. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    It is :)
    My chain is FHS-SB-FC - PB-Apoc-Rift-TA-CE-TClap (that if I have 180 up) and I always do before boss.
    For adds I normally just clean space with Cata-Rift-Blast (and Nether realm/Darkness/Betrox all up) - minimizing time on targeting just PBAoE everything .
    I think I grasped idea that I need push for more PoT/AM so I can grew up my base damage of spells (displayed damage on PB for higher end 289k) and can shred some spell casting speed
  12. Lare Active Member

    maybe your getting the names of your spells mixed up as I was talking about Grasp of bertox in your aa line and not gift.

    Also you should be using Enternal Damation not Nether realms.

    If you want to maximize your dps get used to looking to improve your toon just that little bit extra because when you do that with everything it all adds up.

    Last tier masters are not as good as this tier experts and they really don't cost that much to get. Also that allows you to research the masters.

    Masters come from doing heroic instances.

    Suggest you google how to make purple runes and find what u actually need to make them. I can tell you everything but your never going to learn for yourself unless you start doing it yourself.

    Potency is so easy to get this expansion but you have to reforge a fair bit to get accuracy so its about how rare stuff is and I prefer just reforging into what I need AMOD .

    Yeah Cat rift blast or blast rift cast is fine im talking about learning how to clear on the run so you can use the other stuff on the name. Also my auto one shots most AS single targets but that's not the point.

    Change the your delay on wand so its 4 seconds too.

    If you want to squeeze the best out of your warlock you need to tune it right.
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  13. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    Yeah, spelling never been my strongest side :) of course I am using one that comes from AA not from spell ( Enternal Damation) :). I got in tedious task of speculation on dirt encrusted keys so in reasonably short time I should get steady plat stream. Will do revision for spells to move last tier (spells that I am using often) to expert level as well. Actually found in my stash couple interesting pieces - charm with effect "Vigor" - for a price of power cost increase it boost POT and DPS by 0.75% for each point of primary stat (going to give a shot - the only problem ... in AS everything die so fast not sure if I can see a difference .. but I have perfect test "dummy" - last boss in Stigian - dog last usually a bit longer and I still failing to kill him in 1 shot of FC chain. Other piece is somewhat odd loot from plat chest - called - executioner plate (secondary) - same crappy effect of molten detonation but notably more AMOD (compare to my vase). I believe all my wands with my current haste running at lowest possible rate, frankly I do not melee lol and rarely use ranged attack (things die to fast). Eventually :) when I done with cash farming I will get enough keys to get mythical ranged but for now I simply do not see anything with decent proc. Neural Lash aren't that nice, Molten detonation I simply detest (good only if you want to pull everything that surround you :)) thus I stuck with Blackanvil, on primary I might replace blackanvil with virulent wrath (2M Divine instead 1M Mental but kick back +1 hate position).
    I am most certainly got the point that I should not expect miraculous power increase with just single item change. I am pending on any swaps till I buy Bolster Attributes rune and when I can swap for my Finisher V earring from plat chest in parallel I'll look if I can reforge some of SCS into AMOD
  14. Lare Active Member

    You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink
  15. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    With all this insanity around dirt encrusted keys cash flow is not terribly hard task :) just from 1 evening harvest I updated all my spells for the last tier to the master level (meh why bother with experts ;)) - most expensive turns was Apoc (2.6k) cheapest was Cata (like 700 or so). I got rune that you have mentioned (Bolstered Attributes) put it into the belt, dropped uplifting stamina earring replaced it with Finisher V one (one from the plat chest), replaced secondary with more AMOD (Tablet of Execution). Charms - I yet to see something that I want to swap right away - as I mention before I have 1 charm with Vigor effect (clicky that give 0.75% increase of Pot for each point of primary stat .. int - with 12k I have it will give about 100Pot not sure if this justify loosing about 1.2k AMOD). Rings again - I am somewhat hesitate to swap "firm stance" for "amplify power" (48-120 CB) for (25-96 CB+Pot) but GR give +1.6k AMOD. I did reforge every single piece that had option reforge into AMOD but most pieces don't have this option :( I will reforge those into Pot. I have on my bracers effects - uplifting soul (37.5% POT/CB) - the only other alternative I have seen is uplifting power (72% POT) - no sure if this worth it. I also got few +CB purple runes - from next key harvest I will replace my 20% casting speed runes with CB one (it looks like each yield at least 14% CB a pop).
    Next big question infusion - I can certainly see serious boost for AMOD that can be done. Question - if item originally do not have any AMOD attached can it be still infused with AMOD? Is player infusers and standard looted infusers using same pool or one can be applied on top of another (standard infuser give up 100AMOD per item which is not bad). Another question - what other runes (names) it make sense to invest plat into? From what I see - it looks like Magnitude would best choice? (32%CB)
    I did also my standard damage output test on my "dummy" (last boss in Stigian) - :) I glad I did follow your advices, this time I was "almost" able kill him in 1 FC chain shot (got him down to like 10%)
    Again my big and sincere thank you for detailed explanation what to modify and why
  16. Azian Well-Known Member

    Whoa! I didn't know you could do that with ranged slot items! Ty for that tip.
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  17. Vasco Active Member

    I am going to go ahead and give you the most useful advice of 2016 award. Lol, I didn't know you could do that either.

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  18. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    Just FYI, the article on TOT Class Optimization I mentioned above has moved. The correct link is included here.
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  19. Lare Active Member

    Is Extremely generalized and really misleads on the mage archetypes for stats like AB. How we ended up with a lot of warlocks asking why you would want 100k AB in the first place.

    Taken from TOT class Optimization about AB.

    30k (enchanters)
    40k (summoners)
    50k (sorcerers) 35k (enchanters)
    50k (summoners)
    65k (sorcerers) 40k (enchanters)
    60k (summoners)
    80k (sorcerers)

    To low for sorcerers why?

    FC, Spell bind, CB & PoT charms makes your spike dps. Failing to factor this in with AM screws your dps.

    For raid's take into considering you group and raid stats and reforge downwards so you don't end up with like 140 reuse in raid.

    This mean's you might have to have 2nd items that you reforge differently for Heroic groups. a. But this gives you more stuff to reforge into AB etc etc.
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  20. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    But it provides a starting point, and one, moreover, that used in conjunction with the other pages I recommended (such as Dragon's Armory), it's still very useful.