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  1. Dulcenia Well-Known Member

    The character models in EQN looked like they were dumbed down to the extreme. My best guess on the reason for that is they had to free up massive amounts of GPU power to deal with all the voxels. Of course, that's assuming they've learned that it's a good thing to use the GPU, and not just dump everything on the CPU.
  2. Grouse Active Member

    This game needs two things;
    1. A real advertising program to bring in new players.
    2. A clean up of all the reported issues in the "old" zones.
    Having a new expansion on a regular basis is nice, but running into game glitches while introducing a new player to the game is the exact opposite of nice.

    There is so much depth to this game, that I keep going back to the "old" zones and discovering new content. I like the fact that many of the higher level quests will send you into older areas that you may have missed the first time through. And, of course, I am still missing too many shinys to be content. Add in mentoring and level matching dungeons and you have one of the best, balanced games with long term playability.
  3. kafodoo Member

    4 words: pvp/pve progression servers

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